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Undercover Boss,” a CBS show that began airing in February, follows Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) as they go undercover to work primarily in lower-level positions in their own companies. Beyond its entertainment value, the episodes have exposed a significant disconnect between senior management and employees. While featured CEO’s have not recently, if ever, worked in entry-level positions in their companies; in contrast, the Postal Service has a proud history of promoting from within. Many of its current officers have carried mail, sold stamps, or worked in mail processing plants. Yet, based on the comments posted on Pushing the Envelope, there is a “suggested” disconnect between postal management and its employees. Postal employees often say their managers fail to communicate various corporate policies to them, fail to listen to their comments and suggestions, and fail to understand how corporate policies ultimately affect field operations. If you think there is a disconnect between managers and employees at the Postal Service, what is the root cause? Can it be fixed? Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions? We’d like to hear from you. This topic is hosted by the OIG’s Risk Analysis Research Center (RARC).


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It would be funny to watch some upper management get harrassed by PMs!

Having upper mangagement come to offices to work the front lines and see how things are is so overdue. I would be more than willing to volunteer my office to have Potter spend the day here. I think he would be in for a surprise. I think it would be the only way things would change, since they would be filling out the countless reports and checklists, micromanaging clerks, and finding time to doo all that is asked of us.

every carrier supervisor and pm's should be required to carry mail 2 weeks each year, once in the summer and once in the winter. every clerk supervisor and pm's should have to work the window from open to close several mondays a year, plus a couple days of early starts to breakdown and distribute the incoming mail... the unions should find a way to allow this to occur.

Management is no good us on the field. The majority of them in the Southwest Area turn to management because they could not take working in the field deliving mail or other craftwork. They spent to much time trying to make work for themselves.We don't need management the computers do the work. We carriers only need management to stop delaying the to the units just to make their numbers.

The problem with the Postal Management is BONUS need to go and they are not able to run a business as they came up from the ranks with NO business experience.

Another topic
You know I'm right!

The reason why these managers are not in the work force is because they were too lazy to do craft work . They have no reason to go back . Most of management is incompetent , ask anyone who actually moves the mail. As far as these OIG blogs , they are a total waste .

The disconnect is because of PFP. The bosses don't care about the bottom line, they don't care about using common sense, they only want to make the numbers so they can get their bonus.

This is essential to our survival. It must be initiated in an organized, orchestrated fashion to become successful. Conversely, the disconnect between managment, craft and customers is the cancer that leads to our demise. The Letter Carrier and the Window Clerk sees the solutions. Everything else is just support...


Don't delay.

I'm in an office that is less problematic than mail delivery or other offices. I have worked at several other Federal agencies, but they were nothing like the PO. Other Federal agencies work with their employees i.e. flexible work hours, telework, no time clocks, etc.

At the PO there is so much distrust. They act like employees are out to screw them. They always question FMLA, sick leave, etc. It's not that way at other Federal agencies. I just don't get it.

One of the biggest problems I saw was supervisors, MDO's, and plant managers that had no communication skills. It doesn't matter if you have every degree that there is if you can't carry on the most basic conversation with another person. Also management needs to get away from this idea that they are better than someone else because of their title. Everyone needs to work together. I realize someone needs to be in charge, and if these in charge people would just learn how to work WITH people, they would get the respect that they should have. Respect is not demanded, it is EARNED.

The only way to fix our problems,is to cut management positions by 30%.Cut L'enflent Plaza positions by 50%.Go back to semi self management.And let the workers say how the work should get done.

How long do you suppose delivery in the dark winter evenings would last, if a higher up was unfortunate enough to be delivering mail at 6pm?

Upper level management worked as lower level PM's in a different era...so much has changed in the last 10 years that they really do not know what the job has become. 6 days a week, 10 - 12 hour days were unheard of and have now become commonplace. City carriers with 6 hours on the street were rare, now it is a "light" route. Things have changed at the grass roots level and they don't understand it.

work in the plants....YES! On TV.....a reluctant NO. The big problem is doing this in such a way that it does not interfere with the daily work, {no setting up a dog-and-pony show that does'nt reflect what really happens daily} and actually gets the message across to the higher-ups about how they need to join reality.

This is so funny. This is a good idea and been around for decades. I have said this since when I first came in the door. The OIG has to now get this idea from a television show? LOL

Guess that shows the "disconnect" between the workroom floor and our Leadership.

