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    This is a win-win for both the post office and for low income citizens. Not to mention those in rural locations. These services should be offered in the P.O. as soon as possible.

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    Dear Moderator- That does not help at all. I live in the same area as this person and Consumer affairs simply routes the complaint to the local postmaster who then ignores it.

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    I have the same experience that you do. I work from home and when a package is scheduled for delivery by the USPS, they never attempt delivery. Never. They always leave a notice that reads 'Sorry we missed you' which if taken literally is not true. No delivery attempts are made and I am forced to drive more than 20 miles to pick up the package that I paid the USPS to deliver to my door. Have I complained officially? Yes. Many times. I file the complaint which is routed directly to the local postmaster who promptly closes the case without contacting me or bothering to address the issue. The one time the local postmaster did address the issue, they informed me that the standard operating procedure for all packages in my area is to not attempt delivery if the mail carrier does not have room in their vehicle for all of the mail plus packages.

    Bottom line? The USPS is a system of local fiefdoms where the local postmaster can do as they see fit. When you complain, they ignore it. When you complain to the postmaster general, they also ignore it. It is as if these people want to lose their jobs because I have stopped using the USPS altogether because UPS and FedEx ALWAYS deliver to my door and ON-TIME, EVERY TIME. The USPS, at least in my area, is to be avoided at all costs.

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    I dont understand , i mail an overnight express,i track it in the middle of the night., it shows when i left at my post office,then it shows acceptance at sorting facility then less than an hour later it shows back at my local p.o. these are different zip codes and the label is a newer one , easy to tell ,to and from, this is not the first time that these same offices did the same thing causing it to not show up for days like 4 days. I overnight because i need it overnight. Why do they make such a unconcerned mistake. And the woman in chrge at my local office is just absolutely mean and says shy don't care and go ahead and report her. She told me off. Told me nothing will happen to her and she hung up on me. I wonder if i will have to deal with her again if this fails. Again. Uuggg!!!

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    Not knowing a better forum to pose this question: Can a stamp image (theme) be forthcoming
    celebrating our national industry of agriculture? The fields of corn, wheat, fruits and vegetables in its grandeur of production meeting the high yield expectations of our demanding food market - farmers, marketers, machine makers, seed producers, storage operators, fertilizer producers, et al. Our blessings from their efforts and production are not celebrated enough by its (USA) citizenry. Please send this suggestion to a responsive agency.
    Thank you very much.
    Eric Soesbe
    Tullahoma, TN 37388-5229

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    Yes, I believe the Post Office should offer non-mail services. Paycheck cashing should be the first and probably easiest. If you offered savings accounts in the past, then I don't see why you couldn't start doing so again. You could also provide an easy way for people to purchase government and savings bonds.

    I think the biggest hurdle would be getting approval to start these services, whether it's congressional or internal Postal Service approval. But these seem like good ideas, and you have a history of doing similar things in the past, so hopefully approval will actually not be that big of a hurdle.

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    Realign rural routes so that territory is not covered by multiple carriers or miles are not wasted deadheading from one area of a route to another. (You can see an example of this problem on usps.com)--Amen to this! I see a carrier from Sterling entering Great Falls just to get to an area accessible only through a road on Great Falls. I deliver on the right side while she hits the homes on the left side of the street. WE both have to use the same road to get in and out???!!!! Then she goes back out of Great Falls to the rest of her route....it's at least a 5 mile trip for her BEFORE she reaches the mailbox!

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    I live in rural Eastern Washington (state) and access to financial services can be difficult at times. Banks are few and far between. Having the option of having some financial services available at post offices would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, this would also have the benefit of keeping those post offices that are slated for closing to remain open. Unless you have lived in this area, you really do not know the importance to a town to have a post office, it functions as so much more than a place to mail a letter. It literally becomes the hub of the community. it can be a meeting place, a source of local news and information, and a driving force in the local economy. Adding financial services would strengthen an office's role in each community it serves.

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    I am a perfect example of how using self serve can go bad. I was approached at the local post office by an employee as I was standing in a long line. As I had never used the self serve for express mail the employee guided me. Now at the end a very tiny piece if paper came out. Thinking it was my receipt for using my debit card,I asked the employee for my customer tear off copy d om the to and from slip thats put on the outside if the envelope that has the tracking number. The empliyee told me that when you use the machine,you are not allowed to get that copy. Not ever using the self serve before that day,I thanked him and left. The next day I wanted to track my package only to find out,that I could not,because I did not have my copy which I found out infact was suppose to receive that as I requested and the very tinyreceipt that came out of the machine must have dropped out if my pocket so I had nothing to track my very important check. Anyone using this,take a lesson from me and insist on getting YOUR copy of the custom receipt. This employee was absolutely incorrect and was suppose to give me my copy. Now the check I sent has still not been received and it was for a very very important payment,which will now jeopardizes my credit,but will also caused a big problem as a result,which has caused alot stress. We rely on the knowledge and proper training of the post office employees and this was a huge costly lesson for me. Its now 5 days and still did not arrive to the destination and I have no way to track it. The post office blamed me when I asked for their assistance,not holding the employee accoutable at all. When I specifically found out from a good source that the employee was totally incorrect. In the end, I am the one paying the price and they did not even ask anything about their employee.ost office if you are going to put your employees out on the floor to assist customers with self serve,Please make sure they are trained to do so. When we send mail out your errors could really damage us,the public.
    Thank yoj

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    I'm quite enthusiastic over USPO projected plans to expand the breadth and range of services. Citizens are looking to USGOV to give them services in retrn for their hard'earned taxed dollars. So many tax-payer dollars have slipped into the already overstuffed pockets of overpaid CEOs because they were considered too big to pay the price for their sins like tbe rest of us have to. Broader USPO Services are a way USGOV can soothe our ruffled patriotic Bald Eagle feathers!

