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Delivery is its bread-and-butter. And service is in its name. So, the U.S. Postal Service takes pride in delivering mail to every address in America.

But declining mail volume, changes in the network, a downsizing of its workforce, and evolving customer needs have led to changes in delivery. Further, a wide range of variables, such as weather, employee absences, or new carriers to a route, can affect delivery every day. These changes and variables pose challenges to the Postal Service in meeting its targeted “24-hour clock initiative,” which is to collect, distribute, and deliver mail on time and to have 95 percent of letter carriers off the street by 5 p.m.

In recent years, more carriers have been returning after 5 p.m. That percentage increased nationally from 25 percent in fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 38 percent in FY 2013. Mail delivery after dark raises carrier safety concerns while late mail makes consumers unhappy.

Our recent audit report looked specifically at the Capital District, which experienced a 14 percentage point increase in city carriers returning after 5 p.m. We found the increase was due to (1) delayed delivery of mail from the processing facilities to the delivery units, and (2) supervisors failing to properly supervise city delivery operations. Our recommendations centered on modifying operating plans to get mail to the delivery unit earlier in the day and on adhering to policies and procedures for supervising city delivery operations.

Also, we encouraged management and union officials to work together to address carrier safety. External stakeholders have already offered some ideas worth considering, such as brightly colored, reflective clothing to make carriers more visible, and realigning delivery routes so carriers can start earlier in dangerous areas.

We welcome your suggestions as well. What more could be done to get carriers off the streets by the targeted 5 p.m. return time? Given all the variables that can affect the ability to complete deliveries by 5 p.m., what additional precautions could be taken to enhance carrier safety? 


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First change hours at processing plant tours move back 1 hour that would give enough time for mail to be work and delivered to station, carrier's would get there mail out and back before 5pm, set cut off time at processing plant so that the mangers can get the mail out on time without penalty

Processing needs to be changed so that the offices/carriers get their mail earlier. ALSO running certain items through the DPS/FSS that are known for jamming up the machine is not only a time wasting practice but a money wasting practice also. lt makes no sense whatsoever to be casing carrier sequence mail that has been jumbled via the machines. l've been a carrier for almost 27 years, it seems to me that field time is getting more difficult with every new change. Setting up a route to make field time shorter/quicker would save the post office a lot of gas money throughout the year. lf l am allowed to set up my route the way l wanted to and keeping it at or under what my daily DOIS report claims, in my eyes, makes total sense.
Downsizing carriers cases, don't even get me started on that for the walking routes.
l could go on and on.
l'm all about saving money for the USPS. l take pride in doing a great job, making sure my customers are happy and trying to create revenue for the USPS. But at the same time it seems that my job keeps getting harder to do with all the so changes.
l would like to see a team take carriers that manage their routes in 8 hours and/or do an above average job given the chance to speak up for the practice of the Post Office.
l will not bad mouth anyone that is employed by the USPS but at the same time l question the accountability of some of the decision makers.
l pray for the longevity of the USPS.

I have been a letter carrier for 34 years. I agree with what Kelly Martin wrote she is dead on. I would also like to add a few things. As carriers we have been required to deliver all first class mail, and that even if it is in the DPS out of order we are to go back and deliver it, the reason for that is so managers can report no first class mail was delayed. I have county offices that are locked up, and the only way to get in to deliver is they have to bus me in. It takes time. We are told to take everything to the street, do not organize your add papers in the office. So that takes more time trying to get things together in a LLV. The reason for that is need to have less office time, again so the sups can prove all the money they have spent on the machines is working. Does not make sense . If you look how the Rural Routes deliver the mail, they are allowed to put everything up in the office, their routes deliver so much more mail than city routes, and they are done early every day. They do not have a supervisor telling them how to deliver the route everyday. We are being micro managed, every detail. I do know a faster and easier way to deliver the mail, but I am not allowed to do that. I would love to show you the difference, give me 2 days. One deliver the route the way managers tell me, the next day deliver the route the way I thing is best. The ball is in your court.

