If you’ve rummaged around our website lately, you may have noticed a new tab on our home page entitled Audit Asks. “What is Audit Asks?” you might ask. It’s where you can read about some of our upcoming audits in their early stages and respond to questions that can help us develop more complete and useful audit reports.

Audit Asks is actually an update of our audit project pages, initially launched about 6 years ago to get feedback from our readers. With the new Audit Asks format, we have added some eye-catching graphics and changed our writing style to prompt more feedback.

Engaging stakeholders is important to us, as this blog attests. Your comments provide valuable insights and can help guide the direction of our audits, as well as our findings. This is also your opportunity to send links to documents you think will be useful during the audit planning phase. During this phase the audit team learns about the subject, collects a broad range of data, contacts key experts and stakeholders, and develops the specific objectives of the audit. This is when we decide on the breadth and depth of the topic of the report.

Right now, for example, you can let us know about your experience with reduced window hours at select post offices and whether you think this will generate the intended savings. Or you can tell us what you think about voting by mail or your views on the new mobile delivery devices used to track packages and communicate with local post offices.

Are you following us on Twitter and Facebook? It’s a great way to be informed when the audit announcements are posted in Audit Asks.

And while we’re asking, are there specific issues you believe merit a U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General audit? We conduct objective, independent audits of Postal Service programs and operations to prevent and detect fraud, waste, and misconduct, and to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness. If you have an idea for an audit along any of these lines, we would love to hear from you. 

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  • anon

    Here's an idea...follow up on complaints and actually DO something about incompetent workers. I have gotten NOTHING but my electric bill for the past six months. And I have been awaiting important documents. The first was a $6000 check which they "couldn't find" until we filed a formal complaint and had to have the check resent. I have also been waiting for a new bank card and my license plate renewal info...both expire next week. Kinda important. I guess being a customer doesn't mean anything to your organization. Keep screwing people and see how that turns out for you.

    Apr 25, 2015
  • anon

    I wanted to reread an audit done last year...I tried to pull it up according to your instructions and only got the reports which showed up recently......Is there something wrong with me or your webpage...It was easy to pull up old audit reports on your prior webpage.

    Apr 15, 2015
  • anon

    It is great that you seek opinions and views about upcoming audit projects. The next step to take is to seek opinions and views on completed audits. I am sure there are folks out there who read an audit and cringe. They see where the audit could have been so much better if the auditors had just known something which the reader had known. I am sure during an audit your auditors get a gut feeling that there are a couple of pieces of information missing which could so improve their audit but they can not find them. And I am sure that your auditing goals would be enhanced if you did seek out opinions of "completed" audits. After all, we all have the same goal,,,,,",Improve what we do. "

    Apr 14, 2015
  • anon

    Hello Charlie, Thank you for comment and your concern about our office's audit projects. We have passed this message along to our Audit Team. Thank you again.

    Apr 14, 2015
  • anon

    I love the new process. It is operating smoothly and it is very simple to use. The graphics add a more interesting touch. I do not have any issues that need to be addressed at this time because every new audit within my directorate has recently produced an Audit Asks page.

    Apr 13, 2015

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