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    Yesterday I went to the post office in my neighbourhood and discovered that they were closed at 4:45p.m. All I wanted was a single stamp to drop in the box. The stamp dispenser machine was out of service and the woman was right then closing the door and told me she couldn't help me out.

    Based on this experience, I don't think there needs to be a small post office as such open and wasting money paying for property and employee. Perhaps the Postal Service should consider stiking a deal with the big grocery stores to install automated postal center machine with a box drop. It would certainly make life easier for moms and those shopping. The postal service will still collect revenue and pay less for space.

    It still gives someone like me and others the opportunity to mail our letters at our convenience and not having to beat the traffic.

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    Tell your customers to order more magazines.

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    Wow, I am surprised by all the comments on focusing on "the main misssion" of the USPS. That might work in some industries, but mail delivery is on the decline. Typically, you look to find different ways to sustain your operations, especially with hundreds of thousands of employees. I'd like to keep my postman employed!

    Expanding to other services doesn't take away your focus (after all, nobody suggested the postal employees would be carrying around snake oil in addition to letters). The benefit is better foot traffic to a piece of real estate that is underutilized. The more people have a reason to go there, the more they will be inclined to send something in the mail. Limited bank services have are keeping the Poste Italiane in business and its employees on the payroll. Plus, people trust postal employees more than bankers.

    I say look at the good that might come out of it, and if countries like Italy and Brazil and make it work, why wouldn't it work in the US?

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    I believe in Moore's law. Although, it's under pressure
    from economic anomilies.

    However, holographic technology is my prediction for
    next gen reader's.

    The physical assets required for this technology, from the prototype's I've envisaged, are without question
    less than ten year out. And, a wee little ancillary benefit just happen to be a nearly zero micro carbon footprint.

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    Let me ask you, do you think the public wants to see the Postmaster walking with the carrier because he is trying to intimidate the worker to work faster, or maybe that postmaster being involved in the community like fundraiser or food drive? I am sure they love seeing the postmaster walking down the street smoking and yelling into his postal provided phone when the public tells me they can never get a hold of him because oh wait he is never at the post office much anymore.. The new goal is to write up people doing there job right, but wrong, and removal is the new word... Oh ya why do you need a PM if the POOM is getting an office next to him?

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    Carrier/Clerk/Mailhandler I think you have some wonderful ideas. I feel that they need to make employee more accountable for doing their jobs especially PM's and supervisors they should have to clock in when they get to work clock out when they go to lunch, doctor appointments, to the tanning bed, to an appointment to get their nalis done or what ever reason they leave the office for non postal activities they should then have to clock themselves in on a time clock when they return from this break/lunch and then be required to clock themself out at that same time clock that is located in the postal office when they leave for the day. I beleive they will find many PM's and supervisors are not even working THE AMOUNT OF hOURS THEY ARE PAID FOR.

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    I completely agree with you why do smaller offices need post masters. I work at a small office and my post master shows up when ever se feels like it and then leaves early consistently along with many times she will taking care of personal business when she is at work.

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    One thing I beleive the postal service needs to do is to get rid of higher level employees that are not willing to work the hours they are supposed to or make any effort to do anything extra. They get a salary pay for a reason and if they cannt understand that they should be let go. It would save alot of money if people in salary started to actually work. Like the post master at the office I work she rarely ever works a full day never works on saturdays when she is asked to. To me if you are asked to do inspections on saturday and you are paid by salary you should be required to do those inspections and work. You definitely should be required to work the hours you are really paid for and if you cannt be required to use sick time, annual leave or lwop. I know post masters have alot of stressed and some of them have worked hard (others were handed their position because their position was ending and they had to put them somewhere which is dumb for the postal service to have done) to get where they are but that shouldnt mean that once they get there they can sit around and not do anything and work only when the feel

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    This is the way everything is headed regardless of how quickly the periodicals businesses adopt it. The eReaders were first generation. Next came the mobile eReaders with electrophoretic displays and Internet connectivity. The third generation is in production over in Japan with color displays. The fourth is now being developed in eastern Europe and will become a hybrid cellphone, eReader and Internet device.

