Should the Postal Service be allowed to freely award employees for a job well done? The Postal Service operates as a businesslike entity, but it is also part of the government. Appearances count — particularly in tough economic times. The Postal Service has an interest in recruiting and retaining talented employees to remain competitive, but what is appropriate? Competitors of the Postal Service are free to award employees with pricey gifts, tickets to major events, conferences held at resorts and other perks. These are rarely subject to scrutiny by Congress or provoke significant comment in the media. The Postal Service also uses incentives to reward employees for good job performance. While most Postal Service awards have been modest, Postal Service managers have authorized designer watches, espresso machines, global positioning systems, box seat tickets to sporting events, and personal computers as awards for their employees. [poll id=39] [poll id=40] Tell us what you think about spending of this type. Is this acceptable spending for the Postal Service? How should the Postal Service recognize employees' good performance during these tough economic times? This topic is hosted by the OIG’s Suspicious Expenditures team.

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  • anon

    The common theme here is definitely that HQ has way too many layers of management, Jack Potter has outlived his usefulness at USPS and that there are some very diligent people in the Postal Server from HQ all the way to the branch offices. Potter and gang is taking advantage of the current downturn to undermine the bargaining unit and cut offices and delivery to where there will not be a recovery. This undermining of union positions happens while they increase spending on outsourced labor which is ultimately much more expensive.

    Sep 18, 2009
  • anon

    I am currently a Supervisor and I agree with most of what you are all saying. I think i was crazy to think about moving up. What to do about an abusive postmaster? What to do about the giant amount of worthless reports?? I have asked them this question time and time - why not get back to basics and just deliver the mail. Do you really need 20 different reports daily to tell you whats going on? We need to get rid of some of the upper management. The supervisors are the ones doing all the work. The managers just hand down the work and the postmaster just call and rip into you because the manager did not do a report. My postmaster is abusive - rude - and a bully. She needs to go away. She needs to be put as a grounds keeper - let her yell and scream and treat the grass like poo. I am at my wits end in dealing with her abuse. Where do i go? The MPOO right the poo is just coming from him - and do we really need that many MPOO's? Chop up their jobs too. And why do the city carriers have to be so draining of the post office? Why so many rules and regs? The Post office is stupid in allowing the unions to become so stong. We had to pay one carrier a $1100 grievinene on something the past supervisor did and it probably took him 20 hours of OT to do the paperwork. Come on - get real - the UNIONS are killing the post office. OK i am done for now - but there is alot wrong with the post office and I have been there for 22 years and counting.

    Nov 09, 2009
  • anon

    I remember one award I got was a gift card to a restauraunt chain. I took my wife. We enjoyed our meal. But when I presented the card, it had almost no value whatsoever. It turns out they waited so long to give out the cards, their value had "withered". I wound up paying cash. My wife said, "I don't know what was sadder. That the card was bad, or you knew to stop at an ATM before we dared to use that card." Fast forward to recent times. I am now in a position to put others in for awards. I spent a lot of time to polish the narrative for this person's award. When I hit submit, the screen said "The awards program has been temporarily suspended" There was no advance warning! The really funny part is, if you figure out the hourly rate, I spent more on the process, that the award would have been worth. Instead of motivating us, the award program is just another proof of how hopelessly screwed up we are!

    Dec 14, 2009
  • anon

    The USPS is going the same way as GM. Management. Trying to take advantage of all the perks they can take. Undermining the employees, Union busting, and not being held accountable for bad decision that cost Hundred of Millions of Dollars a year.

    Apr 21, 2010
  • anon

    In almost 30 years, I got an apple for Christmas once, and a SMALL candy cane once. Other than pin-awards for years or safe driving, zilch. I think I am a good employee. I know of several co-workers that definitely qualify for SOMETHING! Are these awards basically given out among managers??? You award me, I'll award you??? But what I would PREFER, is RESPECT and humane treatment, on a day to day basis. Employees that are treated with respect will, BELIEVE ME, do better and safer work for their company.

    Apr 05, 2011
  • anon

    According to me, we should appreciate our employes this will give honor to them and they will pay extra attention towards their works.

    Jun 30, 2011
  • anon

    If a person has no quality but he has dedication towards his work then appreciation and giving award increases his passion towards work. So this is necessary.

    Jul 05, 2011
  • anon

    If any organization wants its growth then appreciation is necessary. Instead of scolding an employee for doing wrong, make him/her understand with patience and appreciate while doing good. It will not only boost up the employee but also increases your goodwill in his/her manner.

    Jul 06, 2011
  • anon

    I am glad to found your blog. I am always confused about the concept of postal services. You described about it very well. I have learned something new from this blog. Thanks for sharing. Looking for more in the future.

    Jul 15, 2011
  • anon

    Love to participate here cause this site is really awesome, I was looking for such a site for many days. Hope this site will give us much more in future.

    Nov 04, 2011
  • anon

    No...USPS employees are paid too much now, for the work they do, which for some (not all) employees, is shoddy, careless, irresponsible handling of all US mail. With packages being sent and getting damaged enroute, and stuffed inside these damaged envelopes\packages are these nice, sweet USPS notes of apology for damaging my mail/package....and when the contents of my packages disappear enroute, no one wants to try to locate my items for me. Did they just trash them if a package becomes torn? Do they just toss my items instead of repackaging them and send them on to their intended destinations? No....just recently, I sent a package, Priority Mail (for whatever that means) to my sister in Raleigh, NC...I found out that she received it damaged, minus all the contents inside save for 1 book. This 1 book was not in the padded envelope in which I shipped the had been placed inside another padded envelope and a plain, white label with her name and address written on it slapped onto this padded envelope. She said it was not my handwriting...and, the envelope contained the 1 book I sent plus the little sweet, apology note that USPS always sends when a package is damaged. And how and why do damages incur? Because USPS employees fail to do their job as they should, totally irresponsible and without due consideration to the priceless contents inside a package that a customer has sent. Now---will I be able to locate the rest of the contents of that padded envelope I sent? I seriously doubt it. I have filed a complaint but have no hopes that my items will be found. Not sure exactly when or where the damaged envelope occurred, I have speculated that two post offices in Raleigh, NC MAY be to blame--but there is no proof. Meantime, my lost articles are God knows where in the system. And for this "careful handling" I must pay for a price increase? I think not. I have sent 5 packages this year alone and all were damaged, with some of the contents intact, others had zero contents. And the USPS wants a pat on the back and be given raises? No, no, no!!

    Nov 05, 2013


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