USPS and an Election Like No Other

The U.S. Postal Service has always played a vital role in the American democratic process, but never more so than in the 2020 general election, when a global pandemic drove up the number of people voting by mail. A record-setting 160 million total ballots were cast, and the Postal Service delivered at least 135 million of them going to and coming from voters from September 1 through November 3.


A New Lease on Managing Leases?

When it comes to trailers that are hauling mail, the Postal Service prefers to lease — it only owns about 23 percent of its fleet of more than 12,000 trailers.

That’s a lot of trailers to manage, especially when you consider USPS leased trailer policies. For example, any leased trailers that aren’t consistently used 10 days or more in a month are supposed to be returned or relocated, meaning regular monitoring of usage is pretty important.

How’s the Postal Service doing?



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