well the rural carrier get pay by how much mail they have and run that's why they have more accidents than city carrier always in the rush no breaks and lunch the city get pay hourly fair they work fair day paid have two ten minutes break 30 min lunch comfort stop work 8 hours and pass eight overtime you want to kill your self go head wear uniforms while rural dont wear uniforms they wear anything they want show some pride it not a race who get back early or not that why i see video of rural carrier throwing packages out there vehicle to make more time to get back early always in rush no care about safely and customer complain why carrier throwing mail out of the vehicle the rural use there car wear and tear pay higher insurance for there own car and get pay less for there use of car manager will get more greedy to give you more, more the postal inspector should go out on bad area when it get dark early that when more crime m when it get dark if i was a criminal i wait to get dark so nobody can see me that why postal inspector and postal police should go out follow the carriers on bad area when its dark early so they could catch the crook or go undercover wear carrier uniforms and postal vehicle delivery fake packages and have video on the truck and outside to and if you catch a robber put him or she in jail not let them out show a example if you can do the time dont do the crime

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. We appreciate readers providing specific examples of ways to make the delivery and mail processing functions productive and cost efficient .

Processing mail earlier would be nice, but some offices have a problem with employee's calling in sick. Yes sick leave is a benefit, but it is to be used when you are sick, not to golf, hunt, see the Super Bowl or to make it to the department stores for Black Friday's super deals. When a unit goes down 5 routes in one day that's a lot of pivoting and extra work on the employees that are maintaining their work schedule. Working past 5 pm is going to happen. Take better care of yourself, eat a balanced healthy diet and exercise. Carrying mail can be difficult if you are out of shape, but it is enjoyable and super easy if you are physically fit. I remember going in at 6 am and being on the street by 7:30....it was great!

Seems like our branch needs an overhaul period! Doesn't make any sense to have mail delivered after 5pm! So many problems with our branch.

The way they process the mail should have nothing to do with volume. 10-20 yrs ago you would have your mail at your stations and ready to go by 6-6:30. There was no reason to change this and move carrier start times later.

Management is not worth a damn from the bottom to top , the Unions prevent getting rid of the problem workers . I would could close 80% of these little town Political Post Offices . Get Politics out .

Do you guys even know the stress you are placing on certain offices, it is shameful, There are no allowances made for real life. If you dont make 95 percent you are treated with total disrepect and routinely humiliated on a daily telecom. You do know someone has to be last in the sort plan at the plants and some offices are over an hour and half away from the plant, Is the expectation or goal adjusted, no your just given a letter of warning, Every OIG agent should have to spend a month as a delivery unit supervisor.

2 years ago management adjusted our to be over 8 hours then we would not have to pivot . It is not possible to do my route in 8 hours unless the mail is so light that I walk past 4 to 6 houses on each loop . Carriers are struggling every day the work is hard every day . I am on the overtime list so I work 10 almost every day . With what management calls a one hour loop which really is one hour fifteen and what they call a 8 hour route which is 8 hour plus 15 minutes to 9 hours . Plus travel time it is just breaking down our bodies 6 days a week . A 204b said if we give you a 2 hour loop you have to be back in 10 hours no travel time added in . Push, push, push . We work with pulled tendions, my Achilles heel in flamed . Do to all the ice last winter. Just want to be given the time I need to deliver the mail they want me to deliver. Not brought up front because I could not deliver over extended route and loop and drive thru construction and traffic to be back by the magic number they tell you that day. I love my job management makes it stressful because everyone wants to make the numbers so they look good at the expense of the carriers

The OIG should study the long term impacts of delivery changes to worker health generally and OWCP claims specifically. Carriers on the street for seven plus hours sounds efficient but it isn't if worker health and productivity are factored in. Those who would compare to UPS or FedEx routes ignore the fundamental differences between pure package delivery and mail delivery.

Thanks for the audit suggestion. The OIG values stakeholders' suggestions and input as it often leads to follow-up work.

The last few route adjustments I have been on have been a joke. They come in with a mandate to eliminate routes, despite the new growth in an area. They (management) have years of data on how long it takes to go from point A to point B, yet they will throw all of that data out of the door if it suits them, to make their goal. Then they bully you and push you to make their fraudulent data work. It's demoralizing to me to work for an organization that only pays lip service to customer service. It all started when they started the bonus systems for supervisors, and has gotten progressively worse. Time to blow this joint.\

Supervisors that have to manually calculate rural carriers actual hours is simply a waste of technology. We have badges. Let us swipe them in and we can add the break time in through our scanners. The calculations should all be done through the computer.