Here's another good one I have talked about since the 1980's.

Each and every employee of the Postal Service Management team who is responsible for contracting, designing, approving projects, engineering, etc... work as a craft employee 30 days out of every year.

Every time new equipment is put out in the field from a simple letter tray to advance machines it becomes apparent at the outset that there was no thought given to the real conditions and demands needed.LOL

Unlike with most corporate leaders, most USPS Senior executives started out in entry level clerk or carrier positions. This seems far less relevant for the Postal Service.

More to my previous email. The PO has too many chiefs and not enough Indians (no pun intended). We are short 4 mechanics and 1 clerk and their filling the management positions. What's up with that??? If we are short craft, then why do we need to fill the management positions??? Why aren't the OIG's looking into this?

Watch the waste management one again. Pay attention to the two fats guys on the right side of the table as they get up. They look at each other and towards the camera with a look of hate at what they had just heard.
Each show shows one person getting promoted and others ideas trying to be considered.
Do you honestly think that handicaped gal that came out with a note telling the undercover boss how great her trashpickup women was was not done in advance? No one has a paper praising someone just sitting around waiting for the camera to show up..nice show for the public but nothing is going to change - it is all for show. Having Potter sort mail will not change anything.

Sirs, the issue with managerial confidence is not vested in their labor employees but their managers and their own hiring practices. Generations of postal managers have managed only to " make the figures no matter what" (see yearly grievance figures in two areas, payout and repetitiveness).In addition, there is so much patronism, cronyism and buddy system involved in the you cover my back and I'll cover yours that nobody has any real idea of what the actual figures are. Upper level managers distrust the middle level managers bacause they know that the middle level managers will do the same thing that they did to make sure that they get promoted and the middle level managers feel the same about the lower level managers for the same reasons; an so the constant cover-up continues.
Bottom line, the promotional system desperately needs an overhaul to bring back accuracy and integrity into not only the reporting system, but back to the field level for the employees. If not the "free for all" will continue

I remember the times when the postal inspectors would go undercover to investigate theft and drug dealing at our facility. We learned to be suspicious because here comes these "new hires" who seem to know too much about operations.

That being said, I think it could be an eye-opening experience for some big bosses to come down into the trenches. But, they need to experience the real life of a rank and file worker:

1. They need to call in sick once and then be threatened with discipline. They need to be ordered to bring doctor's notes for 1 day's absence. Experience attendance control from the worker's perspective.

2. They need to be forced to work alone on the DBCS, and then to get harassed when they don't clear jams fast enough.

3. They need to have their schedule changed weekly, from tour 2 to tour 1 to tour 3, different days off, different duties (yes, they are doing that to full time regulars in bid jobs)

4. They need to be forced into a different schedule on holiday periods, so management can avoid paying overtime to them.

5. They need to be with a group of folks who receive excessing (from section or installation, take your pick) then go to the cafeteria to see EAS big wigs having a private Mardi-Gras Steak barbecue.

6. They need to be forced to work with mentally disturbed nuts, and with people (and supervisors) who speak unintelligible English.

7. They need to be expected to step up and do the work that lazy ill or injured people aren't doing, (while being told they aren't needed and are going to be excessed).

8. They need to work in a facility that has no security to ensure the safety of the employees or sanctity of the mails. At my plant, doors are left unlocked (doors leading directly to the street) so that EAS upper mahogany row types don't have to use the employee entrance. Knowing a criminal, terrorist, or mentally deranged person could just walk right in off the street and create a disaster area here doesn't affect the bosses who are behind locked and monitored doors. But we know, and we know that something bad could happen on any given day. (And yes, the OIGs have been informed that we here are concerned, but I don't think anyone in that office cares one bit)

9. They need to know that if they get hurt, or need a couple weeks of light duty, they will just be sent home.

I have serious doubts that upper level management ever had the mental and physical ability to do what the workers do day in and day out. That's why they are upstairs. I have seen the utter incompetence that to them doesn't affect their work environment, but is inconvenient and sometimes devastating to the people who actually move the mail.

Would they learn something by being down in the trenches with us? Yes, they would learn that they couldn't do what we do everyday. They may have some transient empathy, but as soon as they get back in their suits and skirts, get a fresh manicure, and dust the paper dust off themselves, they will forget that it is we who make the USPS successful. Not the bean counters who go from meeting to meeting and spend their time sucking up to Area and Headquarters.

