We didn’t create our blog just to use the catchy name, Pushing the Envelope. We did it to inform and engage stakeholders about our work, particularly our audits and white papers, and the occasional topical issue. 

That work, by the way, is rooted in our mission of ensuring efficiency, accountability and integrity in the U.S. Postal Service, its revenue and assets, and its employees. As an independent agency with oversight responsibility of USPS, the OIG also helps to maintain confidence in the postal system and to improve the Postal Service’s bottom line through independent audits and investigations. 

We aren’t the Postal Service – so we can’t locate a missing package or redirect your mail – but we do work with USPS to root out fraud, waste, and abuse. 

Over the years, we’ve added GovDelivery and the Audit Asks forum for future audits, as well as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to stay connected with our stakeholders. We also invite you to comment on recently posted audit reports and white papers. There is no shortage of ways you can comment on our work. 

We do read your comments. These comments, and the instant communication via social media, truly inform our work. In some instances, they have prompted audit reports or investigations:

  • A commercial customer’s comments raises concerns about delayed First-Class Mail Flats, which led to audit work to determine where in mail processing the delays were occurring. 
  • In another case, customer complaints to our Office of Investigations, as well as social media posts, alerted us that some package delivery scans in certain cities might be false. Scans indicated that packages were delivered when they really hadn’t been. Our audit confirmed suspicions, and we recommended USPS to make necessary improvements.

However, as our online presence grows and social media engagement continually changes, we realize the need to update our comment policy. To that end, we’ve recently tweaked our policy, which you can find here. We encourage comments related to the content of the blog, report, or white paper, and we ask that you visit the Contact Us page on this site for information on where to file complaints. 

So yes, we read your comments and take them into consideration for future work. However, as we are not the Postal Service, we can’t make any operational changes, fix a leaky roof at a post office, or find a lost package. We ask you to contact your local post office or USPS Customer Service, (800) 275-8777. Or, go to USPS.com and enter "Customer Service Help" in the search function. 

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  • anon

    For the second time the letter carrier crammed an 8 1/2 x 11 photo mailer clearly marked "PHOTOS ENCLOSED PLEASE DO NOT BEND into my 3 1/2" x 4" mail box. The photos of my two year old granddaughter were creased making them not suitable for framing. I called the local post office in Naples, Florida and spoke to the postal supervisor who said he would talk to the carriers but there was nothing else they could do for me. The U S Postal Service needs to change their name to Morons R Us as far as I'm concerned. The sooner they go out of business the better.

    Feb 20, 2018
  • anon

    hello I am 90 years old blind disabled Veteran our mail man has refused to deliver our mail for years WE WERE TOLD THIS WAS DEW TO OUR DOG SO NOW THAT I AM NO LONGER ABLE TO LEAVE HOUSE I HAD TO PICK MAIL OR DOG SO AS HARD AS THAT WAS I GOT DOGs NEW HOME LET THEM GO SO I COULD GET MY MAIL NOW THEY TELL ME ITS WAS NOT MY DOG THAT THIS MAIL MAN THIS WAS MADE CLEAR TO ME AND I UNDERSTOOD AND GOT A PO BOX WITH NO TROUBLE FROM ME AT ALL NOW DEW TO THIS NEW STORY I AM MORE THEN INSALTED WAS THERATHED MY A 90 YEAR OLD MAN BLIND DEATH I COULD NOT SEE MAIL MAN COMING OR GOING USA ARMY THOUGHT ME ONE THING THIS WOULD BE RESPECT OF ALL I A M PROUD AND OUT STANDING MAN OF ENGLEWOOD COLO LIVED HERE OVER 50 YEARS 32 MASION ENGLEWOOD J CEES LIFE TIME MEMBER SHRINER AMERICAN LEGION POST 27 AND FOR THIS MAIL MAN TO SAY I WOULD LOWER MY SELF WELL I WOULD Have to be able to see him and that just imposiable as i do not leave my home and mail man refuse not come to my door so how can this happen this man nmail has never said one word to me in fact this man think he to good has yet to say hollo he rude and lies my dog i can under stand he has a job to do and dog can mmake this job un safe and with respect i got po box for years just just now at 90 i can not get out of my house so i got rid of my beloved dog and now he said this was not about my dog how un fair is this i am blind i could not see a mail man to tell him any thing and mail man refuses to come to my home so tell me how would this happen and before i let my po box go my dog s were no longer issue i did this so my mail man would be able to do his job safely now he going to say this no WAY WRONG I WANT MY MAIL TO COME TO MY HOME I PLACED A MAIL BOX OUT ON THE STREET AT THE END OF MY DRIVE WAY AS ACT KINDNESS SO THIS MAIL MAN CAN DO HIS JOB SAFELY FOR HIM TO BE SCARE OF A 90YEAR OLD MAN THAT CAn not see him is a lie that mail has never said two words to any one he just to good to hello to any one in the last 15 years he never said good day back to any one he hate us all the same and thats all i would of ever said to the mail a man doing his job i have respect to any man that work or woman i call who or what ever i have to do to get my mail to my home as i have no other way home bound and that is that even if i wanted to go pick up my mail that just can not happen and i would much more love to be able to go get my mail my self i just plan can not now please tell how this can be the way this man said this to be if i can not see a man how would i talk to him if that man refuses to come to my home then this just did not happen was told my dog and with respect i under stood and paid for po box for years now so if the mail man was not at my door for years this could not of happend and never did i need my mail mail box is out by strret mail carrier wont need to worrie about me or any one on or around my home i will HOLD UP THE HIGH EST RESPCT TO THIS AND ANY MAIL CARRIER AND HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT THIS IS ABOUT BUT YOU HAVE MY WORD I WILL RESPECT THIS MAN AND TO MY KNOWLAGE I HAVE

    Feb 20, 2018
  • anon

    The USPS has one important flaw; There appear to be no attempt to validate that each and every tracked mail item or package that has an assurance (promise) to be delivered correctly is, indeed, delivered so. That is, I would expect that a postal employee have the requirement that each item that has a tracking number be scanned, individually, by package, address (the USPS does adhere bar codes to mail boxes for this purpose) and verify on a per package basis that the items are delivered to the correct address. It should, as well, be in a Union contract with the USPS employees that this is a requirement for continued employment. Without this assurance, how can one possibly trust or rely on the USPS delivery service? USPS competitors such as Federal Express and UPS do scan the packages on a per item basis (although they do not used the mail box bar code). In my experience, the USPS has at least a 50% chance of miss-delivering (when compared to competators) or losing what can often be sensitive mail that the customer may or may not be able to re-route to a more secure address (e.g. a PO Box). I have a P.O. Box for this reason, yet, more than often, I find that some entities (government and financial institutions) insist on delivering to a physical address. So, my faith and lack of trust of the USPS has decreased with time and it does vary on the particular ZIP code.

    Feb 20, 2018
  • anon

    I'm an ex carrier,I have seen supervisors scan hampers full of parcels as attempted delivery and they had never left the building. Supervisors get hammered for using overtime and also for missed scans. The easy way out is to falsely scan them and the patrons suffer. Also nepotism is rampant on the management side.

    Jun 25, 2018


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