The public should be made aware how much time is wasted at plants that makes carriers late starting their routes and obviously returning from the routes and the policies of the Postal Service that contribute to carriers out late. I will give a few examples in language for the public; first the plant, mail that is intended to be sent directly to the carriers to be carried along with the carriers other mail is "run" on the equipment at the plant. The mailer has been given a discount for addressing and sequencing this mail to KEEP IT OUT OF THE MAILSTREAM but for unknown reasons the plants waste valuable time mixing this mail with mail that MUST be sorted to the carrier, thereby making trucks late, and carriers late because no matter the other workload, this mail must now be delivered, even if it is an advertisement for a sale a week later. Examples of poor management decisions include delaying trucks for hours for 8-10 pcs of mail, to attempt to keep "scores" of on time delivery up or requiring carriers to return from their routes, costing hours of what could have been delivery time to retrieve ONE piece of late arriving mail. The example are endless.

Stop consolidations/plant closures/network rationalization. The increase in carriers out after 5pm, sometimes WELL after, is directly linked to Phase 1 of network rationalization. The further away this mail is being processed from the branch offices it belongs to means the later it will be arriving to be cased in the morning. The later the carriers get out, the later they will return. Not rocket science here folks...

Delivery is the end of the line.....Every management and operational error or poor planning flows downhill. No carrier, city or rural, is ever surprised anymore by the shenanigans above them. USPS survives today ONLY because carriers care about their customers and care enough to get the job done.
USPS constantly plans in a top down mode......From Dr Deming to the U.S. military this martinet madness has been disproved time and time again. Top down mode fosters a management mindset of adhering to numbers and attempts to look good. This then fosters another mindset of drachonian orders flowing downhill which has no basis in reality and has no positive endresults.
Carriers take what is given them and get the job done...USPS "prides itself in delivering" but gives short shrift to listening and working with the actual people who make the company run. "When will OIG find the real problems and foster teamwork to make good decisions. " he sighed.

Brightly colored clothing? How about a bullseye jacket instead? Maybe it's safe to deliver in the dark in 90210 but out here it's cold, dark and icy. Couple that with crime-filled neighborhoods and you have a recipe for disaster. Last winter was the worst I've had in almost 30 years, not from weather but from issues with the consolidation, plant delays as well as transportation. Some days, carriers sat on waiting time for two and a half hours. We wouldn't hit the street until 11. Leave the office, travel to your undertime assignment and we wouldn't reach our own routes until after noon. Now, count seven hours (without ice). Delivery is not the problem and glow-in-the-dark underwear and headlamps is not the solution.

I'm a carrier in WNY, and although I haven't seen too many issues in my short career with the USPS regarding delayed mail, I can attest to WSS mail being ran through FSS machines, which have caused jamming issues, destroyed flats, and problem sorts. We've(myself and other carriers) have asked for the rationale behind this, and managers have told us a plethora of reasons, including but not limitd to "WEll, we have to pay for the FSS machnes somehow(hahaha)", or "Well this way we don't have to worry about extended office times for you to collate ro sort it in o that you don't have a fourth(or fifth) bundle", or "the flats were light, so why no run them?". One thing I've noticed though is that once the CCA/TE pay rate was arbitrated to a lower scale which hut us last spring, many of the younger carriers who could physically run routes and complete them faster left for greener pastures. I mean, who wouldn't after taking a 30% pay cut? Not to mention which, the hiring rate of $15.30 the USPS now has may work in some more economically depressed areas of the country, but when Seattle for example implements their $15 minimum wage in a couple years, who would work 365 days a year there in rain when they can go sling coffee at a Starbucks inside with AC for the same rate? So what's happened in many of our offices is, due to staffing shortages a carrier is assigned their route, and forced to do half an hour to 2.5 hours of overtime daily; the icing on the cake being that our managers then say "well it appears your mail volume is light, so really that 2 hours of overtime WILL take you an hour(or else)". Cue the dreaded phrase 'undertime'. So wait, a walking route of say 6-10 miles a day can go faster simply because I carry 5 to 10 pounds less per loop? You mean to say that the dangers of problem dogs, customers asking us questions and us giving prompt courteous replies, avoiding holes in lawns, broken curbs, slippery mud puddles/ice/snow, defensively driving in vehicles with huge blind spots, and collecting mail can somehow be sped up safely? Currently in WNY, 15% of all routes are 'pivoted', which means assigned as overtime/undertime to city carriers. When asked for the reasoning behind this, most often the reply is "We(the USPS) spent far to much money on overtime because carriers were far too slow this winter"; the winter of '13-'14 which by many accounts was the coldest and snowiest in the Northeast US for nearly 25 years. Far too slow, which from the way it's being told to carriers, may very well infer "very lazy and making mountains out of snow molehills". I can tell you, I wore a headlamp and carried a spare and a flashlight this winter, and was out delivering mail from 730a-7p this winter because of volume and weather issues until a carrier was shot and killed on his route in MD. Then suddenly every carrier had to be back by 6pm instead of 7, but with NO change in mail or mail volume... simply put, we were all told to go an hour faster, no one else is here to help you, and we have to have you all back to the stations by 6 now no matter what. I could go on and on, but I'll let this rest for now. To the OIG, if you'd like my input further you've asked for my email in order to post this, and I'd be glad to confab with a rep of yours regarding this issue at greater length should you so desire.