The TV show is nothing more than good PR for the companies profiled and entertainment. Part of the solution to our problem is to go back to the business model of allowing each level of the company to do the job they are paid to do. Let Postmasters hire. Let managers actually manage their stations. Let carriers do what you pay them $52,000 a year to do. Reduce the ratio of management to craft. Every level of the Post Office distrusts the level underneath them. A manager can't do anything without approval from their boss "downtown". Managers are paid around $80K a year and aren't allowed to make simple decisions such as bringing in an ODL carrier on their day off to prevent contractual violations. Empower the employees. Hold everybody accountable. Reduce the number of management personnel. We'd be headed in the right direction.

Having the boss go undercover for a few days would do nothing. They would need to be there for at least a few months to get the full effect of the ridiculous things that we have to deal with. Management treats us like we are criminals and hold us to standards of perfection that are absurd. Except for the delivery of mail. They LOVE the people that run even though they do a horrible job, misdelivering mail and parcels and driving like maniacs but harrass the carriers who do a good job and care about their customers and their mail. But when they make a mistake and we grieve it watch out! There is WAY to much management in the postal service which becomes obvious when you look at the stupid ideas they come up with. They make a basically simple job (I didn't say easy)complex with everything they do. At our office they just implemented again this little cardboard tray with separations in it so we can separate our mail into it (which we do already anyway) Just a complete waste of money when we have none and it takes up space in the truck that we don't really have any way. Whose dumb idea was that? Someone who needed something to do that's who. They need to just leave us alone and let us do our jobs, the right way. You know it's true.

I think Upper Management (all from Postmaster General down to MPOO's) should have to annually fill the shoes of every position in one particular office in their area for one week; a different office every year. In order to lead, you must first know how to serve. Not just when you've started working with the Postal Service but DAILY. Not just filling the need, but "FEELING" the needs. Upper Management needs to come back to the K-N-O-W that the people below their "upper-management" position (earned OR given) will be their successes. Employee Surveys are for determing bonuses for upper management. We know they are not "anonymous." Maybe they should actually sit down with the randomly selected employees, face to face and HEAR what we have to say. Willing to HEAR. And no bonuses to uppermanagement. No District "at-a-boys" at the end of the year. Every office is NOT the same. Numbers are NOT across the board. There NEEDS to be a close look at what each office is all about and work the numbers according to the office according to present day numbers, not numbers based on SPLY. Just because its a new fiscal year does not always mean cutting hours, positions and adding workloads to those that are left and expecting Postmasters and Supervisors to do the work that craft were originally hired for. There is always a little bit of truth to deception. That's why people are easily persuaded into believing the lie. There are solutions, but there are those who don't want to humble themselves to hear the equations.

I'm beginning to think that these blogs are a pointless exercise in futility. Will the OIG kindly point out any suggestions they'd used to enhance the performance of the Postal Service? And more importantly, did the author(s) of said suggestions receive any compensation? If you want to run the organization like a private-sector enterprise, then you need to recognize contributors...and that brings me to my next point:

The Postal Service is losing its identity. That's why no matter what you do, in its current construct, it will continue to flounder. Is the Postal Service going to continue forward honoring its current charter, or is it going to be disbanded and privatized? Those are the ONLY choices. A hybrid design won't work. And furthermore, the individuals currently employed by the organization are best suited for government work -- navigating a bureaucracy -- rather than turning a company around.

Again, until the Postal Service settles on an identity, it will not achieve success. So you can change productivity metrics, put management in craft for a week, whatever, but you won't fix the organization until there is a clearly defined identity. And that identity *should* be in consonance with the organization's charter. Think about that...

They wouldn't be "undercover" for long. As soon as they started actually working the real workers would figure them out.

If the OIG were really concerned with the state of the service, they wouldn't make a fluffy piece of television their topic for discussion on their blog. How about busting the criminals in USPS management that you KNOW are there and are doing nothing to stop. How about stopping the "detailing" of incompetent managers to other locations and paying them per diem to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars every year. You won't do this because your raison d'etre is the elimination of rank and file workers through whatever means necessary, wasting millions to prosecute a handful of sick leave abusers. The only people I have ever seen truelly abuse sick leave are managers who are about to retire. Why do you not go after them? Why are you not investigating the lies that are fed to the public concerning the need to close plants and displace thousands of workers? Shame on you OIG. Do you think this is funny? There are real people hurting out here and you think it would be cute to have managers go down to the trenches.

