Fighting Opportunistic Crime

As the nation struggled with containing the fast-paced coronavirus outbreak, instances of pandemic-related mail theft and mail fraud were also spreading. Indeed, over the course of a year, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) received 339,747 complaints of mail fraud and mail theft, leading the agency to open 753 mail fraud cases — an increase of 170 cases (29 percent) over the prior 12 months — and 1,090 mail theft cases — a decrease of 49 cases (4 percent) over the prior 12 months. Of these, 277 cases were specifically related to the pandemic.


The Wired West

The online world has sometimes been referred to as the Digital Wild West, a vast electronic prairie with few laws, where both good and bad actors carry on pretty much as they want. Like the Wild West, the new high-tech version can be a land of great opportunity — or great danger. Anyone or anything that has an online presence can be made a target, and that includes the U.S. Postal Service.


It’s All About the Money

Guess who just celebrated an anniversary? The Postal Service. Yesterday marked 245 years since Congress created the United States Post Office Department. So, it seems fitting that today is the day we wrap up our series on the value of the Postal Service. This week’s blog focuses on the economic value the Postal Service adds to our country.



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