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The 2013 holiday season turned out to be a particularly eventful one for e-tailers and the shippers that deliver all those packages to your door.

Factors like fewer than average shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas and an increasing comfort level with online buying helped push holiday e-commerce up significantly. In fact, demand exceeded expectations and stressed shippers’ capacity, causing some late deliveries of their goods.  

Package delivery is clearly a growth industry and the Postal Service expects its piece of that business to rise 6 to 7 percent annually through fiscal year 2017. But is the Postal Service ready for all these packages? Can it meet the growing demand, or is it hampered by a delivery infrastructure that is largely geared toward letters and flats? We recently took a look at the issue and the results were mixed.

Our audit report, Readiness for Package Growth – Delivery Operations, found the Postal Service has done a good job of managing package growth in terms of mail volume and workhours. But it could make some changes to better handle future increases. For example, to-the-door delivery works well but curbside mailboxes were primarily designed for letters, flats, and small parcels, and they can’t easily accommodate multiple or large packages. We suggested the Postal Service look at modifying cluster boxes to accommodate more packages.

We also encouraged the Postal Service to explore investing in shelving space on delivery vehicles to accommodate packages and to continue to develop an advanced dynamic routing system. Dynamic routing analyzes individual addresses to tell the carrier how to get to them more quickly. The tool takes into consideration things like traffic congestion and left-hand turns, both of which can eat up time and fuel. These and other steps outlined in the report should help the Postal Service expand services and increase revenue to meet growing customer demand.

So, what was your experience over the holidays? Were you among the many Americans who bought more gifts online than in previous years? Were your delivery services reliable or did any part of the experience discourage you from future online buying? What changes would you like to see in delivery and returns?


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I've had two packages over the last three months "misplaced". Marking items in the system as "delivered" but never actually reaching my location. This is a fluff piece. The system is broken now. The insurance process stops at "delivered". The proper tools are not being used by postal carriers. We have a standard box and a large package delivery box. the keys to the large package delivery box have been "misplaced". Because my package was misdelivered I can't get my money back from paypal or from the insurance, because its "delivered" in the system.

I know it was misdelivered as there is someone at my home 24 hours a day.

I am running into the same problem. I have called and gone to the post office several times and getting nothing resolved. I finally sat down tonight and wrote a letter to the Inspector General. I am so sick of not getting my mail, or getting letters from my mortgage company saying that my mail was returned to them with a stamp saying undeliverable.....I sure would like to get my tax information but I am just going to hope I get it before I have to figure out what I need and request it again.

I had same thing happen to me. Medication was labeled as delivered and I have no recourse with the Express Scripts the Mail Order Medication Company, They take the word of USPS. When you call USPS they take information and never followed though. The head of Consumer Affairs has no email address and one has to write a letter and then get no response. THE USPS is broken.

I am currently going through the same problem. Express Scripts sent out my son's medication in two separate packages through USPS. Tracking numbers say they've been delivered, but they were never found in his mailbox. One package ended up back in the mail system and sent back to the address of origin. The other has never been located. I was able to have both resent, again two separate packages. The first package arrived at his local post office, was labeled undeliverable, then under suspicious circumstances delivered to his mailbox a week later. The second package has been missing for three days now. It has been very difficult to get ahold of the local post office because they dont answer their phone. I finally spoke to a supervisor who was going to go out to the location of the mailboxes but ended up talking to his carrier instead. This carrier knocked on my son's door and told him that there was not a package in the mail for him on the day the tracking number said it was delivered. I relayed this to the supervisor, gave him the tracking number so he could see for himself, and I have heard nothing since (3days). I will follow up with Consumer Affairs, but my son needs his medication amd Express Scripts is not likely to allow another order to be filled.