Sounds like there are many problems, from the plant not getting mail to the units early enough to clothing being questioned. It is a great idea to get the mail delivered before 5 pm and get the carrier off the street. Most of the time it can be done. From what I have seen in regards to carriers many of them sit in their LLV on the street texting or talking on the phone, not just their LLV but walking down the street while delivering mail. Sure they are entitled to breaks and lunch, but when the public calls in and complains there are several mail trucks sitting at a resturant and have been there for over an hour or the carrier has been visiting with the neighbor for 20 minutes and they would like to get their mail or the carrier is parked in an alley sleeping doesn't help your cause. It appears the carrier doesn't want to get in before 5pm and may not even be concerned with the risks of delivering mail in the dark. Don't get me wrong, it is not all carriers. It only takes a few to spoil it for the rest. You see there are problems everywhere. Besides complaining what are you doing to correct them? Just make sure your not contributing to the problem.

Your percentages of carriers out past 5:00 pm have intentionally been skewed by top and middle managers. I was a lower level manager who, like all the others in my area was given directs orders to skew this data. I will tell you how. We were given a "quota" of carriers that could be out past 5:00 pm. If we were in danger of exceeding this quota, even by one minute, the remaining carriers were required to return to the office and bring the remainder of their deliveries to consolidate to the "quota" carriers. Most have at least 20-30 minutes wasted travel time returning to the office to make it back by 4:59 pm, then another 10 minutes each consolidating the mail to the "quota" carriers who also had travel time returning to the office to meet the carriers that were not allowed to be out past 5:00. Then the fun starts, the "quota" carriers have multiple routes to deliver in addition to their own. It is dark. They are in unfamiliar territory, dismounting to deliver parcels in dangerous areas, and endangering the public by driving after dark---ALL TO MANIPULATE DATA. The "quota" carriers finally return at 7:00, 8:00, or 9:00 pm depending on the mail volume but the numbers look better to you guys. If everyone had just finished their routes without the travel time, reloading time, and return travel time (twice) and nothing is slower than delivery after dark, everyone would have been finished by 5:45 on the worst day. You should look at HOURS after 5:00 not carriers. This number continues to rise. And no one, I repeat no one ever tracked a single rural carrier. I have personal knowledge of new hires out as late as 1:00 am--yes AM on country roads--that's a long time past 5:00.

Out after dark is a bad problem. Management has skewed and cherry picked their standards in such lopsided ways that routes are ballooning in size. While first class mail has decreased, bulk and standard mail is on a exponential rise. Along with exploding parcel volumes, this equates to mail that takes longer to deliver whether you are a city or rural carrier. The problem now is that time standards have been so skewed for so long that the real time it takes to do the job safely and efficiently is no longer represented in the evaluations. Management now looks the other way and forces coerce or encourage carriers to speed and be reckless in order to meet a pickup or delivery guideline that is unrealistic if real standards were in place.