    Based on typical adoption rates of new technology, discounted by the state of world economies and the consumer spending trends, there is a decent chance that a fifth generation or beyond type of device is going to be in the hands of 60% of those on mobile devices today by 2020. The form factor will be no larger than your cellphone today and will expand to full laptop viewing screen size, assuming we will be using electrophoretics still. There's no telling if there will be some other game-changing technologies which change the output view.

    Regardless of what year it happens by, knowing the existing technology and growing interest, we need to plan now how we adapt our products and services to still be a value add to our customers during and after the transition, and to position the Postal Service for the next wave of technological progress.

    Rich Epstein
    Chief Enterprise Architect

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    There are a few issues to address with new ideas: (1) what is our value proposition; (2) are we permitted to get into that business; and (3) does the reward match the risk, and are we willing to take the risk?

    In the case of providing secure e-mail, this is not new as an idea and has surfaced and has been vetted before. Likewise, offering secure e-mail is clearly non-postal as a result of the Postal Reform Act of 2006. The only way we could offer it is if the PRC adds it to the list of approved products or if we've secured a federal partner on behalf of whom offering such a service would make sense.

    There are clear business and regulatory reasons why we're not in a lot of businesses today. The merit of an idea alone is insufficient to justify our foray into that business. Answer these three questions and we'll talk about a business model and so on.

    Rich Epstein
    Chief Enterprise Architect

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    I Really like these ideas UPS and FEDEX seem to do a lot of this in addition I Have the text from an email I'm sending to the president and Congressman and Senators as well as the Post master Generals office If I can find an email address for his office.

    Text below:
    To the President Barack Obama, Distinguished Senators, Congressman, and The Post Master General CEO John E.Potter,

    As noted in many news reports and in the Post Master Generals own reports, technology is impacting the U.S. Postal System. This impact via the internet has claimed a dramatic quantity of information transmission that used to occur via the U.S. Mail.

    What should the U.S. Postal Service do?

    While the internet has generally been a real boon to the economy and commerce problems exist with it.
    The U.S. Postal Service has standardized the way our addresses are organized via zip codes and Zip +4 bar coding all wonderful innovations.

    The Internet posses many benefits and many problems namely in the area of security.

    My Proposal for the U.S. Postal Service is to become a standard bearer for internet & email security offering secure portals.

    Portals that can be secured via a CAC card similar to the one I use for my computer email access over the U.S. Army NIPR computers, or perhaps even more secure SIPR like system at the Post Office itself.

    Passwords for all Internet commerce need to be standardized, just like our Zip Codes.

    The same applies for Login names for buisness/banking needs. These should not apply to social networking sites unless volunteraly.

    The post office could provide secure Email, Fax, and postal online payments.

    These are just some of the ways I believe the postal service needs to transform itself for a rapidly changing technological society.

    We will still need effecient rapid package delivery nothing can replace that yet.

    But the postal system must evolve to meet the needs of a changing nation and world.

    Thank You and God Bless America.


    Henry Joerz

    I believe sending hard copy documents still has it's palce but will only decline.

    Therefor the Post Office must still serve it's purpose to make sure that mail either hard copy or electronic gets delivered and that it is carried through rain, sleet, hail, snow, storm,virus, hacker, or what else plagues or will plague the internet.

    This will provide new income streams for the U.S. Postal service and transform itself thouroughly into what it has always been a bearer and mover of INFORMATION!

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    I live in a rural area where most routes are curbside delivery to NBUs or CBUs, I have never heard a customer complain about not getting their mail at the door. It was originally introduced as a quaint way to get out and meet your neighbors. The boxes are not too far away from the houses as they only hold 6-12 customers. Of course customers who are handicapped or have a problem getting to the boxes can get delivery to the door.
    The idea that the PS is only giving good service if mail comes to the door is unreasonable. If it can't be done cost effectively it must be changed. All business must utilize methods that allow the business to continue, otherwise NO ONE gets service.