I have shipped 4 packages since the 6th of February and three of the 4 were lost. I tried on my own to contact the last post offices on the tracking info to try and track them down myself, you can't get through to a human being if your life depended on it. So I filed a complaint with the Postal Inspector for each package E. Collins was assigned one of them and he was told by the Delivery Supervisor that he believed there was a problem with the address label which made it undeliverable but he would stay on top of it till it was delivered or returned to me. The next morning I got an email from the recipient it was delivered. The second package was a priority mail and was to be delivered two days after it was mailed according to the tracking info the day after it was to be delivered the status changed to package delayed with a delivery date of 2 days later. When the package was finally delivered the box was empty other than a form to be filled out and faxed to the mail recovery department it clearly states on the form the search for your item could take 90 days to complete and there will be no updates and they will only contact you if they need additional information. I refunded the recipient her 540.00 dollars and proceeded to file my claim (which I found out you must wait 15 days to do) I found this out not from the claims page but from the person assigned to the complaint I filed. She offered to contact the mail recovery on my behalf. Why would I want the mishandled item back I'm sure its not in the condition it was shipped. My third package has said out for delivery since the 9th on which I filed a complaint and received an email acknowledgement that they received it and within 3 business days I would either have a response or a resolution, it is the 13th and I have received neither. Yesterday I made the unfortunate mistake of calling customer service to see if I could find out something to tell the recipient who by the way wants their 250.00 refunded. The person I spoke to was making things up and her accent was so strong I couldn't understand a lot of what she was saying I did understand when she said the package will be delivered today. I said oh really so your tracking information is not reliable then, is that correct? She said it is reliable, but it says the package was to be delivered on the 9th and it has been out for delivery ever since. She then tried to back pedal and I asked to speak to a supervisor 1 hour 3 minutes and 54 seconds she came back on the phone trying to act like the supervisor and informed me I would just have to wait to be contacted by whoever is handling the complaint I filed. TODAY still not hearing from anyone I tried calling customer service again and could not get past the automated system so I said I wanted to speak to the Postal Inspector and I was transferred I told whoever answered briefly what was going on and was transferred again to Raul who informed me that all systems had been down since yesterday and to try back later or Tuesday.

I am not satisfied with my service as a USPS customer
Eden M Randolph

Holy crap, what a story! Riveting, but terrible. I just wanted to chime in in regards to the whole automated system they have set up. Recently, when a package disappeared I too attempted to get past the automated system and found it impossible. What made it even more frustrating (and downright CREEPY) was the fact that when I hung up and called back, it asked me "Are you calling about tracking number ******?" So it recorded that I had called and what I had called about, and since it knew what I'd already been told, it basically told me to chill and stop tying up their phone lines. I was not in any way amused by this. I how your customer eventually got her package.

Part of the problem may lie with how the packages are marked, and how much effort is made to get them to the recipient. We had one package noted as "delivery attempted" this fall, dated on a Saturday when our department was closed. The postmaster at our local station agreed it at least should have been sent to our general school address that day or the following Monday, which is where our USPS mail and packages generally are delivered. It's been over two months - no package, no further delivery attempts. Local post office has no idea what happened to it. Fortunately, in our case, the shipper refunded our money, even though it wasn't their fault. The postmaster also admitted that postmen often mark packages as "delivered" as soon as they go into the trucks, whether they are ultimately delivered to the right address or not. That practice should stop, so that insurance problems such as "Eric's" above don't happen, and, one "delivery attempted" shouldn't be the last notation.

Dec 30, 2013
I received a call today today from the USPS. I had filled out information regarding a package that had not been delivered.
The agent advised the tracking number she had was wrong.

The package was mailed from my hometown Post Office in a small Washington State town. I mailed the package on Dec 16th and filled the info out online on the 24th of Dec.

On Christmas Day when I checked again this is the info I had.
December 24, 2013
Depart USPS Sort Facility
December 24, 2013 , 3:36 am
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
December 17, 2013
Depart USPS Sort Facility
KENT, WA 98032
December 17, 2013 , 2:42 am
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
KENT, WA 98032

The package was finally delivered to Fairbanks AK on the 27th of Dec.
The information I received from the USPS Representative was that 2 Day Priority does not not mean 2 day. It means what ever happens they are not responsible. Two Days is what they strive for and they try to get the highest percentage of packages delivered in 2 days. There is no guaranteed of delivery date and there are no refunds for delayed packages.

The agent advised me the delay was due to weather, I told her we had great weather here and she argued with me that no we did not. Then I was told that my mail was delayed due to heavy passenger loads on airplanes. What ever happened to mail contracts on air carriers?
I asked how a package sent from Fairbanks to me on the 17th arrived here on the 23rd. She told me they were lucky!
Mailing a package to Alaska is very expensive, The service received combined with the customer service makes one likely to use another service provider. Another added benefit is there is no cost adjustment or refunds for packages with long delays. I asked since UPS and FEDEX both were working with customers with delivery issues. This is not the case with USPS I was told along with Have a Nice Day!

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do something pro-active for a change.