Now with plant closures, reduced staff, and office consolidations, mail takes longer to be processed at the plants, have to travel longer and further to reach the offices, and have fewer Clerks on hand to sort and distribute them so carriers can do their jobs. Carriers are forced to later start times, and even then have to wait on mail to be distributed. And despite the "standards" for flats run through FSS sortation, or DPS letters, instead of speeding service there is more raw letters and flats sent to the carrier cases long after they should have hit the streets.

The new time standard study that is currently being conducted will set the bar on delivery standards back to its proper setting for the work that is required to be performed. However, the short sighted view of career management in staffing, staging, and distribution is deplorable and only seems to worsen instead of alleviate the issues.

Management needs to start at the finished product and work backwards, not the other way around. Customers expect delivery. So start with what we do....we DELIVER. Begin at the mailbox and set times to get us there. If it requires changing the plants, then do it. Standard flats should be delivered the day before so carriers can case it after the route. If first class is so abysmally small, run it last. We can take THAT as a bundle to the street. Give us the options to case or carry FSS. some days it's beneficial to case. Others not.

If the USPS is going to thrive it needs to consider what it DOES....not how to save money doing it first.

We need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to delivery. Carrier cases that have built in divider trays that condense and combine....then ROLL and LOAD directly into the vehicle! No more time wasted in pulling down. No sleepers. No loading trays.

Scanning packages should put them in delivery order in the scanner for each route as the Clerks scan them arrived. Then when carrier gets scanner, they scan the package and it tells them what number it should be marked so it can be sector segmented into the truck. As you deliver, gps triggers the inventory and announces when approaching delivery.

If you all used "Cluster Boxes" at residential addresses, you wouldn't need to be out until 8:PM. What is so
difficult about this strategy? Also, based on the Postal Chairman's brief discussion and description about MAIL VOLUMES CNBC Squawk Box this morning, it would appear necessary to cut the number of delivery days required to execute the current business model. Think of it, less hours executing the delivery process of postal LMI (Last Mile IN) vehicles being in traffic stopping at each box. Your "24 hour delivery initiative", has been easily satisfied. Why waste more in on the subject. PROBLEM SOLVED!

All points brought up are VALID. Will OIG follow through on them in an actual report?
Even better.......OIG does a report and caring employees would like to make a response which would help make USPS better. Currently there is no mechanism within OIG for people to respond to an OIG audit report once it is "completed". The report should be just the start of the conversation. Until OIG becomes MORE responsive to ALL of it's STAKEHOLDERS, it is not doing its job. This blog prooves that employees and customers care....Use them and their ideas and abilities to help make USPS better.
Thank you.

I remember the old days that were hard to acquired a job at USPS, people always wanted the jobs because of the benefits, job security and fair pay ( and hard to get fired). Screening and testing had to be top notch and only the top crop would get the jobs.

Looks like things have changed dramatically over the last two decades, many of the USPS employees I have dealt are rude or lazy and not helpful, my local rural carriers for example (yes they keep changing them), it is hard to believe they would pass the screening to work at JC Penney, much less for the USPS, yet they are barely delivering the mail. One of the carriers still have a license plate from other State on his personal vehicle (Saturn Sedan) delivering the mail.....he said he just moved in and go the job (one week deal).
Not to mention about the carriers involved with mail fraud and scams.......reason why I found this site.

So, I think that if USPS really wants to save money and create more profit, they should get the standards for USPS employment up to a better level, and more important a good screening before hiring.
Better services with good people will attract customers that left USPS for UPS or FedEx.


Sent a birthday and Olive Garden gift card from Toms River nj to warminister pa July 26 2014 . They never received it! My local post offices keep a busy on all working hours so they never answer their phone. 7323490710. The warminister po says they don't tract mail then they hang up. I had a flag forever stamp and a Christmas stamp on the large envelope. I also had my return address label in the left hand corner. I didn't need 2 stamps but put it on anyway. No one cares that I am out 50 dollars! My God, you people talk about new services in the po? You can't even deliver a simple birthday card from NJ to PA? Your po workers are rude, ignorant and do not answer their phones!

