Pushing the Envelope is entering its fourth year! So on this annual observance of our birthday, let’s look back at some of the successes of our third year and consider where we hope to take this blog in the next year.

We published our first blog in October 2008, and since that time, Pushing the Envelope has tried to highlight a number of important postal issues for the benefit of postal stakeholders and the public at large. In the last year alone, 1046 comments have been posted in response to topics on our blog.

In the 2011 fiscal year, we posted 55 new blog topics on a range of subjects. Our most viewed topics from the last year included:

1) Is 5-Day Delivery in the Future?
2) The Postal Service Workers Compensation Program
3) Is “Coopetition” a Good Thing for the Postal Service?
4) The OIG Wants Your Help on Audits
5) What’s Next for the Postal Service in 2011?

As you can see, our blogs covered a wide range topics including prominent public policy issues, Postal Service business practices, and the core functions of the OIG’s office. Also, many of our older, favorite blogs continued to generate views and discussion on the comment boards. Our top 5 blogs of all time are:

1) The OIG Wants to Know How You Feel about Sick Leave
2) Silly Rules
3) Brainstorm Ideas to Help the Postal Service
4) Nationwide Wage Uniformity: Is It a Good Idea for the Postal Service?
5) 5-Day Delivery, What about 3-Day?

Most of the blogs published in 2011 were written with the Postal Service’s financial condition as the backdrop. We tried to use Pushing the Envelope as a discussion forum to get feedback on new and unique ideas for insuring the Postal Service’s future including developing a comprehensive postal digital strategy, adding new mail products like carbon neutral delivery, and updating older non-postal products like money orders with electronic pre-paid cards.

Whether or not these ideas become a reality, we hope to facilitate an open, honest discussion about their pros and cons.
This year we also focused on helping our readers understand the core functions of the OIG with blogs about how our Office of Audit works and the ways that the OIG detects and combats contract fraud. Additionally, you, the Pushing the Envelope readers, helped the OIG detect waste, fraud, and abuse by posting 17 comments that were referred to our investigation hotline.

This next year should be an important and memorable year for the Postal Service, and we plan to continue focusing on crucial postal policy issues as well as identifying fraud and waste. So, what topics would you like to see covered on the OIG blog in 2012? Are there any things you think we should change? Let us know in the comments section below. Most importantly, thanks for visiting us for the last three years and keep commenting!

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  • anon

    Hey congrats on your third anniversary, for past few weeks I have going though your blogs and seriously they are very interesting. I hope you keep up with this kind of posts that are good for everybody.

    Dec 27, 2011
  • anon

    Savings opportunity for OIG review: Better management of commercial mailer dropshipment appointments to avoid service delays due to over-capcity (of machine and/or staffing). FAST appointments do not control dropshipment volumes as well as intended. As they say, "load-leveling" mail dropshipment volume to avoid crushing volumes at the end of the week and before a holiday. This drives service delays and overtime costs. Incent mailers to enter mail earlier in the week. > just an idea/thought

    Oct 17, 2011
  • anon

    With regard to topics for 2012: How about discussing the myriad tiny products and services the postal service launches with great fanfare and the products never grow but the program (and the consultants supporting it) never go away either? How about explaining why there are so many trips by senior postal managers to China?

    Oct 17, 2011

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    Please feel free to contact me anytime this is been going on for over a year and since it’s not legal in the state of Wisconsin I should not be happening
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    Thank you for your comments. The OIG is constantly reviewing these issues in its audits. We have teams that assess mail delivery issues across the nation and often utilize these comments to pull a...

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