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    try an get a silly rule eliminated. the PM or POOM may also believe it is silly or dumb, but tell you to do it anyway. we operate with so many silly or dumb rules because of lack of leadership. leadership is an art. they spent a lot of time especially in the military trying to teach leadership. the USPS lacks considerably in this area.

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    Do away with the current version of the mystery shopper program; it is a waste and I personally find it unethical.

    Figure out how much money is spent chasing the EXFC goals. Don't do away with EXFC (service is what we sell) but lets find out the "true" cost.

    Stop delivering missent mail to offices when the carriers have already hit the street. Unless its express, it doesn't get delivered.

    Stamp stock limits! :-(

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    Same thing happened to me....I was stopped, then rear-ended. Then I was told it was preventable because I didn't move forward. I wasn't allowed to report I COULDN'T move because of traffic.

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    even if you do not take a lunch, you still have to take a 1 click lunch because the DOIS program automatically deducts for a lunch if you work over 6 hrs. (and you know the USPS is not going to can the DOIS program)

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    Our office has designated (with signs because we are too stupid to remember which is which, I guess) an 'in' door and an 'out' door to and from the loading dock to avoid walking postal traffic accidents. Of course, at the end of the day, when we are equally busy going in and out, the 'out' door is locked for security reasons.

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    Well, I have read alot of the previous posts. I agree on several. As a clerk in a P&DC, I have seen my share of "what is that all about?" But this post from OIG wanting to know stupid work place rules, I need to be more specific. #1) light duty clerks; have the supervisor (s) and a steward diligently find ALL the light duties possible within a plant, ie: putting labels in trays for automation, and manual, etc. I mean go over the daily operations with a fine tooth comb and assign all the details possible within their limitations. If plants would do this initially, then make it a process nationally. #2) grievances out the roof, union and USPS dont have this kind of money to throw away on the same old song and dance. If supervisors want to issue discipline like candy, have the steward, supervisor and employee meet to resolve. get into an adult way of thinking. Whats negotiable? Is this a hard working employee whose feeling slighted, overworked? overstressed? Did you offer them time off if feeling overburdened? Is is possible? work it out. #4) Leave without pay; many employees do like to leave early, they can stand to take a few hours LWOP each day even to just take care of business. Is this being offered? You would think its a no brainer. #5) The supervisors NEED to keep the employee informed on whats going on, but most times the supervisors dont know themselves. Is the operation having problems with turn around? why? how often? whats the consequence? slacking in turn around times? Are there employees who are just not pulling their own? set up teams, but dont put ALL the burden with those employees who work the hardest to pick up the slack for those who just wont! giving the message that less productivity from an employee is rewarded with 3 more employees!! Have the employees be responsible for their work locations, give it to them, tell them what you would like to see and believe me, you will see it. Just back off of us. and #6) I am sure alot of people would disagree but crossing crafts is a tender subject, if the mail cannot get out because it isnt a mail handler function, or if the mail cant get processed because it is isnt a clerk function and overtime must be allocated to that particular craft, in this postal climate when overtime is evident, then cross crafts. Its the same business. #7) give the overtime to meet the needs of the service to THOSE who are actually known to 'work' for it, AND not to just use up the budget for the office #8) Why doesnt each office have a website such as we are using here to put in their own solutions? No bickering allowed, just simple ideas that may or may not work? But the mere suggestion is a step in the right direction. USPS you cannot afford not to let your employees help you pull youselves up, giving their input on a regular basis pertaining to the needs of the offices they service. We are all in this together, and if you go down, we go with you. At least, give us that chance!

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    When asked what I do at the PO, I always say I am a Manager, with a smile. When asked why I am smileing, I say, "Its becasue of what I do." The next quesition is what do I do? My response, "I am the most overpaid, under qualified data entry clerk you will ever meet."

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    Boy, isn't that the truth.

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    What gets me with the "Secret Shopper" is I keep getting told McDonald's does it. We are not McDonalds, we do not offer the same products. Nor are our customers at our windows for the same reason. Guess my window clerks should all put on Clown makeup.

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    Don't forget, "No talking on the work room floor!"

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    we just had a carrier get bit last week. she was not wearing her satchel. she had her dog spray but did not use it. if she had her satchel maybe she would not have been bitten in the leg. if you dont like the rules of the job, maybe you should look for another one. in this economy, good luck.

