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    I don't think that's a good idea. I am a mail carrier and we have enough responsibilities while we are out on our routes. With all the route adjustments and our routes are getting longer and we do not get any more time to do a longer route how are we suppose to stop and check a meter and record that information? We get pivots almost everyday and if we are running late we get in trouble how are we suppose to do more work? We are getting hurt just trying to deliver the mail I couldn't imagine doing more in the same time with the same pay. If we did more, we are only taking away someone elses job and the economy is bad enough. I thought the government was trying to produce jobs not take them away?

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    Worthwhile read. I'm not sure I agree with everything that was mentioned but it definitely has given me something to consider.

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    I remember as a Minneapolis postal employee in 1980, the Postal Service started a service which allowed a postal customer to send a letter that was printed out and mailed in another part of the country. Unfortunately, it didn't take off, and that operation was shut down. It was a good technology, just a little before it's time Had we promoted this more, we would now be right in pace with the internet.

    Now many years later, I like the feature that the usps.com site had where a customer could upload a letter into a form and then have it mailed in paper form. I personally have used this to send certified letters, but again it was discontinued on the usps.com site.

    Why is this kind of service not promoted heavily in TV ads? We CAN compete with the onternet, but the only services heavily promoted are only for packages.

    Due to insufficient or ignorant postal foresight, we seem to have lost a valuable share of the internet communications business which we once possesed. The Postal Service slipped out of the race by not educating the public about ALL of the services offered. Get with the times USPS!

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    jrk, sorry, but Kira is correct. It is the sheer number of wacky ideas that have been tried and multiple levels of managers and auditors that are hired to monitor these programs that have put the Postal Service in its dire financial situation as it is now. Unless you are there you cannot imagine the amount of $$$ that are SPENT to try and SELL a $2 greeting card. The boxes and envelopes you see in the lobbies are inventoried to death and the partnerships with UPS and FEDEX to deliver their "last mile" parcels??? They just dump the oversize ones on us that couldn't be shipped within USPS guidelines in the beginning. So jrk, don't buy into the myth that the internet is killing the USPS. It is committing suicide.

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    this would be rediculous to make people learn new jobs. efficiency comes with looking at the processes used ina a specificx job. efficiency is never about diverse activvities by one person, this is how the safety pin process changed mass production.

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    Yes, I think that the Postal Service has a role in the digital age. I think I'll use these applications. In my opinion it is very important to use it in work.

    Good article, thanks.

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    Where people are working they need a proper training! Thanks.

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    I agree with JRK, we must be positive, the postal system adaptation is necessary, we must explore new ideas and put them into practice.

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    It seems a critical issue if private carriers are going to increasingly be used (and pushed by conservatives in gorvernment) for non electronic mail delivery that some mechanism for registering private carriers enabling them to deliver mail to "mail boxes" at people's houses will be required. The biggest hassle of privatized mail is having to be present for the delivery.

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    It is about time something is done about this theft of peoples wages. It is hard enough to make ends meet without missing out on your correct wage.

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    State of Postal Union.....

    Well Kira, that is a wonderful statement of support.
    We're trying to "think positive" here....
    However, the simple fact of the matter is, that technology
    adaptation of postal services, by the user of postal services will win out, and extinguish the economic model realities which USPS management simply did not recognize, as was testified in Congressional hearings.
    Let's examine one single household:
    A household which currently has a computer which is linked
    via broadband, and has an average quality bundled security software installed. (Rather than attempt to identify the current Rural Broadband, or Metro connection statistics)
    Let's just say 70% + - of the population have a viable & usable broadband connection to the internet.)

    Let's call it 200,000,000 connected, however let's for kicks let's say currently, only 150 million are e-billing/e payment participants.*
    And, let's say the average number of bills, payments and other FSM or Flat's is 40 per/month for each 150 million address's, resulting in a total of 80/per month postal transactions times 12 months, which equals 960 per year postal transactions which NO LONGER EXIST for 150 million postal users. You can complete the calculation on your own.... The product is quite
    I'm afraid some challenges may be difficult to overcome and unfortunately a penny may not do it......