I agree and disagree. I would like to see the MPOO's and above and even some of the 22-26 PM's get out there and work in a delivery unit.

However, NOT IN THEIR OWN AREA. Let the MPOO from an Office in Michigan go and try and run a level 18 office in Texas. One that has 8 routes and only 5 carriers. Where they are not allowed to bring in NS or hire a PTF to work.

Let them deal with dispatches that are 1 hour late and then be told on a conference call to "just get it done"

Then let that same person go work in as a carrier in Ohio with 24 inches of snow on the ground and be told the SNOW IS NOT A REASON TO BE OVER ON YOUR ROUTE.

The upper management WILL NEVER do this. It will be like it was a few yours back when the level 26 PM was doing a TV spot and they showed him carrying the mail. Well, his satchel was EMPTY and he did three houses and then went back to the office.

Ok - I'm just gonna say ARRG!!!!! This blog was supposed to be about whether or not oging undercover would be a good idea....but since most of you wanted to venture off the path I guess I will also.

I am a PM in a smaller office and I have to say that I am SICK and TIRED of bing lumped into the "You people" category everytime a craft employee has an issue with their boss.

I know PLENTY of horrible craft employees and for everyone of them I know 10 GREAT, HONEST, LOYAL and DEDICATED employees.

Next time some of you want to BASH your boss maybe the opposite of the BLog is true. Maybe YOU should WALK IN YOUR BOSSES SHOES for a month! Maybe you should look around your office and see if there are Loyal Craft employees that have been on Limited Duty for 10 years (I know a few) or ones that have been fired and rehired 4 times, that even after a ROUTE CUT can't make their times and get even slower ( I know a few)

It goes both ways!

I do carry a route - I do work the window - I do sort the mail! and I DO NOT GET A BONUS!!!! I don't think ANY OF YOU realize that the BONUS that you love to call it is NOT a bonus. EAS gave up ALL STEP INCREASES, ALL COLA's, ALL OT and ALL CONTRACTUAL RAISES to go to a once yearly increase based on performance. This year (for example) almost NONE of the PM's , MGR's and SUP's in my local area got a single penny for a BOnUS (as u call it) this year.

How many Craft employees would be willing to give up thier OT, Contractual raises ect and have their yearly raise determined by how many times they were late for work...or called off...or howmany times the misdelivered the mail....I DIDN'T THINK SO

I will never lump all the employees in the same category......Do you????

I think having the usps "bosses" go undercover would be helpful if they did it not as usps employees, but as usps customers. I personally have been battling with my local post office about mail delivery for years and the local postmaster will not even pick up the telephone. It would be very beneficial for the usps bosses to see firsthand how poorly usps customers are treated. This may explain a lot about why the usps will continue to lose customers at exponential rates.

most carrier supervisors know exactly what are job entails. that is why they will do anything to keep from having to perform it. the cold, heat, dogs constant harrasment. who wants that. when u can sit on your ass and do the harrasing. there is no rhyme or reason for most of our supervisors being promoted other than the fact they will do anything to keep it. lie, create hostile work environments etc

OIG...why don't you look within your own house and look at how many are creating jobs for themselves based on watching scans and mileage etc. Every morning in Phoenix the carriers are confronted with everything from taking 20 minutes to get to the first stop, taking an extra 10 minutes getting back and not making office time. The 20 minutes was spent delivering express before noon, the extra 10 in the afternoon could be anything and DOIS isn't exact..it's nuts and my supervisor spends at least an hour in the morning helping us make up excuses to send back to level 24's sitting at the Plant. The reality is, it doesn't matter and there's nothing they can do. This company is going down and should go down. This neanderthal mentality hasn't changed in 30 years and no one in mgmt can think outside the box. Thank God I'm getting out soon.

So...thining outside the box means allowing a 30 minute overrun (20 to the route and 10 on the way back) without question? If you had a valid reason (like you stated) why r u so upset.

Can you imagine if EVERY route in the country ran over by 30 minutes a day without anyone asking why? How many THOUSANDS of hours jsut went unchecked?