I have been having an issue with my local post office in Dayton, Ohio (Westtown branch). I've had to call and complain on FIVE different issues in the past two months. I've had to call them about attempted delivered items that were never been delivered on days when my company was clearly open. They have delivered and LEFT Christmas gifts outside of my company on closed days. The manager of that post office was called and was asked not to leave items outside when the company is closed. We were assured it would never happen again. GUESS WHAT!!! IT HAPPENED AGAIN. THIS THE THIRD TIME. Result...Christmas gift stolen...gift out of stock..item can not replace. I'm EXTREMELY upset. I will NEVER order online again because of USPS. I will make sure my items are delivered from UPS. I would like a response from corporate on this matter.

To answer your question, NO, the USPS can't deliver the goods!

I sent an envelope (a Christmas card) on December 17th from Brookfield, OH and it arrived in Torrington , CT today (1/2/2014)! Seriously? One envelope? It takes that long?

Just switched all of my accounts to paperless and will never use the USPS again! Thankfully there are alternative who actually can deliver on their promises!

The federal government needs to shut you down...it's ridiculous!

I mailed a package 12/16/2013 at our small town post office. Gifts for grandchildren in Cheyenne Wy. Well they haven't gotten them yet. I may of put the wrong zip code on it, I notice the receipt on the 22nd of Dec. (3 days after it should of been delivered) the zip code is 92009 instead of 82009. What a mess!! I did get a live person the day I called the 800 number you know the customer service and have a case number. But the package is going back and forth between California and Denver. I can't believe in this day and age this can't be fixed. When will a human eye see the package and correct it? How long will this package go back and forth? This would be an interesting study for someone. Maybe I should contact Michael Moore. I don't know what to do. The customer service stinks why have phones if no one answers even the worse businesses will put you on hold for a couple of hours when now a days everything is measured by time. Time on the cell phone, time on internet etc, etc. Is there any hope out there that it will get straight?

Seems like the USPS is overwhelmed. Maybe they should separate letters from boxes because there is too much volume and it really involves a different approach to each. If it can't fit in a mail box, should it still be handled by the same mail sorters and carriers that handle letters and large envelopes? Look how efficient UPS and Fed Ex are; they seldom have the kinds of problems that USPS has. I went into the PO in Myrtle Beach on New Year's Eve and January 2. The estimated wait time was 20-30 minutes to reach the desk. There you go. The model of inefficiency. My little mail fraud issue will have to take another route which brings up a very serious aspect of today's problems. Evil is coming on stronger and stronger and seems to be completely out of control. Not only is the USPS apparently under-staffed in the customer service department, but when was the last time someone was convicted of mail fraud? I've got two "Sweepstakes" letters that are as fraudulent as a counterfeit $20. These acts of fraud, I believe, are the starting gate to swindle the elderly out of their life savings. I don't think we can depend on the USPS or law enforcement to stop this kind of abuse. Somehow, We the People are going to have to organize and rid our society of the miserable scum in other countries that are constantly causing problems in our great country.

Thanks for sharing your shipping experiences during the holidays with us. If you posted a complaint, we’ve forwarded that information to our Hotline. If you provided an email address in your user profile, the Hotline will be in contact with you. If your complaint was about a delivery problem, we forwarded your complaint to your local USPS Office of Consumer Affairs for follow-up.

If you didn’t include an email address, we encourage you to contact your local USPS Consumer Affairs office. You can find your local office by doing a search here https://ribbs.usps.gov/locators/find-cam.cfm. If you believe your package was stolen, please file a complaint with our office at http://www.uspsoig.gov/hotline.

I manage the shipping for a small Mom & Pop sausage shop in Cleveland, Ohio. I shipped over 400 Priority Mail packages during the 2013 holiday season and had many delivery complaints. Delivery times were not 2 days as advertised, but many instances of 5-10 days. These delays threaten to completely destroy our entire shipping business. Since we are shipping a perishable product which can last 3-4 day without refrigeration these delays cause customers to ask for a refund. The USPS has total responsibility for these delays yet we end up paying the penalties. The "$50 Included Insurance" is a joke as it only take effect if a shipment is lost or destroyed. We end up paying for the shipping twice since we pay the Post Office for the original shipping then pay the customer a refund for the shipping. Many times we have to replace a shipment that arrives late. For every shipment that we have to replace or refund costs us the profit on 10 successful shipments. Financially this is a losing proposition for us. We have no control over the package when it leaves our hands but bear the entire burden for your delays.