With all the the changes management has made it has caused this problem of letter carriers being or delivering mail late. This is also the reason why there are lines in lobbies, where they decrease the number window clerks. The safest way to protect letter carriers is to hire more processing clerks. Also change the processing times. Both of these methods should be incorporated with other solutions with the Unions. Another thing management does not need bonuses, it needs to go back to the safety, health and Wellness of the actual workers and equipment, supplies, etc.

This is the second time my package got lost with USPS. I live in a private house and have a locked side gate so unless the package states "handle with care" it could be left in the back yard like what the other delivery services do and with the sticky on my door with the notice. The post office supervisor finally called me back after the 4th day I reported it to say that mistakes will happen and that I should go around and ask the neighbours or file an online report. He is ridiculous... It's now my duty to track a package which should have been delivered to my address in the first place. USPS service is unreliable and not transparent. They should adapt the format as UPS and when delivering packages leave a note on the door or in the mail saying it was delivered. My faith in USPS is diminishing and soon if they keep up with their poor unreliable staff so will be the fate of USPS.

I am a CCA and traveled HUNDREDS of miles in variable weather to serve many communities for the postal service. I did the job that the most seasoned carrier has and was expected to do so daily and at LEAST half of another carriers route. I got 3 day's of training then was expected to do what I just mentioned at any post office with my county and in 120 degree weather plus! I do all this and more with less than half the pay of a regular. As well the carriers in 'the old days' which someone else on here said where the top notch are majorly ANYTHING but! Most of these 'old timers' are either spying for the post office just what a cca needs when they are sacrificing their life to help these 'old timers' keep their job. or they claim to be disabled and still working a full time carrier position getting paid Top Notch while they complain like kid's and pass off their work for someone else to do as they get paid not to ,then trying their hand at being a supervisor and stalking employee's in their personal life, making false claims and lies to OIG to ruin a budding CCA's career. Many CCA's are not fit for the job many more 'regulars' are not fit for the job as well. I have NEVER been abused the way employees with the usps have abused me in my job. It is absolutely SICKENING to work along side these criminals who spend their day trying to do as least as possible and concentrating instead on maliciouse ways to destroy a CCA's life because these 'Regulars' are NOT fit for duty.

In a perfect world there would be no ot and we would be done before it gets dark. But we all no it doesn't happen most days. It's common sense that because of daylight savings time we're out there in the dark. Just push everyone's start times back an hour or 2. Why do we get collection mail at 1 and 5 o'clock? Why not 12 and 4? More people are leaving bail at they're box new anyway. And people being their personal mail to work and give that to the carrier. Too much micro managing and it always seems to fall on the carriers for not running their route.

My daily mail delivery always arrives after 5:00, and I worry about the safety of my carrier. It is very dark when he arrives, and the streets in San Francisco are not well-lit. And, he must walk up uneven, unlit walkways to put the mail through mail-slots in resident's doors, which are set back from the street. Many of these are lower "service" doors, which are not used for entrance by residents and visitors, and so are unlit at night. I think this new schedule is dangerous for the carriers. I don't want my carrier to be subjected to dangerous conditions, but personally, I do not have the resources to light my lower walkway for the sole use of my mail carrier at night, so it's a bad situation all around. I think the mail should be delivered during normal business hours, for the benefit of carriers and residents alike.