Granted, 95% of the overages are warranted. But if I have to ask 100% of those carriers why they were over inorder to save on that 5% that is NOT...then I'll do that everyday.....If I don't you'll then claim harrassment of the 5% that I do question regardless if they were screwing off or not.

When I first became a carrier I had a union steward come out to my route (yes deviated off her route) and "train me" on how to waste 2 to 3 minutes at each park location....by the end of the route and 15 Park Points later I was 45 minutes to an hour over.....and the bonus was management wouldn't be able to see where I lost 45 minutes because I spread it out over the entire day.....so don't tell me that carriers don't need to be asked when the run over....You you have / or had a valid reason you would not care!!!!

I had a carrier once that complained everyday that his route was too long. I finally decided to go with him and he threw a fit about Trust and harrassment...well guess what I found...A 200 stop high rise that had been tore down the year before and was never reported, the carrier was taking all the mail for the high rise to the street and brining it back at the end of each day. yet he still had the guts to comlain that his route was too long and then question me when I was doing my job in trying to figure out why it was so long....Oh, and it was my fault when he was disciplined for it as well.....

Why would the bosses have to do something like that?
Given all of the IT architecture within the plant, the
various campus telecommunication assets, including legacy and wireless equipment, including video surveilance I think they've pretty much got a handle on employee observations. Right?

1 + 1 = 3 does not compute. Problem rank & file employees are not difficult to spot. But, problem managers play a whole different game of schrades....

Particulary those jokeying position just above front line manager, or 204B's (sacrifical lambs)!

Include the oceans of crayon generated performance
reports, attendance records, grievance filings within
the various crafts, endless GAO reports combined with the "outside consultant studies", not to mention the
shared intelligence reports by contract carriers, equipment vendors and the USPS annual fiscal reporting documentation. Look at the macro issues
because those are the most revealing.

I'm going to presume there is already a fleet of root cause specialists in the personnel compliment.
If not, this ship is listing more than I thought. Near capsize!!! Man the lifeboats!!! Retirees first with crafty upper management.

But, truly the single most important folks to hang out with are the very same folks that we all are!

THE CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is some interesting information for those of you who think management positions HAVE NOT been cut....


2000 2010 -/+ Percentage

USPS Headquarters 2279 2924 +28%
Inspector General 664 1151 +73%

USPS Field Support / Inspection Service (Field) 9756 7173 -26%

Postmasters (Installation Heads) 26121 23324 -11%
Supervisors / Managers 38797 27848 -28%
USPS SUPERVISORY TOTALS 64918 51172 -21.17%

Tech Personal 9959 5907 -41%
Clerks / Nurses 282147 161607 -43%
Mail Handlers 60851 49674 -18%
City Carriers 241079 197105 -18%
Motor Vehicle 9347 7614 -19%
Rural Carriers 57111 67434 +18%
Maintenance 42284 37513 -11%
Vehicle Maintenance 5546 4977 -12%

Therre is a serious disconnect between management and employees of the Postal Service
Seriously, both parties lack trust, accountability, and flexibility in their relationship toward each other.

Both parties refuse to consider any attempt on their part to adapt to change in the relation ship, fearing they would loose control. Verbally challenging each other is the norm when communicating. Denying and fabricating is acceptable, leaving little room for integrity.

Both parties perceive each other as untrustworthy, thus being unapproachable. Instead of bein productive "team players" they are teams playing the game called "avoidance."

Unfortunately, there is more to this disconnection but not enough space. I truly believe this disconnection can be fixed, but not through continuous acts of ranting, raving, and ridiculing.

For starters, both parties need to start evolving spontaneously - change their perceptions.

Well its bad enough that upper management comes into your office and tells you how bad you are doing. They just come in and hammer you and tell you how horrible of a manager you are.
What we need is less MPOO's and SR MPOO's and all those idiots upstairs creating more and more useless programs. Let us get back to delivering the mail and helping our customers. Instead we have to say a stupid script to each and every customer that just annoys the customer. This stupid long script makes the long lines. 99% of the customers know what they want and do not need a long script. Yes the hazmat quetions are important - but asking them if they need a PO BOX in an office that has a long waiting list is just stupid.
The Mystery shop program is a joke - what are we paying them? And how do we know they are not making stuff up just to keep their jobs?? They are not going to give us 100% all the time even if we perform 100% - why would they give us a 100% they might lose their jobs if they gave us 100%- but the clerks are in fear of their jobs if they do not get 100% - this is a big waste of money.
How to save the PO shave off the top not the bottome -right now we have too many chiefs and not enough indians. Put someone on the back dock where the carriers drop off thier mail and weight and scan the packages - i bet 90% of the customers are cheating us by lying on how much the package really weights. And do away with the hidden postage - so we can see how much they really paid.
Stop the hundreds of reports that all tell us the same thing.
Let us workers show you how to save the post office - not the one in washington who know nothing about what is really going on.