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    Here's stupid for ya:...Postmaster comes to your case while you are casing your morning mail and hands you a printed report of a "possible" misorted letter that is in your dps mail and tells you to stop your work, walk to the other end of the building and search through your dps to find the ONE letter that the computer has found. Now when I return from my route in the afternoon with almost a foot of missorted letter mail from dps the PM just shruggs. Waste of time and therefore waste of money.

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    Great suggestion!
    Tomorrow morning Scan labels will be installed on each toliet stall, We will allow you to wash your hands for free

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    As a city carrier I find these two rules so silly, I am going to register them with the Ministry of Silliness.

    1. Were not allowed to have more then two wings on our case, yet Mgt is adding more and more deliveries. Now I am crammed into a two wing 6 shelve case that has double addresses in many single cells. I have a hard time casing, you know, the volume that's never coming back. The case gets to full, hard to case up, promotes misdeliveries, slow to pull down, double clutching. And now there are gaping holes in our office because were all pushed together.
    Why, oh wise ones, why ?
    2.The silly rule that says I can't handle parcels or line up and unstrap coverages in the office. Why ? Because it's a street funtion not an office funtion, I was told by one sup, the next one told me it was because it would be double handling the mail ? Ok whatever, all I know is when I could line it up in the office it saved me overall time, therefore...

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    I fix strobe lights for the Cincinnati District on a quasi-official-unofficial basis. On thurs, my office will not have any maintenance hours budgeted. Hence I expect offices that have a broken strobe lite will pitch it, and order a new one for $80-90 dollars since they will not be able to send them to me. even better is the fact that the individual offices have been left to fend for themselves on strobes. as a result I have worked on 23 different models. 95% of the strobes I work on come from one particular company. I have told my superiors not to buy from them as they put out junk. you guessed it-DEAF EARS.

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    My PM has to order all "supplies" from a single outfit contracted by the USPS.
    He pays over $8 for a single ream of paper,...that could be bought at Office Max for $3. And even less at Wal-Mart.
    How many thousands of reams are used by the PO every year?
    Not to mention all the other high priced stuff.
    I guess the relative of somebody high in the PO owns that company huh?
    There are thousands of ways for the PO to save money, IF that was of interest to them. But of course, we know it isn't.

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    1. Once we tried a flexible reporting time where the carrier knew his route and had 30 min before or after the scheduled time to report and it worked perfect. Poor management had to think too much to calculate each routes hours everyday. The ivory towers said no and that was gone. Stupid.! the current claim is that carriers might have to wait around for mail if they come in early. If the Ivory tower can make us waste time and spend ten dollars redelivering one piece of missorted DPS, then why can't they make the standing around guy record his time so it can be removed? If he wants to come in 4 hours early and there is no mail then record "-4 hours" on his trip sheet. How hard is that?

    2.Today we can't hang our coat beside our case because it could have a bomb in it? The Ivory tower now does not permitpersonal items at case, of course, unless they need for you to have them: scissors; pens, etc. We even have to waste time walking to a bathroom to get our raincoats. Yet management has have everything personal they need at their desks.

    3. The security badges are stupid and a waste of time: if someone were going to shoot postal workers, this would easily identify them; the people who work there already know you; this wastes time and money. Once I made a fake one with the roadrunners photo on it and wore it for a week and no one noticed. Fabrication of these is a no brainer and lends itself to greater ease of entry in that regard.

    4. We have to waste time marking UBBM mail that is always beside our case...yet any idiot that walks by our case everyday knows it is our UBBM?

    5. We have to put an orange card in the sorting case after our last pull of mail to show that we got it all...yet any idiot that walks by that case can see that we got it all without the card?

    6. All of a sudden, after years of not recording mail volumes, which proves no one was really needing the figures, we have to record it again.....so no one can read it again?

    7. My Postmaster recommended that I buy my own plastic trays if I needed more ....so I did, so I could leave a few in my car and would not have to carry them all in at one time ....only to be told that I could not leave them in my car because they were 'personal items'....in my personal car! Really stupid! I sold them and vowed never to buy or give anything for the benefit of the Post office again.

    8. In my last paycheck I received a photo and statement saying I should turn in fraud when I see it. I am honest, but I will never turn in any working Postal Worker for anything as long as tax cheats like Charlie Rangle and Daschle, etc are not prosecuted.

