Putting the Success in Corporate Succession

The U.S. Postal Service’s workforce demographics add an extra layer of challenges to an organization that already has plenty. We recently blogged about the Postal Service’s brain drain – the loss of institutional knowledge due to a large number of workers retiring. This week we look at the additional challenge of creating a robust corporate succession plan when nearly half of the Postal Service’s executives will be eligible to retire by 2015.



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  • 9 hours 57 min ago
    OMG...you sound just like me. My mom and I both shipped our packages the same day, Dec 11th, to my daughter who is in Guam. My moms package got there about 8-10 days later, which I initially was...
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    I lost my wallet and i received only my ID in the mail there were other ID cards in my wallet like my DL and even my SSN. I am going crazy trying to figure out why only my ID was sent to me and not...

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