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    This type of medium is what will save the USPS,
    (if that is still possible). Frankly, it might be too
    late. However, I believe it is not too late!!!
    And the USPS is not "Too Big to Fail".
    I'm a great believer in Technology (and I'm not talking about scanning bar-codes on "just in time"* operations, i.e. MVS. I'm talking about "cots applications"** that execute the adopted business model.

    This is just like having a business meeting via
    teleconferencing, with limitations.

    But, I know Mr. Big is reading the input!!!!!!!!!
    Because they know, the current executive administration has far reaching tentacles that can axe their political slot in a New York minute.
    You may be a double dipping colonel today, then tomorrow, zip, you'll be working for some consulting firm that expects results.

    And, as far as "tattling goes"? I think they already
    know most of the current "going ons". I don't think there are any ponzi schemes that the employees are
    up to. Except for maybe some of the shenanigans that
    happen in middle management to keep certain fellow managers (with college degrees, or not) down.

    I say open up the flood gates on ideas you might have, and give OIG credit where it's due!!!

    At least they're asking your opinion!!! Geez, are
    you aware of how often this happens!!! Not very....

    Dude, this is "totally kool", as twixter's might say!!

    Darwin even knew that "change is inevitable".
    Embrace it!!!

    * inventory strategy perfected by Wal-Mart Corp.
    ** Commercial of the Shelf-Means you don't have to
    re-create the Wheel to make it work. Not proprietary
    like most stove pipe organizations.

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    In response to your comment, I'm sorry that you feel the OIG is being sneaky, but we intend this blog to be an honest forum soliciting debate on issues important to the Postal Service. Sometimes, we do use that feedback in some of the OIG's reports.

    Commenters do not have to leave their name or e-mail address. If someone makes a specific accusation more appropriate to the OIG's hotline, we don't post the comment and forward it to the hotline instead.

    After working with the blog for a while, one thing that is very evident is how much deep commitment there is to the Postal Service at all levels of the organization. We hope this blog provides a forum for everyone concerned about the Postal Service and its future.

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    I like the 5 minute rule. You guys need to stick with that!

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    I think that the price of the stamps need to go down anyway!!

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    The .44 sure is ia bargain. Why is everyone complaining????!?!

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    That toilet comment is crazy!!!

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    I think that this is all a joke. Eveyone has there opionions. So leave it at that!!!!!!!

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    I think that the Postal Service should be self sufficient there's enough debt about without adding more to it. Some people will be willing to pay more for additional services so target them!

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    I think the only customer that the USPS cares about IS the mystery shopper. Why else would we be harassing every other customer with our robotic litany of questions just to get a 100% on our mystery shops. By the way, the only customer that DOESN'T matter is the mystery shopper, when he or she is mystery shopping. Our regular customers feel sorry for us clerks and what we have to go through when doing our jobs, especially our list of questions they hear over and over when they are waiting in line.

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    While the OIG blog is professional and good, there is something insidious about some of your posts.

    While fostering conversation is one thing, I feel many of your posts and questions are evidence gathering in nature. After all, the OIG investigatest he Postal Service and you are soliciting postal employees to tattle on their employer.

    It just seems...icky to me.

    I know you have a job to do, but I would prefer you not be sneaky.

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    No they dont need the far right spin on things....they (OIG) do enough damage (spin) on their own.....

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    I think it's great OIG is sponsoring a space to raise issues and solicit feedback on postal issues. However, I think it will be good to broaden the topics to more public policy issues and to broaden the contributors' base by inviting guest bloggers with diverse points of views. Kudos.

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    Well said Pilgrim.....

    To add to that fine statement,

    There are definitely too many managers.
    I've always believed that you "manage" a program, project, etc. But you "supervise/lead" people.

    The Post Office desperately needs supervisors to replace the people who treat the workers as a tool to achieve a number or rating.

    Most people who have experience as a true supervisor want nothing to do with the postal service management because they see how they would be expected to treat the people, while being responsible for performing practically everything in the office for negligible increases in pay (actually a decrease in pay if you go by the number of hours worked).

    This leaves the supervisors to be filled with people having no experience in dealing with people, and a few weeks in ASP does not a supervisor make. Most of these people only take the position because they know its the only way to get into a cushy little Postmaster position at a level 13 or 15 office. They have no desire to actually be a supervisor. Its just a necessary evil.