The costs increase and the service deteriorates! You tout two day Priority Mail service for many areas and then it takes four to eight days o arrive without weather problems. First Class packages and flats are even worse, with some taking close to two weeks to reach their destination. You proclaim better scanning for tracking? Not so here in the Carlsbad/San Diego area. Our local Post Office fails to scan many packages on pickup and then fails to scan at the PO before the package goes out. 4 out of 5 packages picked up on January 27 were not scanned; one still remains totally unsxcanned over 21 hours after being picked up. Interim scanning is terrible and often we have no idea where a package is for four or five days ubtil it is delivered. Sometimes there is no delivery scan so we don't even know if the package was delivered at all without calling the recipient. On an incoming package, the local Post Office had it out for delivery for two days erroneously and if my spouse had not called, it would have remained on the same metrry-go-round and out for delivery on the wrong route again. The "supervisor" found it was in the "wrong bin" and told her to come in to get it or it would be put in the correct place for next day delivery. Interesting that the tracking was revised so the "out for delivery" disappeared as not to make the local PO look stupid. Nice covering someones backside? Why can FedEx and UPS do a better job on many packages and deliver on time than the USPS? And in many cases for less money? Sadly, we will have to move to their services if we can't rely on the Postal Service. Get rid of the dead wood and get moving. Just because you have warm bodies at the Post Office does NOT mean they are doing their job!

I have had multiple issues with USPS not making an effort to deliver my items.Several times i checked online for status updates and was told notice was left at door because nobody was home.Both times i was home all day and nobody rang the doorbell or knocked.I ordered another item and it is stuck on Electronic Shipping Info Received for the last week.Never was scanned and i have no idea where it's at.I contacted them by e-mail yesterday and am still waiting for a reply.Could be days before i find out what happened to the item i ordered.I will never order anything by USPS again.I get the feeling that the post office is filled with lazy people that would rather sit and do nothing than put forth the effort to work.Maybe that is why my mail does not get delivered until 6:30 at night.The USPS needs to start firing people that are lazy.There are plenty of people out of work that care about doing a good job.

Our concern is the late evening delivery of our mail. We had noticed the mail carrier out delivering mail around 9:00 pm a few nights. Another concern is the online tracking. According to the online tracking, my parcel was out for delivery at 8:00 am on Thursday morning. The attempt to deliver was made Friday night at 8:00 pm. This is 36 hours after telling me that my parcel is out for delivery. This is very frustrating when the USPS cannot be relied upon anymore.

The claims department with USPS is incompetent and appear to be overworked already. If they can't handle the business they do have without such a higher number of claims, how can they take on more.

For my whole saga see:

The letter I am sending today after yet another form letter showing a complete lack of review and understanding of my actual claim:

Update: Mosinee wisconsin residents alert:
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I have had packages and mail delivered to my neighbors. I even had one package shown as delivered on the USPS website, but it wasn't delivered until the next afternoon. I have had another package where the website showed out for delivery when it wasn't delivered that day. The next day the status was unable to deliver as addressed, it was delivered the same day. Not a week goes by that I will not get someone else's mail. I have even received mail that should have been delivered to my doctor's office which is no where near my home. But, today was the kicker. I sent a letter certified mail on 2/14/14. My receipt shows an estimated delivery date of 2/18, but the letter didn't arrive until 2/18/14. Two weeks to deliver a letter that I could have delivered myself in less than 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours. I live in Waldorf, MD and the letter was only going to Baltimore, MD which is less than 2 hrs away. When I saw the tracking, I was amazed. The letter went from Waldorf to 2 other cities before it got to Baltimore. Then from Baltimore back through another city before coming back Waldorf. It then went back through the 2 other cities before getting back to Baltimore to be delivered 2 weeks after I mailed it. That's crazy.

Post Person & post office in O Fallon, MO 63366 refuses to deliver my certified or registered mail. They leave sorry we missed you card - I have signed the back of the card and put it back in my mail box, the next day they just tossed the junk mail on top of the card. I requested several times for redelivery, I get a new date and still I don not receive it. I have complained to the post office carrier supervisor. She stated that the post person said that I answer my door in my underwear (this is not true- I answered the door one time when they knocked & I had just got out of the shower - I HAD A BATH WRAP ON!- the other times I had swim trunks on! I was informed that they did not need to deliver my mail because I did not have a shirt on. (I guess they go blind during the summer) I informed them that I am disabled and that there is no way for me to get to the post office to pick up my mail ( SO MUCH FOR MY RIGHT OF ACCESSIBILITY.) I was to have a re-delivery of my mail today 03/07/2014 & I got dressed up in shirt & pants and waited- the post person did not deliver my mail!