I know of one incoming Plant Manager who, dressed like a mailhandler, walked around the workroom floor to get an unfiltered idea of the culture in the plant he was to lead - a smart move I thought.

However, I don't see the value in going "undercover", only to see the disconnect that is apparent, and has been for some time in many workplaces. Anyone who has come from the ranks knows about the lack of trust in management that communicates the what , but doesn't communicate the more difficult part - the why.

Real trust could be established through honest communication by managers who care about USPS and the people in it. No need to be undercover.

Ilike the comments by Maddy. There is serious disconnect between mgtand employees of the USPS. A few years ago ,I tried to have an intelligent diolague with the eastern area VP. I wanted to convey my thoughts on the faults I felt the LLV and FFV had. he did not want to listen. He even admitted that he had never even been inside either vehicle. yes, he received a promotion since then. Yes I gave up my efforts. Agood leader has to care and just because you are a USPS manager,you are not necessarily a good leader-even if you have been around for 30 years.

I would like to add to the comments of DFM. You can respect the position. this does not mean you respect the man or woman holding that position. a leader is responsibile for everything the people under them do or fail to do. we have far to many in this organization accepting the paycheck but not the responsibility.(do they get away with it) YES- do we know why? YES- do you think Potter will fix it? NO- Is he holding anyone responsible? NO- anyone holding him responsibile? NO-ENOUGH SAID

Isn't this basically what a 204b working in their own office is already?

Most top postal officals came from operations, but few were postmasters and don't really understand how the post office and their communities interact.

I am currently working on an instructional video featuring upper-level postal management. The video will show proper use of the sculch tray on a Segway over bumpy terrain. (It's a dramatization.)

I think it would be an eye-opener for them. They can see how AOs manipulate letter and flat volumes to beef-up DOIS projections so they can make their daily goal. They will also learn that by shifting letter volumes into the flat column you can increase your DPS % so they can make that goal too.

I think the OIG should visit your office!

Too many management position that should be eliminated because if crrier have undertime supervisor should have too. Some management needs to step down to eliminate overtime of the carriers. Anyway most them used to be a carrier.

you mean when the other carriers wanted to teach me how to fool the supervisor into thinking I was behind when I was delivering my route? I'm sure some supervisors, managers, and postmasters would love to learn that one. They do it regularly here and they are none the wiser.

Oig should visit San quentin west,Okc,ok main po.

The huge disconnect has developed as the USPS bureaucracy grows and the root cause is 'greed' and the quest for a bigger stake in the revenue pie. The team has been divided, the mission is in jeopardy, too many people making decisions that have little or no common sense and are quite frankly 'selfish'. The craft has ideas and is engaged in the mission, but nobody listens. The craft is not corporate, not operational, not analytical, just servants trying to please the customer while being hammered into time constraints, foolish data collections, system analyses, and lame programs. Can it be fixed? Yes, lets just focus on the mission 90% of the time and do the accounting the other 10%. I'm sure Postmasters would love to Biz connect or Team build rather than satisfy headquarters with a proliferation of redundant forms and reports, those hourly, daily,weekly, monthly, quarterly,biannual, and fiscal, whatever reports.
In our area mail theft is at an all time high and it literally seems like there is no controlling authority. The integrity of our service is at stake and we are loosing customer loyalty, resulting in a further shift to the internet...
Let's hang some of these thieves and pursue them with gusto publicly displaying their heads on national TV, and educating the public on identity theft via the mail.
Thanks, let's show the USA we care.

Sometimes my carrier peers and I sincerely think there are Fed EX and UPS moles in our national headquarters policy making department. Anybody at the OIG checking on unusual or inappropriate Golfing flights with Fred Smith?

Or maybe investments in said Fedex and UPS?