The pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to struggle with having enough employees available to get the job done, and the Postal Service is no exception. As more and more job vacancies go unfilled, people looking for jobs have more choices about where to work. Which raises the question, how does the Postal Service stack up as an employer?

This question is the subject of a recent white paper. We looked at employee reviews and ratings of the Postal Service on two job-related websites — Glassdoor and Indeed — and reviewed USPS-administered employee surveys and postal data on turnover and retention. We found the overall ratings for the Postal Service as an employer were consistently lower than the ratings for comparable organizations in both the shipping/logistics sector and the federal government. When looking at changes in the overall rating for USPS between fiscal years 2016 and 2021, ratings stayed the same on Glassdoor but fell on Indeed.

We found career employees gave more favorable reviews than non-career employees. This isn’t surprising, given non-career employees, who don’t receive full benefits, have had a high turnover rate for years. The good news is USPS launched several new initiatives focused on improving the non-career employee experience in the first 90 days of employment.

So, what are the best aspects of working for the Postal Service? Pay and benefits ranked the highest on both Glassdoor and Indeed with 3.7 stars (out of 5). The second-best rated aspects were diversity and inclusion (3.5 stars Glassdoor) and job security and advancement (3.3 stars Indeed).

Have you ever considered working for or already work for the Postal Service? What aspects seem most favorable to you?  

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  • anon

    The USPS treats their employees like shit. I have worked for 25 years. If I had it to go over with I would run like hell. The managers are not managing they are just getting paid and harassing employees to get back from a tour of duty there is no customer service and no managers are held accountable. They steal from the PO leaving early not using their time like the delivery sector has to, they get bonuses and do nothing for them and the delivery sector is doing all the work. I have never in 25 years ever been told you are doing a good job or thank you. Delivering tons of packages and not being compensated for it, they can't get anyone to work because no one in management cares and treat employees old and new like shit. Everyone in PO at 31750 Fitzgerald hates their job we have the poorest excuse for managers that I have seen in my 25 years. we have been short on help for years and our PM says he can't get the new hires in school it takes 4 months and then by that time they have found other work or they hire one who has to have surgery and can't start for 4 weeks, she is not even entitled for the job to be held for her but PM just wants to screw everybody over because she is his CLASSMATE .

    Nov 18, 2021
  • anon

    Love how all of this is blamed on the pandemic. Poor management and overworked employees are a terrible combination. Amazon has ruined the job of a USPS mail carrier. The majority of carriers are not paid correctly. USPS is robbing their employees today and robbing them of their tomorrows. I guess someone will open their eyes when you have no employees left to do the job. Sad that such a respected organization has allowed this to happen. You mention here, vacancies going unfilled, yet board of governors meeting last month said 40,000 positions had been filled since with the political s__t show we have going on in our country, the USPS is no different!!

    Nov 09, 2021
  • anon

    I love being a contractor. I love my job I have benefits I just buy them myself. Being a contractor is my career. 25 years and going strong. I love my customers. I love letting customers know how important they are. Going above and beyond in service to represent the company I work for is very important. Integrity is the backbone of who I am. I generally love the people I work with and I have worked beside many out standing Postmasters, clerks, contractors and carriers where we shared a common goal as a team. That is until receintly. I have landed in a area where I am no longer allowed to accommodate the customer in the rural area in which I live. I am not permitted to talk with, sell stamps too or help them in any way. The postmaster I work with threatens my job at least once a week. It is a very hostile environment to be in. I have asked for help repeatedly from my AO to no avail. The community is not happy because if I do visit with any of them she tracks me on my scanner and will call those folks to see if we visited and if we did what was it about. The other day she followed me. Then yelled at me. She was so angry she ran out of breath. She never ever asked me what I was doing she just accuses. Always just accuses. I used to try to talk to her, but she just accuses me of being aggressive, threating, and argumentative. When I show up early with dispatch I am required to sit out side with the mail as much as a half hour. I was always thought to get to destination and unload asap as I am a sitting target otherwise. Same when my mail is cased. I am to go out and sit for at least a half hour before I can load my mail and go. I was always thought to case, pull down and go deliver all my mail not leave half of it in the case so I can deliver it on my way for pm dispatch. I have a hour down time that could be utilized by actually delivering the mail. So I was really hoping that I could stay my career for at least another 10 years. But I'm not sure now. I am a great carrier and I take a lot of pride in the Post Office and my job, it will break my heart if I am pushed out by a postmaster that has nothing better to do than make everyone around her feel inferior. My route need a audit very very badly. I would prefer it to be with someone that has no affiliation and can be none discriminate. Thank you. There are a lot of us out here that are contractors that love our jobs and the company that we work for.

    Oct 30, 2021
  • anon

    I work for USPS. I love being a letter carrier. Working outside is important to me and feeling like I'm part of the community I serve is very nice. I will say that management makes unnecessary changes which do not save time, but do put us at increased risk of injury. Additionally, the level of micro-managing is intense, as is the surveillance. New rules forcing ties and limiting the ways in which we can layer up in winter are recent examples of nitpicking rules which may very well hurt someone. At minimum it has greatly lowered morale as people have already spent their uniform allowance and are now being told that items they have worn in winter for decades such as the polo and shirt jac are no longer acceptable to wear even under a coat. These rules are imposed upon us with little notice right as we go into peak season. That's the kind of stuff that makes people hate a job they love and are proud to do. When management is confronted with how inconsiderate it is they just tell people they can quit. Also a shocking amount of supervisors and OICs in my area are convicted of very serious crimes. People don't care to be pushed around by management with records like that.

    Oct 26, 2021
  • anon

    This whole article is part of how this company gaslights its employees. I drop mail off throughout an entire city on daily basis. There isn’t single employee out here new or old that has anything positive to say about the usps as an employer. OIG get to retire after 20 years of pencil pushing while the human pack miles hired right out of high school will have to put in twice as many years. God forbid any of these poor bastards gets hurt, they’ll have the godless pencil pusher hunting down any way to shut down or minimize their treatment.

    Oct 26, 2021
  • anon

    Rural mail carrier for 28 years, 8 as a substitute. When I started in 1985 every route had a sub that worked on your day off. You had to pass the Civil Service exam to get hired. They stopped hiring subs so the few subs we had could get more hours. It got extremely hard to get time off because your route could not be covered. This job is harder than it looks. Now with all the Amazon packages it must really be wearing. So glad I retired with a good retirement plan (Thrift Savings). I would not encourage a family member to work there now.

    Oct 26, 2021
  • anon

    I knew of one carrier who was in excellent shape. He walked around all day, carrying and delivering mail. No gym fees: In fact, the opposite. He got paid to exercise. I used to work for 2 government agencies. Got holidays off, I'd never considered, compared to corporate environments.

    Oct 25, 2021

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