Each year, increased mail and package volume during the U.S. Postal Service’s peak mailing season — November through January — significantly strains the USPS processing and distribution network. And each year, the Postal Service hires temporary employees and leases additional temporary facility space to help ease the strain.

For this peak mailing season, the Postal Service has taken a new approach, shifting from temporary-only measures to implementing permanent operational changes, including increasing employee complement and facility space. USPS still has plans to hire additional temporary employees and lease facility space — on top of its new, year-round strategy.

So, is USPS ready? This is the topic of our recent audit report. We found that while USPS has made good progress toward its hiring and facility-space goals, it still has not reached its full objectives. And, given the national labor shortage, it may not be able to.

As part of this audit, we surveyed postal managers in both mail processing and transportation, asking about their confidence in USPS readiness for peak season. For the most part, managers were confident or very confident USPS would be ready. The one area where they responded they were only “somewhat confident” was regarding sufficient surface transportation.  

As peak season progresses, we plan to monitor USPS conditions and evaluate performance. We will issue a report on any challenges identified.  

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  • anon

    Oh no....why would I use USPS to send packages, especially this time of year? Last year my brother in TX sent my family gifts via USPS Priority shipping, only to have them sit in Dallas for 30+ days! Gifts didn't come in until Late Jan/early Feb. I'd rather pay more $$$ and ship through UPS or FedEx and have things arrive in a timey manner!

    Dec 07, 2021
  • anon

    Just privatize this crap show. Every last nook of this place is above labor law. Just keep giving pencil pushing management their bonuses and pushing your packmule craft employees until their bodies break like you’ve been doing. We exist to spread the word on why this place needs to close down ASAP. Where’s Jeff Bezo’s, maybe he can save door to door advertisement delivery.

    Dec 01, 2021

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