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The most important goal of our office is to do excellent work that promotes efficiency and effectiveness and ensures integrity at the Postal Service. That is only the first step though. Good work also needs to be easily available to the people who use it. We want to make it simple for you, and all our stakeholders, to find the information you need.

We have added five new pages to improve the accessibility of our work and keep you informed:


OIG Electric Vehicle Work in the Spotlight

It’s not uncommon for the OIG to be asked to testify before a congressional committee, usually to provide an informed view of postal-related matters or to discuss one of our reports that speaks to an issue of lawmakers’ interest. And sometimes it’s both.


What Will the OIG Audit Next?

Here at “Pushing the Envelope,” we like to keep our readers informed about the OIG’s work, often by highlighting a recent audit report. And anyone who’s spent more than a few minutes on this website knows there are lots of reports posted here. In short, we’ve done a lot.



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