My brother just received a box that was mailed to me in Seattle on December 12th Priority mail returned to him crushed and "not claimed", although we never found a slip in our mailbox telling us to claim it. A relative who lives in a suburb near here just posted a photo of a crushed Priority mail Christmas present that she received this week. Coincidence? I don't think so...

Insurance problem:
On 4/10/14 I sold an item on line for $200.00 (which should establish the current value) and shipped it Priority mail and paid additional for insurance. I was notified a few days later that the item was broken in transit. I submitted an insurance claim on line on 4/13/14, and the claim was approved on 4/29/14. I received a letter and a check a few days later from USPS. Stating that my claim had been approved, it said "However, it has been paid at a lesser amount" a check was enclosed for $100.00. No explanation of why only half of my claim was paid. I submitted an appeal on line on 5/2/14, over a month has past and have still heard nothing from them about the appeal. I tried calling the number given on line to check the status of the appeal 3 calls were made, the first one said the expected wait time was over 88 minutes, the shortest time stated of the 3 calls was 74 minutes. I am at my wits end trying to get this problem resolved, you purchase their product in good faith and get very poor service. I am sending a note to my House & Congress representatives today in hopes they will be able to help, However I doubt it.

Same old bologna.

I have a tracking number. AS usual my package ( now waiting 3 months ) has a valid tracking number.

The post office says it went back to the shipper. The shipper says it did not,

the post office is of ZERO help.

they claim the tracking number i gave them is NO GOOD. Which is funny cause I seem to have no problem tracking it myself.

My package ( which of course i paid good money for ) is lost somewhere.

The post office stands behind the ( bad tracking number ) ... which is complete crap.

Time for a whole new system.

Seems like they NEVER lose a power bill.... but when its something of value now all of a sudden its a problem.

Amen to that!!!!!!!!


When I dropped my package off at my local post office, care was used in
handling my package by the postal employee. The employee carefully
picked up the package and carefully placed it down. Whenever I received
packages from my postal employee, care is used in handling my packages.
They are never thrown to the ground or tossed for me to catch. I
assumed that care would always be utilized whenever a package is
handled and at any point from drop off to its destination point. My
package WAS packaged properly for normal postal handling. I had two
separate boxes inside of a third box for God's sake. Not only did I
package both antique roll boxes well in separate boxes for normal
postal handling, but I also placed both of the separate packages in
another box. I did this for the unseen factor of possible mishandling.
Unfortunately, both antique roll boxes were damaged and at the same
exact spot. I specifically remember rotating the two inside packages so
that they were not in the same orientation. As a result, each handle
would be at opposite ends of the outer box. For both roll boxes to be
damaged signifies that BOTH ENDS of the package had to have some type
of trauma. Somehow between drop off and delivery the roll boxes were
damaged and can't be replaced due to the rarity of the two boxes. The
person that paid $1,000 for these expected them to arrive in the same
condition as I packed them, as did I. That's why I had it insured for
what they paid for it in case it didn't arrive as I packaged them up.
Nowhere have I seen just how the postal system handles packages behind
closed doors. So how am I to know just how much bubble wrap I need to
use? I used a system inside of another system for double protection of
my precious antique. Now, it is not as precious and my customer is
upset with the damage as I am. My customer said he thinks it can be
somewhat fixed for $300. That's all I was asking for, even though it was insured for more, and it was denied. I appealed and it was denied again. Recently, I used Fedex to ship an antique crock and didn't place any insurance on it. It was broke in transit. I started a claim not knowing if anything would be covered. They paid for the item and also the shipping costs. Now THAT is what I call service.

I have repeatedly had packages not show tracking information after shipped. I have even had Pre-shipping information show in tracking after the item was shipped two days after shipping like it wasn't even in the system yet! Packages have even been delivered before tracking shows up and many times the day its being delivered it tracks! The USPS you would think after all the years they have been doing this would be the ones to envy as time has been a learning lesson! NOPE not so, if anything every time the USPS changes something anything to supposedly make it better,the whole system goes crazy! What good is tracking that we can't track?! What good does it do to pay for services repeatedly that USPS can' deliver on?! I think it's time to privatize the USPS and save the tax payers a lot of money!