    *Postal addresses where the occupant electronically receives, and pays these items (former mail)

    So, as I've pointed out before on other issues (embrace the change by adapting to it).

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    Well, I don't know much, but I do know they don't pay you guys & gals enough money. And, if you are "serving" a dual purpose already, I personally appreciate it. The bankers hours comment was absolutely not intended to make it sound like you had it easy....

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    Being a postal carrier is a really hard and intense work. Why then not make surgeons do massage during the surgery, just because they have access to the body (who cares about fixing the patient)? Why not train every taxi driver to be a professional DJ, just to make extra money (and who cares about safe driving)? Why not teach your local plumber to be a doctor, teacher, baker, dentist etc as well? Why care about profession and specific job properly done at all? Sorry if I sound too rude. But I don't really thing it's a good idea.

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    If the only way to keep the Postal Service viable is to have it provide services other than what the Constitution requires, namely deliver mail, then it is time to retire the Postal Service. Why shoudl the Postal Service provide services that are already adequately provided by private industries? As it is, the Postal Service is a government monopoly interfering with free enterprise. The Constitution does not say that the Federal government via the Postal Service shall provide delivery of mail AND delivery of banking AND delivery of insurance and other services; it only says delivery of mail. Those other countries offer different services because that is how their governments decided to operate. That is not the tradition in the US -- we have private countries to do that. And none of the services cited will fill up postal mail facilities, just retail window time. The Postal Service does not have the expertise to provide these services.

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    The difference is that in Greece they had no option but to sell part of the Hellenic Post. Anyway, as a person living in Europe I must admit that I never had a problem with USPS, never lost anything in the mail or experience any similar situations, delivery times are good too.

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    It has come to my attention each year the United States Postal Service or are other Men and Women in Blue we will say the USPS. Unlike other government agencies are divided not united from our government, funding wise. Each year they face a funding blitz with an end of the year funding crisis which scares the hell out of any one wearing one of their uniforms.
    Why can the United States Postil Service not have rank and authority with in its confines that much like military rank as seeing a large majority of its employees are x military. Giving them a solid management structure and easy integration of civilian employees so those that work hard have the opportunity for advancement.
    If you are someone who complains about fees and invites cutbacks you are in my opinion ignorant to how hard the central government is making it for our men and women in blue. Why because you individuals keep writing letters that these forgiving United States Postal Workers for meager pay; hand carry to your governors, senators, and congress men and women; because u think stamps are too expensive. And minor related grievances.
    It is my opinion that if the Post Office were to be able to operate like a Private Business aloud to produce its own products such as, creative stationary, stamps (that could be created by private individuals and the master design sold to the post office for rights to the stamps design to be sold at a profit, or even the design to be leased to the post office profitable for both the post office and the individual as a collectibles paid to the individual by how many were perch cased in royaltys), boxes, new types of packing materials or even ones that exist at a profit cuz they were bought in bulk.

    Possibly even get into the e-mail market by offering free federal email address. And much like PO Box’s offer for a fee encrypted e-mail addes with vires protection that can’t be externally of open’d with a federal suppina. with the option to send certified encrypted e-mails that give u an alert when the mail u sent was opened, why shouldn’t e-mail have the same options as mail plus. And why can’t techie’s work for the post office like the geek squad at bess buy to maintain a nationally regulated federally insured e-mail service for individuals, and businesses also allowing to their techie’s to develop new services, software, and hardware far beyond my comprehension that would revolutionize mail and e-mail all together, possibly even software that would let u use the post office website to send standard e-mails through your federally insured e-mail address into physical printed out faxes at the other end? We also have already on the shelf OCR (Optical Caricature Recognition Software) where u can either take digital photos of text from any ware or even scan it; and do the opposite. Completely cutting down the transition time of the physical text to digital text to way less then half.