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    Oops, I forgot to post the link(:

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    I feel sad that a whole way of life could be gone, but things change and are lost all of the time. There are tons of things that I do not know about, and when I hear about some different things used to do it is pretty cool. I would think it is already having a pretty big effect because of all of the predicted U.S. Postal Service buildings closing. Here is a chart and other information about this here:

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    The Postal Service doesn't seem to care about change, just about having people change their opinions of USPS.

    With mail volume down due to email, why not have the Post Office provide SECURE email?

    Bulk email addresses could be sold for ad revenue, and new gadgets could be created. Similar to eBook readers, what about a replacement for a mailbox - an eMail box. People could opt to have gadgets like these at their houses, with varying features depending upon user preference.

    I have been a career USPS employee for almost six years, but nobody pays any attention to ideas or concepts that they cant get something out of for themselves.

    Don't believe me? Check the eIdeas program, where I have been talking about email for years.

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    The newspaper business could save themselves by taking their product offline. They hurt themselves by putting it on there to begin with. They have only themselves to blame.

    Sometimes change isn't better. Look at all the business's going under because of all the "changes"

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    I am with you Tina....AMEN

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    Why does a small office with 12 employees need a 80,000.00 plus Postmaster who never shows up for work but maybe an hour 3 times a week and a Supervisor who makes 60,000.00 to cover for him 6 hrs day? Leave the carriers who deliver the mail and do their jobs alone because without them there is no need for fatcats if they don't have anyone to manage our carriers run our own office management doesn't care they're never there.Reduce their pay and benefits most don't even have but a high school edu. There are people out of work who would work for a third of their fat salaries to do nothing.

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    This new idea of closing the post office is crazy, I can think of 1,000 other reasons to cut cost in the post office.....management, upper management, they get paid (well I might add) for sitting around their offices doing nothing for the majority of the day. They criticize their carriers for slacking off and doing insignificant mishaps, ie, taking to long in the bathrooms, rocking back and forth while they are casing....who cares? as long as they are productive and hard working, leave the carriers alone....cut the fat at the top!!!!

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    Theft is a lot more common than you think. It is easy in some places because the secuirty is so minimalistic. One employee where I work alked out with a tray of new credit cards and then tried to sell them at a local farmer's market. Catching up to him was not instantaeous, as it should be. Took about ten days. A lot of people look the other way.

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    Here is what I think. The USPS should be able to fire any employee who doesn't want to work and are pretty much gaming the system to draw a paycheck. Incentivize our work and productivity will increase. I have seen too many employees drag out 8 hours with only 5 or 6 hours of work. Work the mail and go home.

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    Make your best guess, and fill out a PS form 3996. Call back as soon as you realize you are going over your estimate, if necessary. DPS makes no change in your notifying management of overtime.

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    The Postal Service can't deliver home town newspapers in a timely manner. I get none for days, then 3 at a time. This has been the case for years.
    How is $876,000,000 for a machine going to fix this?
    Money to sort an ever DECREASING flow of flats. Shaft the periodical mailers for efficiency in mailing Victoria's Secret catalogs.
    Find out how carriers work most efficiently and make the machines work that way. One bundle, and pull the vacant homes, moves and holds. Let the carrier have input into the system to register vacant homes, moves and holds. Allow carriers to view and modify the change of address system. Why keep the new addresses secret from the carriers? Once the forwarding time expired, how will customers get the once every other year vehicle registration, Greeting cards from distant friends and relatives, and that tax refund check? Good carriers look up the new address after the forwarding period expires and send those important things on.
    As the percentage of mail that is standard rate business mail increases, and first class diminishes, more and more people will stop checking their mailboxes. I have several now. I have to hold their mail 10 days before disposing of it, and start all over again.
    The Postal Service needs to find the right way to prepare mail for delivery, and that is single bundle. Carriers would sort residual mail, and insert it into the single bundle, maintaining the integrity of the single bundle. Management must concentrate on increasing parcel services. Flat rate boxes and click and ship are good starts. The volume needs to increase to compensate for the loss of first class volume.

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    Why not offer an incentive to those employees that are eligible for full retirement, and add 5 years service to those employees that are eligible for the early out. you might actually get people to go with a little push