Audubon postal office is not professional loses mail delivers us others mail and needs to be looked at

Please file a complaint with our offices online at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form. By completing this form it will provide our offices with the critical information needed to look into a matter such as this.
Thank you.

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General

What USPS needs to do is to bring back moral and good service to their employees. It used to be very good and they were proud of their excellent service. I just got a delivery notice stating that nobody was home. At the time, 5 people were home, which meant that the guy was lazy enough not to ring the bell. If I pay to get an item delivered to my door step and the mailman doesn't do that, that's the same as being robbed. Now I have to spend my money and time to finish his/her job. This is the US and we are better than that. Shame on you!

Hello Will,

We are sorry to hear about this occurrence. If you could please file a complaint online at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form, it will provide our offices with the critical information needed to look into this matter.

Thank you.

U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General

I'd like someone to explain this to me. I live in Brookings. I brought packages to a local drug store on Saturday, the 20th, and dropped them off around 3 in the afternoon. I paid for Priority Mail (not PM Express), and the expected delivery date on all 4 packages was Monday. Not surprisingly, all but one are apparently still sitting here in Brookings. But 2 of them show this on the tracking info:

December 22, 2014 , 12:01 am

Your item was accepted at 12:01 am on December 22, 2014 in BROOKINGS, SD 57006. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

December 20, 2014 , 7:17 pm
Arrived at USPS Origin Facility .

I have called twice and chatted online with customer service reps, and no one can tell me why these items are all sitting in Brookings, though they were apparently sent to Sioux Falls the same day I dropped them off. I made it a point to get gifts for my parents and sisters mailed by the suggested Dec. 20th deadline, in the hopes that they'd receive them BEFORE Christmas. Now delivery is showing the day after Christmas, which normally wouldn't be a big deal, but it's now very likely that the bread and cookies I made as gifts will be stale or otherwise not good. According to your own Priority Mail map, my area is only supposed to take 2 days, possibly 3. Even if I accept that my packages sat somewhere for 2 days before being mailed, they should still be delivered on Christmas Eve, assuming they left Brookings yesterday (which they have not yet, according to the tracking info online). Next year, I will spend the extra money for UPS, and not rely on the post office.


I sent a message to the email you provided with the number to the Sioux Falls USPS Office of Consumer Affairs. This situation would best be handled by their office.

Thank you for your comment.

OIG Blog Moderator

Rachel, I hear you loud and clear. This year I have had 3 packages sent from my local Post Office by Priority Mail. Each and every one of them took between 5 to 7 days for delivery to the recipient. I have complained by phone to the Post Office General's office, I have sent an email request for a refund (with detailed information as they request) and I have never heard a thing back; NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL!!! Now whenever possible, I will use UPS. Unfortunately, when you send something in a "ready post envelope, you have no choice but to use the local post office; that is why I sent it Priority this time; it was to have arrived on Dec. 22nd and as of the 24th is it still sitting in Fayetteville, NC - And the post office wonders why they are losing customers and money.

My post office on Pickett Street in Alexandria, VA keeps claiming no one is home - (I have an all day nanny) and my husband is off Mon & Tues) or claim they deliver packages and don't For over 2 years every month I have anywhere from 1-4 problems with them. They never return calls or claim they don't have a package at the office even after I get several notices saying its available for pick up. This past week they lost 2 packages. There is no excuse. At this point seems to me they don't do their job and go off sleeping somewhere or steal the packages. No one does a thing even after filing numerous complaints. WHole office needs to be fired.

Please file a complaint with our Hotline regarding this matter. You can do so at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form or by calling 1-888-877-7644.

Thank you,
OIG Blog Moderator

I have filled out the form and waiting as I always have to wait. I am beyond fed up. The number they transferred my to is same number I have called and still waiting a call back.

I send a message to the email you provided with further information regarding your complaint.
Thank you,
OIG Blog Moderator

I have a package caught in a black hole in Raleigh, NC. It has the wrong zip code. The campground I'm staying in made a typo on their literature so I gave my shipper the wrong zip. I've been getting tracking updates every day. It's a 3 day priority mail package and it's been 14 days. The last 11 days it has been tracking every day as "Leaving Raleigh" with the new date and aa new time so it's getting scanned but every day it is leaving Raleigh but it never actually leaves Raleigh.

