Here at the Postal Service OIG, we are always looking for new and better ways to perform and present our work. An important and informative part of our audit work has been reports on postal facilities. We had several teams looking at postal facilities in different ways and in different parts of the country.

Our new strategy is to coordinate all our postal facility-related projects on one geographic cluster at a time – something we call Field Operation Reviews. While one audit team is looking at a postal plant, another is looking at a handful of the delivery units it serves. This new strategy allows us to provide a more comprehensive look at mail processing and delivery issues across the country. For example, take a look at our recent Field Operation Review of postal facilities in Portland, OR. We have all the reports on one landing page and provide a table summarizing our findings at the various delivery units. This makes it easy for anyone interested in learning how the Postal Service is doing in Portland. We have almost completed our work in Columbus, OH, and have ongoing work in other parts of the country as well.

Tell us what you think. Are there other helpful ways we could present our work?

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: Complaints about the Postal Service – including lost, stolen, or mishandled mail – that are unrelated to the content on this page will not be posted. Please visit the Contact Us page for information on where to file formal complaints with our agency or the Postal Service.

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