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In today’s world we have the opportunity to do just about anything with just the click of a mouse and a few key strokes. Recent studies show online retail sales continuing to grow despite the economic slowdown and decline of overall retail sales. A previous blog, Could Radio Frequency Identification Make the U.S. Postal Service the Premier Delivery System, stated, “Last year Americans spent $155.2 billion shopping online. This year Americans are projected to spend more than $190 billion.” Purchases made online have to be shipped and this provides a great opportunity for the Postal Service to increase parcel delivery service. The Postal Service delivers almost half the world’s mail and more than 171 billion pieces annually, of this amount, roughly 3 billion are packages (Source: 2010 Report on Form 10-K, United States Postal Service). In addition, the Postal Service is often the last mile option for delivering FedEx, UPS and DHL packages. In 2007, if given a choice, 46 percent of consumers would select the Postal Service to deliver their packages.(Source:Package Delivery Study conducted by comScore, March 2007.) The Postal Service has received several ideas for improving its parcel delivery service. Many suggest the Postal Service could be more competitive if it offered an improved track and trace and confirmation system. Other suggestions include reliable on-time delivery, increased speed of service, and a better loss and damage policy. This blog is hosted by the OIG’s Sales and Service Team.


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If UPS would allow WINE SHIPMENTS (to controlled states), it would generate BILLIONS in revenue as UPS and FedEX moves large amounts of wine via their networks. I can vouch for the amount UPS has picked up from my business the past couple of years and would give the USPS a fair share if it was legalized and offered at a competitive or better rate!

Hello Frank,

Thank you for sharing your ideas regarding Wine Shipments. Your ideas and suggestions are highly appreciated. Best wishes in your business.

Less mngmt that doesn't touch the mail, less micromanagement and a better working atmosphere. Don't allow the USPS to curtail mail, don't let UPS and Fed Ex know when mail count is, and count a parcel as a parcel and not something else as management tries to do during rural mail count!!

Does the USPS/DHS/ICE inspect the packages they handle, or the interlata transportation carrier?
Oh yeah, I don't think you have jurisdictional control over state Alcohol, Tobacco, or Firearms revenue?

I was really hoping for an answer here.....???
Sooooooooooooooo who does it?

On your website you can get every type of postage except for a single first class stamp. Not everyone wants to buy a book or roll of stamp. Stamps.com chargers a monthly fee for their service (not much of a convenience for the price). I think if you added that option to your site, you could put some money back your pocket.

Ever thought about advertising on your LLV's or other delivery vehicles your product you offer online or in the office? Even a web address with the saying, USPS.COM see what blue can do you and your business. Would get some attention.

I think price will be a huge determining factor with this. Good post!


The # 3 shipping dude, Scott Davis, CEO UPS was on Wall Street today.
"Ringing the Bell for his company, and their 401,000 + - employees. I wonder if the USPS Executive offices noticed? Furthermore, I wonder if anyone was listening to his "opinion" on economic activity and or shipping traffic over the next several quarters and beyond? They remind me of a battery commercial...
Our package volumes still growing - and growing - and growing....

What life expectancy, and at what cost is their tracking system
providing their guidance* with? But, who are they anyway?

*guidance with respect to financials and fiscal outlooks

Thanks everyone for your opinions and advice, we really appreciate your input. We will take your comments under consideration in our future work.

Postal tracking has always been lagging behind UPS, Federal Express and just about anybody able to jot information onto a pad of paper. Registered Mail tracking only shows acceptance and delivery. Even postal employees can't determine where an item is withou calling offices across the nation. Because of the value of items shipped via Registered Mail it is reasonable to limit the information to the public; however, the Registry Room clerks and investigators (OIG and IS) should be able to track packages quickly and efficiently.

When you pay for tracking you should get tracking. UPS and Federal Express are more expensive but you get free and information tracking information. When you pay for postal tracking you basically get acceptance, delvery and sometimes some information in between (Sometimes!)

Electronic acceptance information - No confirmation of acceptance here. Doesn't really confirm an item was received.

The Postal Service has neglected mail tracking for the public and as a result created a rift between customers and customer service.

This website is Very informative. Congratulations! Keep up the great work!

Sending items with Delivery Confirmation (First and Prioirty) Always shows when it was accepted,and it's trip along the network, to and from the processing center,to the IMC and then out for delivery and delivery.

Any time you send a package Delivery or Signature confirmation,and that information DOESN'T show up, someone is not properly scanning the package!

What on-line buying and social media has done for the post office is reduce the load. I believe the numbers will testify to the fact that with more vertical distribution of mail routes, ie. through a social network, there would be less mail or postcards sent. Please see the graphical data at http://www.triparticles.com and go to the article, Postal Travels. It shows that a message starts off as a communication between two people. What the graph cleary indicates is that all the routes of communications helps the post office reduce workload. Can you imaginge what would happen if suddenly tomorrow there was no such thing as telephones? And we had dreamt the internet up? We would all rely on the snail-mail [hate to call it this as my job at the post office is anything but snail-paced!].

I think we all should embrace each new diversity when it comes to communications.

Marge I finally found the article you mentioned. You may have the wrong link. It would be nice if they had included mainsteam browsers too, though they must have reasons. Well worth though the hassle.

I was laughing too about your references to "snail mail." I also work for the Palm Springs Post Office, did anyways, retired last year, but my point is I would tell my bitchy customers in a polite but sarcastic tone, "Yes, we are sorry about the snail mail service but we are proud to have perfected it over the years. If there is anything we can do to improve the slow speeds just ask!

I wish now I had those published statistics but what I determined is there is "not" an abnormal rise in online shopping other than typical blue chip average growth industry. With each new day the population gets denser thus on a graph there is incline. However, the Trip Article graph showed this actually slowed down, in sync with the failing economy and the housing market fallout. Especailly since the most online shoppers are the middle to low income families. The super rich, I am drawing a blank. I guess I would have to be super rich to know their buying and shopping trends online. Sorry for the long post.

ON-Line Purchses of Stamps - Buyer Beware.
When one orders a roll of stamps from USPS to be delivered by USPS, there's an assumption of an easy transaction, or the ability to cancel and refund. But NO, require waiting 10 days from what you dictate is the last possible delivery date, even though USPS can't track where the shipment is ("must have been put in the wrong bag"). Hey USPS, if you want to be a merchant you have to act like a merchant. Which translates into providing a service to a customer; not a government agency processing a benefit with a take-a-number-stand-in-line-until-we-call' you mentality.

With the rising of the number of people shopping online, the postal services will be busier.

You all have to figure out some way to encourage both consumers and online vendors to want to offer shipping via the USPS instead of via UPS and FedEx. We sell smartphones and we tend to use FedEx more because customers seem to prefer them.