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Every year, millions of Americans send holiday greeting cards through the mail to friends and family around the country. Usually this means a trip to the store to pick out cards, the Post Office to get stamps, sometimes even a photographer to capture that perfect holiday photo, and another trip to the Post Office to mail the cards. But now there are many options for creating a holiday greeting card that save both time and money. Not only are these options a potential boon to consumers, they are an opportunity for the Postal Service. Several years ago, Hallmark® introduced a hybrid greeting card that customers can order online. For one price, customers create a card by choosing a design and uploading their own photos and even choosing the day the Postal Service delivers the card. This year, Apple® introduced Cards, a smartphone application that allows customers to create and mail hybrid greeting cards directly from their iPhones. Still, for those who love the experience of shopping for cards, a number of Postal Service retail locations offer a selection of greeting cards allowing customers to buy, stamp, and send them from the same location. Offering holiday cards through multiple platforms has a number of benefits for the Postal Service and its customers. This type of multi-channel strategy provides customers with convenience and multiple options for using physical mail. If expanded to other postal products, such as Priority Mail or Standard Mail, this strategy could provide the Postal Service with an opportunity to grow mail volume for other mail classes and improve customer satisfaction by making other products and services easier and more convenient to use. Additionally, hybrid holiday cards, whether created from online or mobile platforms, represent a path forward for the Postal Service in the digital world. It shows that digital technology can compliment and not be the enemy of physical mail. So, should the Postal Service make efforts to apply this multi-channel, hybrid mail model to other postal products, and if so which ones? Do you plan to send your holiday cards this year using an online or mobile card builder or are you sending them the old fashioned way? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. This blog is hosted by the OIG’s Risk Analysis Research Center.


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i will send out my holiday cards via email. its faster and more efficient.

That's true. Ecards are faster and you get to choose from lots of design. I like the ones with animations and music.

It's a shame that the postal service of old has gone by the bayside and is slowly being replaced by a smothering series of ones, zeros, https, htmls, smpts, abcs, 123s, and elephant bones. The fact of the matter is that no matter what we do about it, it's an ever-engrossing sacagaweaiac respone to the unflagging courage of the American spirit. Together, we can make it happen, if we only get together and cause it to occur.

Cards are the best way to express your emotions. Holiday Season means exchange of gifts and cards. What can be better than sending cards from your phone itself?

Sending cards conventionally would make me more happier than watching an ecard on my computer. Cards sent via postal are best ways of expressing your feelings. But due to the delays that the postal services make, ecards come handy which is why it's the most preferred way of greeting with no time.

Physical mail/ letter is Best way to send greetings..
But in some cases Email is also not bad...