I have finally had a really responsive customer service person, Deborah, and she said she will get to the bottom of it. She gave me a case # hq121006915. She gives me confidence it will be fixed but I am leaving the area on Wednesday morning, 1/7/2015 so if it doesn't come by then I don't know what I can do. This is a package of forwarded mail and it includes a couple of my prescription medicine refills.

I hope it works out.

My package is being sorted at the local PO and should be here today or tomorrow. 17 days for priority 3 day mail but it WAS NOT the post office fault because of the wrong zip bit I do think the amount of time should still have been much less but for now.... HHOOOOO RAAAAY!

A friend mailed a package to me on November 29th from a UPS Store and sent US Mail. The zip code was wrong. It was 77008 instead of 77088. At least its all in Houston. The problem being that it was sent 1st class mail and thus no tracking number. I have called both local post offices numerous times since December 10th. Each time I was told it should be rerouted within the next couple of days through the central processing facility. When I asked for the number to the central processing facility, I was told that I could only call the local post office where it should be sent and ask them to be on the lookout for it. Just be patient since its the holiday season and we're very busy. This is quite frustrating since the two post offices are probably withing 20 miles of each other. If someone could just tell be where in the city of Houston it might be, I will be happy to drive there to get it myself.

Hello Greg,

Thank you for contacting our offices. Please call and file a complaint with the Houston office for the U.S. Postal Service Office of Consumer Affairs at (713) 226-3442 so they can look into this matter further.

Pre holiday I had an issue of receiving four different neighbor's mailings to my physical box while also missing personal mail important to me as my title of my vehicle, still missing as of this date. I've phoned the USPS, sharing with the that we're experiencing many new mail carriers on our route and that the mails are beings placed within the wrong boxes and or not delivered at all. The USPS has given me up to this date three different Case Numbers, sharing with me that an individual shall call me Monday to discuss. Many a Monday's later, three Case Numbers and another item lost as of yesterday that the Tracking Number say's delivered I'm still waiting upon some answers. Please help, please please help. Thank You!

Hello Eddie,

We thank you for contacting our offices and we apologize for this inconvenience. In order for our offices to begin looking into this matter, please file a complaint online at https://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form.

As well, if you provide us with your postal code we can give you the contact information for local USPS Consumer Affairs Office.

I had a package shipped from Lawersonville, GA to Bladenboro, NC priority 2-day delivery the package was right on schedule until its departure from the Fayetteville, NC USPS in which it has been in transit for 2 days now, I have called my local USPS and asked if they had received the package and maybe it was misplaced there is no reason that my package should still be in transit when it left the facility at 4:58 am 2 days ago and it is only a 45 min drive from where I actually live and the local office has had 5 truck deliveries since it's departure, I am getting increasingly upset about this matter if I can receive a package from Japan in 3 days why can't I receive this very important package that was mailed alot closer in a reasonable time frame, I needed the package by today for a business conference and now I am just stuck the local office offers no help in trying to hell me locate the package at all.


Thank you for contacting our offices and we truly apologize for the inconveniences that you have experienced so far. The role of the USPS Office of Inspector General is to investigate waste, theft, fraud and abuse within the Postal Service (USPS).

Please contact your local Postal Service Consumer Affairs office at (704) 424-4422 or (404) 765-7702, so they can look further into this matter for you.

As well, if you still would like to file a complaint with our offices, you can do so on our hotline at www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form and we can forward your issue to the appropriate department.

It is March 2015. The USPS itself told me with all the kindness in the world that 1st Class Parcel Post simply does not give a hoot in outer space. They'll get your package to you, yeah, right, whenever the lazy bones decides to throw it into a delivery truck. IF he decides to put it in--and then you can depend on it being stuck at your nearest major sorting hub for nearly a week. But I think we need to look at a couple of things: 1) Lazy senders who want to pay 50 cents and expect three-day delivery. 2) Idiots (cheapskates) who forgot Priority thus sending it spiraling down the john. 3) People who still think the letter carriers read and hand-sort every piece of mail on the route when they barely know where they are and mail is pre-sorted before they get in to work. 4) Anyone ever heard of UPS? They don't break or lose stuff any more often than USPS.

m from saudi arabia..I got one parcel was returned to sender due to some typo error on the building number...and I requested for the redelivery ..they usps scheduled.on the 2nd of march but until now I havent received the item...I.send a lot on the emails on.the customer service but until now answer from them..And As.of this.moment I dont know whereabout if my parcel....please.help.me