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    Theres a rule at our workplace which allows you to spend 10minutes at the photocopier however whenever you go to the toilet you have to let someone know.

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    I have been a letter carrier for over 23 years and have EARNED and accumulated my sick leave.

    When one calls eLRA correctly and receives his confirmation numbers and if it is over 3 days it states, that documantation MAY be needed UPON return to work.

    In my station, EVERY craft employee for the past 6 months is being LWOP for legitimatly documented sick leave both FMLA and non-FMLA.

    Management in our city is "playing" with the eLRA system.

    An OIG investigation is already in process regarding this.

    If you are not being paid for documented and legitimate sick leave, contact the OIG.

    NOT being paid for something you have EARNED not only affects you, it affects your family too.


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    Managers like silly rules........Leaders do not.
    Managers look out for themselves......Leaders do not.
    Managers cover themselves in glory.......Leaders love to see their people shine.
    Managers make rules.......Leaders explain situations, seek input, decide best options, explain best options and watch their people and the mission succeed.

    We have toooooooooooooooooooooooooo many managers and a dirth of leaders.

    In 1919 West Point was in the depths of a hazing scandal which almost caused its closing. Douglas MacArthur was sent in as the new Superintendent. He recognized the problem in a speech to the Corps of Cadets. "West Point must create LEADERS of MEN, not Drivers of Men" was his comment. 23 years later we had the leaders MacArthur was talking about.

    Name a leader in the Post Office?

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    "Stand by" room assignment for temporarily injured workers (carriers) who can perform some or most of their job functions and improve their condition while still being productive...but are paid to just sit and rot...while overtime being paid to others to cover all of carriers route and not some of...spend a dollar to save a dime mentality.

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    I agreee on the fact that there should be no discounts for online bill pay. I will take it a step further and state that the PS should make it a rule that nothing should be printed in the "stamp corner" other than the fact that postage is required. I am so sick of seeing "Save a stamp-pay online" on every envelope I see. Where is the ad program from the PS saying "Save your identity-Pay by mail"? That is what I like to see.

    Also, I would like to see paper surcharges outlawed, because there are a lot of poor people and minorities who do not have access to a computer. It is somewhat discriminatory in a way to make people pay to use the PS in lieu of online bill pay.

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    The Postal Service needs to stop letting the competition take advantage of "universal service" Don't let them shipping via the US Mail. Those ugly Brown trucks seem to only want to deliver on the profitable cupcake routes.

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    they already tried to stop processing on sunday....when they do the trucks are backed up down the road!We got us a convoy!

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    I love it when people say on line bill paying is free. Nothing is free. Companies will offer services for free until you are hooked then charge for services. I pay $42 for Internet service. That much in stamps will pay my bills for a year.I remember when Home Depot came to our town with their ridiculously low prices. Once competition was gone up went the prices. Same thing will happen with on line services. Some web sites are charging to use their blogs already.

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    Zumbox will soon be out of capital. Zumbox is being sued over using technology developed by some else

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    Working in an AO my position is not the same as working at a PDC. I understand it's the greatest concentration of APWU employees and they need those Union dues. Same thing for letter carriers one in six would go away. It's still the right thing to do. Most people don't even stop in on Saturday for stamps or mailing items. Some offices open from 8a-10a on Saturday. What is the point of that? Even the government checks, if the first or third falls on the weekend, they have an in-home date of FRIDAY.

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    USPS is providing parcel services with more attractive rates than Fedex or UPS. One reason for being able to offer lower rates, is that the last mile delivery of parcels is piggy-backing onto the existing letter routes.

    The transition of paper mail into the electronic realm will be progressing in the long term. Cost savings and wide acceptance of electronic media by the up-growing generation will be the main drivers. We can like it or not, and we can prepare for it or not; a historic change in the mailing industry will take place in the long term.

    Postal Sanity

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    Shipping rates from online retailers are crazy and the Postal Service is almost never an option anymore. Why isn't the Postal Service getting contracts with these retailers so consumers can choose the carrier and price they want to pay? I think there is a lot of business there the Postal Service either ignored or did not believe was important.