I was a CCA and I loved it. Our post office was good about getting everyone of the street, actually of the clock by 5:00. But yes the route times are a problem. I was I feel wrongfully terminate. I could tell from day one my carrier supervisor did not like me. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why. The first time i actually met her was her shoving a piece of paper at me and saying here are your numbers remember them you need them. I just looked at the others hired with me and said, who was that? They told me it was our carrier supervisor. So I thought to myself oh great everything I've read on the internet about this place and management is Gonna be true ist it. Anyways I went on to do my training I had my 3 days on the job training and then my first 2days by myself I was put on what the other carriers called "the nightmare route" well naturally. The supervisor just says are you up for a challenge? I said Will do my best. The route wasnt so much confusing, it's just very long, the longest route there I believe, and its all walking. Plus I started beginning of November we'd already had a good amount of snow and of course holidays approaching so lots of mail and parcels. 3 things that slow you down immensely. Well first day didn't go as well as I'd have liked but the others were nice who came to help, and says no worries its your first day. Second day was a little better not much but a little. Well of course time goes on I get bumps from "nightmare" route quite often so now I actually enjoy that route probably one of few besides the regularthat do. Jump ahead to 60day eval she says my times aren't improving which they totally are by half according to times she told me, I know different I know they are better than that. So she says in next few weeks if you dont improve significantly it's not feasible for me too keep you. She never had me coming in to case the routes only doing a few hours off of 5 differ routes a day. How was I to learn the cases she also complained about that that my casting times were bad. Well the 204b is great and by the way he is now the carrier supervisor because they made this woman who hates me our acting postmaster, so she now has the authority to terminate me. Our 204b puts me on a route everyday I beat the out to street time given to me by like 20 minutes most days. And the route was supposed to be done in About 5to6 hours I was getting it done in about 6 when before I couldn't finish or it was like 8 to 9 hours instead of 6. If that's not improvement I'm not sure what is. So 75days she does my eval doesn't even wait till 80days with evil grin I knew it was coming I had been telling everyone, and I had been keeping track on my own. She says my case times are over by 20min and my street times are still over. I dont understand. It didnt matter what I did she had her mind set as soon as she became acting postmaster. She terminated me, then proceeded to have me fill out resignation form saying job was not what expected. I was so upset I just filled it out. I know I shouldn't have signed a damn thing. But it was deff personal as another that got hired same time who is really slow, is still there delivering. So it's mangers like this who are screwing up the whole thing. Despite everything I want my job back even hough those last few weeks it was so cold my eyelashes froze together I loved it. And because of management like her hard working people like me get terminated. I'm not even sure what to do and if I could even get it back.

Hello Adrienne,

Thank you for taking the time to contact our offices. The USPS Office of Inspector General investigates waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS).

Please file an complaint online at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. By completing this form it will provide our offices with the critical information needed to look further into this matter.

Thank you.

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General

I completed the form, which by the way is very vague. There isn't even enough room to file whole complaint in detail like it requests. It's now been 4 months, I have been contacted by no one, and this woman is still in charge. And I now find out she may possibly have a law suit against her. And I guarantee once they start digging she will be in deeper than she realizes. Karma is what I call it and I hope, and pray to god she gets what's coming and worse for the way I was treated. I still want my job back,I miss it, and I miss the other carriers. She was the only problem in our post office and every single person, every last one I guarantee will not back her, but tell you she is horrible miserable excuse for a person. She should never have been aloud In a position of authority. I know I had valid reasons to report her but the post office, and apparently the OIG all cover for each other. I never got a Phone call or an email. They dont care. And they should start. Pretty soon with all the shut downs, if they all continue to harass, play favorites, and just treat employees and people badly they wont have their precious jobs either. There wont be anything left of it continues. It's all about who you know there, and only one they kept that was hired with me, her dad has been a full time regular for years. Never mind she was dumping mail in every mail box but the correct one and had so many customer complaints during probation. All to get her route finished quickly. Well it worked, they don't care about efficiency which is what I was striving for along with good time which I had. They only care about time, and who you know. I had zero complaints, but I was let go. Only because she didn't like me, because everyone else did. She didn't like that she was hated and I wasn't, it was personal. And everyone else knows it as well.

Safety for Rural Carriers
As the mother of a rural carrier these are my concerns:
Here in Utah the temperature has been changing so much that the use of the cooling seats provided by the Post Office would be of great comfort, but some of the Postmasters will not allow the carriers to use them, nor will they allow battery operated hand held air conditions unless the battery has been inspected (AA or AAA battery) by safety officers, No information has been furnished on how to have any battery inspected.

The Carriers are to:

1- Drink 8 oz. Of water every 15 to 20 minutes and to use spray bottles to keep cool.
2- Where to keep the water
3- How to keep it cool
4- How and where to relieve yourself after drinking so much water and
5- The time it takes will cause carriers to extend the day well after the 5 PM time.

This above concept is good but with problems.

Safety talks have been given with handout to assist in keeping cool and safe on the job.
This not practical, all routes are not equal with places to stop or places to replenish water.