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    This is a great idea; hopefully USPS can also expand in other directions. The Post Office belongs to all of us. Let's keep it that way.
    Peace and Good,

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    If there were a public, non-profit postal bank that could accept deposits and facilitate (electronically and hard copy) funds transfers, payments and other debits, I would immediately transfer my account there. On a national scale, it means that no matter where I moved, my bank could be my nearest postal branch of appropriate size to handle banking functions. I am on social security now, so why shouldn't my monthly benefit payment go easily from SSA to USPS bank--no need to involve the private banksters in the process. Perhaps I would be able to handle my taxes i n the same way. I TRUST the USPS in a way I will NEVER trust private banks. I encourage USPS to think in terms of facilitating the movement of all kinds of information in service to the public good.

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    I am a retired federal employee. I strongly support the US Postal Service but I do not favor the post office offering so many ancillary services. Most lines already are so long at every post office you go to to mail a package, get stamps, or pick up mail. A typical transaction today at the counter takes twice or three times as long as it used to when the PO just sold stamps and excepted packages. Other services should be provided by a separate agency monitored by the government to make sure it doesn't rip off people like Amscot does. Mail services should remain with the federal government and there is no excuse why our PO can't be self supporting the way it was before making it a quasi-federal agency.

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    Can you use the self serve shipping console to ship a box of books via the media rate?

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    I strongly support the expansion of the USPS into financial services as a viable business line that would offer expanded and valuable customer services, especially to sectors of American society that now lack low or no-cost mechanisms for fiscal transactions. The development of credit union-type savings and micro-loan programs are badly needed by the working poor as an alternative to predatory businesses that thrive from their misery.

    This expansion of services would be a great public service, consistent with the USPS mission. The proposed mission expansion has worked quite well around the world; if properly constructed and managed, it should do likewise here.

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    Need to make the entire process easier for International buyers. They are hit with customs charges and brokerage fees that they don't realize are coming in many cases. Integrating those at the point of sale would help. That said, China seems to have a huge advantage on shipping prices that we can't compete with in the USA. As long as that exists, our exports are heading down, not up.

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    I calculated on line the cost to mail a small object in a standard envelope and the price ranged from .71 to .93, However, when I mailed it at the post office counter it cost $2.54! What accounts for the difference??

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    Millions of US residents have no bank account and limited internet access. They frequently pay exorbitant fees for simple financial transactions. Implementing these proposals would help them greatly and provide the USPS with additional revenue.

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    Hi Dear
    Why my package is still in Hollywood ????
    Same day I receive package I refuse and Return to Sender, may 23 and today Day is june 2 is 10 days all ready and nothing new , please if you guys no sender they no give me my money back ok


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    As we know that shipping costs are so complex and its not that much easy to calculate the price which make customers very sick. so there must be flat rate shipping so that its easy to understand.

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    Please save our post offices

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    I totally support the Postal Service, its vital to this nations growth. FedEx and UPS can't begin to perform the services that the USPS does and at no where close tot he cost. We should all be calling our idiot congress people and telling them to get their heads out of their arshes and stop the stupid postal service bill that has them paying for medical coverage for workers not born yet, that is just stupid!! Only could our congress pass such a law, they don't even read what they put forward, idiots! We have to demand more from these clowns, for once get something right!

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    I feel the American people deserve to keep our U.S Postal Service. There is no reason to dismantle this critical institution. We all depend on our convenient postal infrastructure. Privatization would be a disruption for all of us and should be avoided at all costs. The postal service must be restored to the its prior levels.
    I am very concerned about the recent efforts to destroy our U. S. Postal Service. The American People are being misled, the post office is able to pay its bills and is not broke. We have one of the finest systems in the world, it is a safe, accountable and uncorrupted system. It is completely unacceptable and unnecessary for our postal system to be dismantled. It is part of our infrastructure, our communities and our lives. Our postal workers are our trusted friends and neighbors. The retiree prepaid healthcare retirement should be eliminated and the overpaid funds should be returned to the postal service so it can operate as it should. This would not cost us anything, as I understand it, and it could save 120,000 to 220,000 living wage jobs. I am very concerned about this and want to ask you to do everything you can to save our postal system. Dismantling this system would truly be devastating for the American People.
    The American People deserve the safe, secure, integrated and accountable system that we have always depended on, the postal service we have always known. I think expanding payroll check cashing, domestic electronic money transfers between post offices, and walk-up bill paying would all be a great idea.

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    i support the great postal services the people of this country have now and deserve to have going forward. We cannot afford to lose these services and lose jobs the USPS provides for middle class americans. We have lost so much to privatized businesses and outsourcing , we cannot afford to lose anymore. The growth of financial services other than the issuance of money orders would be a great way to keep the jobs ant the post office and help middle income americans at the same time.

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    I'm glad the office of inspector general found out that closing the post office(s) would be wrong for the public. I use it and I do not want it to go to the highest bidder just because the people running the business of delivering mail can't manage the mail correctly. Its been a long time since its been screwed up so the time to fix it is now. Don't punish the public or the workers they did not do this. Inspector General please don't play politics and help fix it. Thanks.