    9. Once my fellow carrier did 204b duty for the day and was bored to death claiming there was only 1.5 hours of work to be done. He quit and went back to carrying. With all of the scanning the peons have to do, why not make management scan in and out as they come and go? When they arrive to a meeting have a barcode waiting. GPS them. Let's just see who is really wasting PO time?

    10. Just keep management away from me...they have never so much as opened a door for me....they have never asked my opinion about my job.....just put me on the back porch and I will do an honest days work for an honets days pay as I alway have.

    I have a logical way that would save the Post Office millions every week that no one has ever mentioned ...to my knowledge, no one ever thought about.... but I'll never tell it unless I am personally asked! Look what you are missing by not respecting your people !!!

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    Big Ed,

    What the heck are you rambling about?!?! The reason no one wants an evaluated system, is because (and you can the rural carriers about this) is that management evaluates the times. Thats why so many Rurals have taken such a huge financial hit. Agree to an evaluated time, and then management has a summer sale, wth????

    You might note that the rurals have a union, and plenty of grievances, and get less pay (per hour) than City Letter Carriers. They went to arbitration and lost...

    What we need (and what brother Stiffled wants) is Self-Managed routes.

    Show me a supervisor who's day isnt done at 10:30 99 days out of 100. The rest of the time is spent surfing the net.

    Why doesnt the OIG simply look at some of the computer records, and see how much supervisor time is spent shopping online and surfing the Drudge report and sites like this one.

    Now that would be real savings!

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    the DOIS system automatically takes out a 1/2 hour lunch if a carrier works more than 6 hrs. Unfortunately in my office, the carriers do not take a lunch. this messes up the system. hence,the one click lunch. in some offices carriers are forced to take a lunch.

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    Tracy , iguess each district is not the same. we are not allowed to have anything personel on cases, but we did make PM remove pictures from his office

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    Work a little harder?! I think I'm speaking for a lot when I say, "Routes should be adjusted to eight hours, not nine or ten like they're doing." All to save other peoples' jobs. Don't abuse us carriers' bodies and minds to save your butts.

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    what is funny about this is that the plant I work in southern Calif just got a new district manager and ordered maintenance to put new time card holders all over the plant. they purchased small bulletin boards and mounted them on a frame at a cost of over $200.00 each. after a week the things are not even locked.

    but get caught carrying around your time card and watch out!

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    I'm thinking it's because they don't want that "undertime" of 15 minutes showing to the higher-ups. They'll want to add an hour to your route / the office.

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    When a carrier calls off we have to pivot routes.

    When a supervisor is out, they make a carrier a 204-b and we have to pivot that route.

    Why can't the PM who is in his office doing nothing most of the day, pick up the slack for the missing supervisor, so we can avoid overtime by having to pivot.

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    Stupid Rules:

    1) Managers waste time picking through DPS every morning to pick out 1 missorted letter.

    2) Offices are not trusted to cull their own outgoing mail for AVSEC compliance flats. The flats must be left in with letter mail. Extra work for A/O's and plant personel.

    3) We just added 20+ minutes of F-4 a day to all 18 and above because we now have to scan every parcel as arrived. Delivery Confirmation tracks Delivery, it is not Express.

    4) We just added a scan for mail distribution up-time. We should be stream lining oporations and trust our managers to manage. Not adding extra work for our clerks.

    5) There are outrageous prices on e-buy items we are required to purchase on-line. We could save a lot of money if we could buy more locally. Don't give us so many choices on e-buy. A pen is a pen. Purchasing personel have to weed through 50 choices to find the best item for their money.

    6) Stop putting thousands of dollars into LLV's that are falling apart. Fuse panels are not substitute water falls displays during a rain storm.

    7) Put a stop to the practice of chasing mail halfway across the country. We pay milage for this ignorrant practice. Treat missorted mail as such and hold the plants accountable.

    8) Cancel secondary HCR trips that contain 1 cage of mail. We could do this by consolidating cages at the plants.

    9) Spend money to fix broken equipment. We pay more in the long run after an employee is injured by this equipment.

    10) Dumb rule number 10 say s no LWOP without District appoval. LWOP saves money and improves morale.

    I will leave you with those 10, there are many more