Every U.S. Postal Service-owned vehicle is assigned a Voyager credit card, which operators use to pay for fuel, oil, and routine vehicle maintenance. With over 227,000 vehicles, that’s a lot of plastic to manage.

U.S. Bank manages the Voyager Fleet Systems credit card program for USPS and monitors transactions for potential fraud. Each month, USPS site managers are responsible for reconciling the Voyager card transactions identified as high-risk, such as purchases that exceed a fuel spending limit.

With so many cards in circulation, potential for misuse or abuse is a concern. Our audit teams regularly assess the Voyager Fleet System credit card program in each USPS operating area. Our most recent audit of the program focused on the Great Lakes Area, which has 1,411 sites with 32,808 Voyager cards. We selected this area for audit because of those high numbers and the amount of exception transactions, which are transactions flagged by U.S. Bank as high-risk because they are outside normal parameters, such as paying for premium fuel or the location and frequency of transactions.

The total amount charged to these cards in fiscal year (FY) 2016 was more than $67 million. We flagged $3.5 million of those transactions as high risk, requiring reconciliation, our report said.

However, controls over Voyager fleet cards in the Great Lakes Area weren’t always effective and site managers didn’t properly perform Voyager Fleet card reconciliations for over half of the randomly selected high-risk transactions we reviewed. We also found missing fleet cards at almost a quarter of sites selected and problems around Personal Identification Number (PIN) assignments as well as improper sharing of PINs. Where appropriate, we made referrals to our Office of Investigations.

Share your ideas about the Voyager program. Have you seen indications of misuse? How can the program be more efficient?

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  • anon

    Managers at delivery units should attach llv key to gas card holder

    Mar 26, 2018
  • anon

    Maybe a little bit more fleet restructuring? It should not be that hard to ask for an odomiter and vehicle number to match with the pin#.

    Mar 26, 2018

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