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Consumer needs for postal services are changing quickly resulting in the U. S. Postal Service developing a plan to right size the workforce. New Postmaster General and CEO Pat Donahoe announced on March 24 that the Postal Service plans to enact the Reduction in Force (RIF) and Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) processes with the goal of eliminating 7,500 administrative, supervisory, and postmaster positions. Additionally, the Postal Service will cut the number of vice president level officers by 16 percent and eliminate the senior vice president position. Since 2007, the Postal Service has sponsored a number of recruitment and retention initiatives. One initiative identified critical needs in finance, supply management and engineering. Other efforts included the revamping of the Corporate Succession Planning process and the formation of a Leadership Development and Talent Management group in Human Resources. As the Postal Service continues to right size, one question remains: How can it develop a strategy to retain needed talents and attract new ones for its future, especially in a time when it is focusing on cost cutting? What does the Postal Service need to do to retain, develop, and attract future workers? Let us know what you think!


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You can start by giving some of those fools a KNOWLEDGE test,because in our office & dealing w/Eagan, we could tell you some horror stories!! We can't believe those people are actually PAID to make the mistakes they do. And we have to go online to find answers because "no one ever seems to know anything"-they want to collect a paycheck while doing as little ACTUAL work as possible!!
And in the end it ALL seems to fall on us carriers to physically make it happen at whatever cost.
And 1/2 the time it's w/o pay because they can't get payroll right. When they "correct" it,it takes like 6 wks to show up on the check & you need an account to figure out if it's right.
Then there's been cases of receiving a letter of demand because THEY screwed up & payed you wrong but YOU can't see it because it's embedded in THEY'RE time keeping mistake.
Those of us ACTUAL WORKERS see CONSTANT waste around us while important real issues are ignored because someone might have to do a little extra work. :( I have become soooo disillusioned since I was in training. It's NOT what they lead you to believe. But I love what I do & love my customers & love giving customer service :)

the cost i see in our post office is the older career employees that cannot do the job in the evaluated time. the lady i sub for is 70 years old and gets overtime checks weekly. i hate to be selfish but there are younger carriers waiting to do this job and within the evaluated time but the usps is paying carriers like her way more money to do it. forcing some retirement and opening up positions for a younger generation that can do the job without all the overtime would save the usps alot of money.

We have not hired career employees in many years, let's start with that. The craft is who moves the mail. Hire employees at a starting wage, second, offer a retirement option to CSRS employees starting with all EAS to reduce costs, then offer craft employees. Offer 80% of base pay of as the offer date, then we will see our workforce reduction of the highest wage earners. This will reduce total expenses. Five day delivery must be implemented as soon as possible, with special holiday rules in effect, which should be that on the Saturday before one of the 10 holidays, mail should be cased only by carriers who volunteer to work for 4 hours, all routes in the office must be cased. All parcels in office delivered or notified, no outgoing mail processed, the following Tuesday, plant only sends 1st Class and priority mail, sequence mail such as Advo,Redplum,etc.. are moved to Wed/Thur delivery...

That's a curious question for the OIG to ask: "What does the Postal Service need to do to retain, develop, and attract future workers?" Somehow I thought that the OIG's mandate was to shut down the Postal Service, not to focus it on the future.

Many times the only thing that matters is do the numbers look good, what can we do to make them look even better. Instead, we should be looking at, is this WHAT IS THE BEST FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The customer is what is important and seems to have been put way on the back burner. If an individual doesn't touch the mail, then they should be doing something that makes them INDESPENSIBLE or they should be GONE!!

Just like the stop-loss in Iraq caused a shortage of captains. most of the experienced USPS people are departing. Also the dumbing down of the Electronics Technician exam. Is going to leave a severe hole in USPS's ability to respond to the technical aspects of an industry that has gone from personell, to process control, in less than a generation, The majority of Postal management has no idea who W.E. Demming was, nor what his 14 points really mean.

Stop attacking the workers. Stop redundant reports and studies that are falcified anyway. Stop pampering the execs. Stop the wasteful spending. Study the top dogs and ex pmg, they are crooks. Hire enough full time employees to do the job and encourage customers. Management's selfish game has got to stop. We are a service for the American people, not a way for execs to get rich. The pmg makes more money than the vice pres.? What the hell for? Start investigating and return our postal service.

WHY!!!!! would you think managment or anyone else at the top would listen to any of the craft employees, they haven't in all the years I have been with the USPS.....Customer Service is GONE!
The work force is aging, working people in their 50's and 60's 6 days a week for YEARS is taking a toll, people who have NEVER touched a piece of mail, much less deliver any are making decisions from a spread sheet. Flash back on the deal they have with UPS...we delived the last mile alright! for FREE! The pride I once had saying I worked for the Postal Service, has been beat out of me, watching managment (upper & lower)suck the system dry!I do the best job I can for my customers, but! I have given up trying to make changes for even the simplest things! And for that I feel bad, for "the late great postal service"

I am so happy that I left that company years ago ! I can not imagine getting up everydasy to head to work at a place that is quickly going out of business. It was bad when I left but, now it must be HELL !

How can you even discuss keeping quality personnel when the bar has been set lower and lower with each passing year? Now we have region codes because postal employees can no longer sort the mail correctly using zip+4. My own carrier cant even figure out that a letter addressed to John D. at 123 my street is for John Doe at 123 my street apt 2. He's pretty sure its the right place so he throws it on top of the boxes instead of putting it in John Doe's box. Bottom line is if the USPS avoids hiring the lowest common denominator to begin with they wont have to worry about keeping the few good people left. I can't even tell you how many times some lazy lout has quoted me a non-existent regulation to avoid having to do the work.

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We in central eastern NJ started with FSS 3 wks ago and it's a total shambles. We lost 3 routes and too much of that geography was given to the rest of us. They told me they were adding 51 min onto my route but it turns out to be 1 hr, 20 mins! Keep in mind, 3/4 of the route is business and the DPS and FSS can't read business names so it all comes in OUT OF ORDER. adding at least 20 min a day on the road to collate the mail in the correct order. I ask for at least 30 min every day and get refused. Then I call at 3pm and ask again. This getting ridiculous! They promised we could just pick up the mail and deliver it but it doesn't quite work out that way! Every route is overburdened and we are one sad bunch. Inspections will take place in a couple of weeks and they promise to be as restrictive, regimental and underhanded than DPS and FSS. I had fewer mistakes when I cased the whole route! Service to the customer? IT SUCKS! After 24 yrs, I'm searching for a way out.

I was looking back at your prior comments area and wondered how well the postal service met the goals of reduction of 16% of vp level positions and elimination of senior vp position per March 24, 2011 announcement?