President Obama’s State of the Union address in January included the announcement of the National Wireless Initiative, which would expand wireless broadband coverage to 98 percent of the population within 5 years. With that large percentage of the population on the verge of being wired, could such a network be leveraged by the U.S. Postal Service to modernize its obligation to deliver mail to every household in America?

The initiative provides financial incentives for private industry to expand wireless broadband infrastructure. The incentives are necessary because building a nationwide, interconnected communications network is cost prohibitive in some areas of the country. Once constructed, though, this network will be used by government agencies for a number of purposes including coordinating emergency response and communicating important information directly with citizens.

The Postal Service must provide universal service to every address in the United States under the Universal Service Obligation (USO). The USO requires that Americans have ready access to postal products and services through postal carriers, collection boxes and post offices. It also requires the Postal Service to deliver the mail to every street address, six days a week.
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Perhaps the Postal Service could connect every physical address with a secure e-mail address. Other countries offer similar services, such as Finland’s NetPosti, which is a digital alternative to the physical mailbox. Every citizen gets an account and an e-mail address tied to his or her social security number. Postal customers could opt to use hybrid mail and have their letters and flats scanned and delivered to the customer’s secure postal e-mail box instead of to a physical mailbox. The Postal Service could also print and deliver the letters from a sender’s e-mail box to a recipient’s physical address if so desired by the sender.

A number of private sector companies have made limited attempts at providing such a service in the United States, such as Zoombox, but none of them have the resources or infrastructure at the Postal Service’s disposal to offer reliable hybrid mail service to a national audience.

Let us know what you think. Should the Postal Service explore the realities of implementing this service in the near future and use the internet to help meet its universal service obligation?

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  • anon

    The USPS should look more closely at the technology provided by US Patent 8799022 that could provide secure digital mail service. The WWW is the wild wild west of our day where the only justice you can expect is that which you have the power to control. Outside the technology of US patent 8799022 the internet presents a cyber space with few controls and no one possess the power required to make it secure enough to meet the postal obligations. If you want to view a detailed proposal on the subject e-mail me at and I send you a word doc. Thanks

    Mar 22, 2016
  • anon

    Thanks for your comments and for voting! Your responses help us to develop topics to research and blog about.

    May 10, 2011
  • anon

    The question is not whether the Postal Service should use the internet to provide USO's, but, should the internet use the Postal Service to meet it's UUG's goals. If the Postal Service expects to survive another six to nine fiscal quarters, they better use the internet for nearly 88% of their sales. Printible Stamps, postage, addresses. Access every data base available and sell sell sell it before google or fb does. KIOSKS, KIOSKS, MOBILITY SALES, PENETRATE EVERY MOBILE, GREEN, SUSTAINABLE, CLIMATE FRIENDLY/ENERGY SAVING MODEL AVAILIBLE!!!! USE robots in malls. "Stamps here", "get your fresh stamps here". "Prepaid envelopes here"!!! Mother's Day is in one month, "prepay you're special greeting here", "We'll mail it on time"...... It's HAMMER TIME!!!! If a mailing goes out, and an envelope has a blank side, offer a discount to the customer to stamp an add to the blank side of the envelope. DO DOUBLE DUTY ON PROCESSING OF EVERY PIECE OF MAIL! SAVE MONEY, SAVE TIME, SAVE ENERGY, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you going to wait until another energy crisis???? Or the next apocolypse? aka, you're soon to be empty fiscal coffers..

    May 03, 2011

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