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Semipostal stamps are nothing new. They have been used worldwide for over a century and here in the United States since 1998. The cost of these stamps includes a surcharge to raise funds for various charities or causes. When semipostal stamps were first introduced in the U.S., critics felt issuing these stamps would be wasteful because no one would pay extra for a stamp. However, these stamps turned out to be a successful fundraising tool. Although the additional surcharge does not directly increase the U.S. Postal Service’s revenue, the charities benefiting from the surcharge help generate an incentive to purchase these stamps. The Postal Service has issued four semipostal stamps so far: • The Breast Cancer stamp issued in 1998 has raised more than $73 million dollars for breast cancer research. • The Heroes of 2001 stamp raised $10.5 million between 2002 and 2004 for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to support families of emergency rescue workers killed or permanently disabled in the September 2001 attacks. • The Stop Family Violence stamp raised $3.1 million for U.S. Department of Health and Human Services between 2003 and 2006. • The Save Vanishing Species stamp issued in September 2011 raised more than $175,000 by the end of fiscal year 2011 for Multinational Species Conservation Funds. What cause, issue, or subject matters should the Postal Service consider for a semipostal stamp? Please let us know in the comments section below. This blog is hosted by the Marketing and Service Directorate.


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I'd like to see "spay and neuter your pets" as the subject of a semi-postal stamp. The Adopt-a-Pet stamp was very popular and might indicate interest in a similar semi-postal.

My paycheck was mailed to me Friday at 9 AM from our office which is 1 hour and 15 minutes away from my house. Today is Monday at 11:30 AM and I still do not have it in my PO box and no one can tell me where it is or when I will get it??? From now on it and all 50+ other employees checks will go out via Fed Ex. Sorry but more revenue lost due to your inefficiencies.

Well Tiny, if you work for the USPS, you would have the opportunity to participate in a new program called, direct deposit. Then you wouldn't have to worry about this pesky little detail. It's one of the benefits the Postal Service provides to their employees, and it saves stamps and paper. I however, elected to just simply pick up my check and deposit it direct in my bank account the old fashion way. This way I can't get my grubby little hands on the money for several days until the check clears (usually four business day's). It's kind of like an austerity program, similar the the pre-funding health and welfare benefit program, which is is a MAJOR issue at the post office. You know..., a "reserve" fund, in case of the slim possibility that future health care costs escalate. Perhaps you might consider this silly little practice I, among others employ.

Have you considered that it was a Monday, the weekend mail accumulated,more parcels to be delivered, and you probably NOT the first household on the carriers walk..
Grow up you snivelling baby...

Current times show a significant portion of the population is aging rapidly. A stamp dedicated to alzheimer's disease research and treatment is needed. A portion of the proceeds could be 'ear marked' for the Mayo Clinic and other research facilities as well as rural hospital/assisted living environments that specialize in the care of those with alzheimer's.

You have a good heart Jeannie! This aging tsunami is upon us, and the effects of that condition are simply crucifying to those who have direct knowledge of it. Here-Here!!

I would encourage the USPS to issuie more of these special stamps - and i would also suggest that they make them additionally unique by engraving them rather than printing on paper as currently done. They placing a block of new version stamps along side an older engraved stamp and see what the difference is.

The postal service should not be doing this. They need to issue a semi-postal to raise money for the postal service. Let congress create check-off boxes on income tax returns if they want an avenue for people to donate. So far the BCRS stamp has been very sucessful becuase there is a grass roots campaign to promote breast cancer awareness. The heroes of 2001 was sucessful because the nation pulled togther to support the families of the victims. The stop family violence and the Multinational Species conservation fund semi-postals have not been very sucessful.

For as long as the Post Office has been around, there should be a stamp celebrating USPS American History. From the Pony Express to the Digital Age an unique historic stamp should be recognized.

I really consider like when the government take time to give good comments like that.

i don't know whether they will continue to repeat the same success in future but i think USPS should start "cost cutting" or generate some new ideas to increase revenue.

I think the postal service should issue a semi postal for the NLEMOF.. National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund... It is currently Police week and there are over 24,000 names on the memorial, and that is NOT including the names that will be added from Jan. 1st 2012 to the end of the year.

I would like to see the USPS have a semi-postal stamp to raise research monies for prostate cancer = leading cancer in men.
USPS had one for breast cancer - so why not one for men??

"I think offering the semi-postal stamp is great idea. Not only has it been successful in raising money but it also raises awareness. Keep up the good work USPS!!"

Would love to see one issued for educational support of disadvantaged kids.

I came to this site trying to find a Prostate Cancer stamp I could use on my dying husbands Birthday Prostate Cancer Fund Raiser.