    These are just a few of an infinite amount of possibility’s the post office had more control of managing them self’s. Just ask one of your post men and women what’s wrong with the post office today and much like when I did they can easily go off for a half an hour, so yes they know. But you know what? They always cut it short not cuz they want to but because they always deliver on time. You don’t call the factory to talk to the designer of your car to tell u what is wrong car so they pull your mechanic’s certifications, you ask you mechanic. Chances are if you pull your mechanic’s license the only mechanic’s left will pull all the money out of your wallet in such proportions you cant use yours.
    If your not part of the solution your part of the problem. So if you are agitated ask your postmen postwomen what kinda problems there facing and what can be done to fix them. Then send that to your govanor, senator, or congressmen.
    And if each post office is treated like a private business and has a ranking system like the military much like a a interconnected franchise cost will go down and extra money will be allocated to problem spots and if there is a subsusudy for the capital of the post office such as planes, trucks, and hopefully 96’ – 98’ Jeep Cherokees with the steering left side swiched ( a suv with a lot of space and vary cheaply can run for 400 -500 thousand miles and are stock with dana axels and a straight six factory ready off road capability’s with a huge bottom clearance and can even be equipped with a plow) but what ever.
    But these are just empty suggestions from a clinically insane person. Just glad I’m not gonna do all the work. Happy Trails America

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    Making postal carriers jacks of all trades is a plausible idea, but not very realistic with the workload they currently have.

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    Wow I can not imagine not being able to have the postal service for a few months. All my orders will be postponed. I hope this doesn't happen.

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    Wear a headlamp, NO Traffic, NO Interference, Regular Schedule, Neighborhood watch duty pay from municipalities, because of all of the public safety cutbacks, less miles traveled (with cluster boxes), healthier people because the neighborhood has get some exercise to go to the cluster box to pick up their mail, a feeling of neighborhood unity... (like the 50's/60's) by
    going to get the elderly or disabled mail. Accountaables can be delivered by the Postmaster if necessary. It's a win win for evrybody. Who wouldn't want this? Oh yeah, I know the one's with the current banker's hours...

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    Name and one line of numbers?
    Not consumer friendly.
    If numbers rather than street, city and state, then why not the nine digit zip (it beats a 13 digit code)?

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    It seems unthinkable to add additional responsibilities to carriers who already have the increasing responsibility of scanning accountable items, the constant pressure of time constraints and delivery deadlines, and the continuous threat of discipline for any misstep. The only feasible compromise would be to decrease the carriers’ workload to accommodate the added duties. Other issues to contemplate are: contractual restrictions, safety concerns, and training/competency limitations.

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    It seems unthinkable to add additional responsibility to carriers who have the increasing responsibility of scanning accountable items, the constant pressure of time constraints, and the continuous threat of discipline for any misstep. The only feasible compromise would be to decrease the carriers' delivery workload to accommodate the added duties.

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    What's next a Gun and a Badge?????

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    Letter carriers already work long and hard hours each day with the implimintation of the new Flat Sequencing Sortation method. In some cases it is physically impossible to cover the geographic area we are now asked to deliver. To have Letter Carriers do other services while delivering your mail will not only delay that delivery even more but will jeopardize the the sanctity of the mail and the safety of the Letter Carrier. Timely universal service is or was the goal of the USPS and it should continue. Postal officials should return to what is good for the people of this country and stop trying to be fortune 500 wannabes.

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    I think the carriers should focus on the mail. However, It seems logical to me that carriers could work between 2200 and 0700 in most areas.
    Most urbak areas are lighted enough to deliver mail. A headlamp might be
    necessary for property access, if single address delivery continues.
    However, I theink the cluster boxes are definately in the future of residential mail delivery anyway. ALL OF THE REST OF THE USPS WORKS 24 x 7!