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The Postal Service processes payroll for more than 500,000 employees. To handle this monumental task, time and attendance information is gathered through the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS). TACS then transmits the payroll data to the mainframe run by the Information Technology and Accounting Service Center (ASC) in Eagan, MN, for payment processing. Recent news stories have identified a few instances where Postal Service employees have had time deleted from electronic time card records. There have also been other time and attendance instances where managers inaccurately calculated employee work hours for out–of-schedule work. If you are a Postal Service employee and are experiencing similar problems or any other time and attendance issues at your work place, we would like to hear from you. Please take our brief survey or provide comments below. This topic is hosted by the OIG's Human Resources and Security audit team.


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Why not put our clock rings on Liteblue in the ePayroll section, so "errors" can be discovered sooner? With sunshine, this problem would go away.

Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black. (location withheld on request)-OIG refuses to investigate illegal activity by EAS personnel on a daily basis. Don’t EVER expect anything positive to come from this group. Maintenance tour manager threaten federal employees on the clock & was found in possession of firearm on federal property. NOTHING! Maintenance supervisor was found with stolen postal property (using for private business). NOTHING! Same supervisor stole Union documents from union office (protected material under client-rep privilege).NOTHING!
Postal Police has report-OIG refuses to fill out report. No report- no crime.
Postal Police, postal inspectors, OIG, GAO all work UNDER EAS supervision. They are not independent. How else could USPS management actually cite “We have the right to mismanage” in hearings? USPS EAS admit to fraud & waste daily in arbitrations. Although technachily under Homeland
Security, the post office is left to run their affairs under Postal EAS direction. This is more than institutionalized mismanagement, it’s multi-agency collaboration equal to 3rd world governments.

Why is it that some of the smaller AO's do not even have EBR's. We work over our end of tour and never get paid, we also start work without being able to cock in. This is America and every station should have EBR's.


I am a 27 year Carrier, form City, State, and Federal Police Officer.
I could write a book on what I have witnessed EAS do.
Dept. Of Labor States the Postal Inspection is the main violator of civil and federal labor law.
They are simply the uneducated thugs of Management. Just as in the 1920s. Their first commitment is to harrass employees rather than police their own who are the real criminals.
I retire soon, let them all rot in hell.

One can only hope that you also are investigating rings done by others to cover folks that leave early come in late or never show

what about when you call in sick and have time on the books and the supervisor who is now in the position of judge, jury, and executioner just gives you awol and you have to fight to get your sick leave time. yup that is the one supervisors job oh yeah and it's only if she doesn't like you. does this fall into a time and attendance complaint. or silly season, and this is from the people who rant and rave about you doing your job and then don't do theirs.

so if you are a retired employee the OIG does not want to hear from you.. what a crock...

any way check san diego ca. maintenance.

Guess what folks...we supervisors get ripped off by our managers more than any craft people. An incompetent MDO gets away with not bothering to enter our hours, and they are NOT made to correct it. We have mandatory 10 hour days, but get paid for 8 at best. My MDO was so incompetent that I, as a supervisor, was issued a time card because my manager didn't know how to do TACS!

One of the POOM's from NE Ohio made his way up the ladder by deleting 100's of OT hours. When you promote these thieves, you are encouraging rampant misuse of power. Good Luck trying to stop it now. Idiots.

on 2 occassions that i know with my paycheck and at least another 3 from other carriers in my office..we have been docked annual leave when it should have been sick leave.

Is it really going to do any good to complain to the OIG when your MDO forces you to come in an hour BEFORE your tour to do your mail count "Off the clock"? Then, expects you to stay another hour "off the clock" after your tour ends? Can something be done about this? Or is this simply another sounding board which gives us the opportunity to get our blood pressure up.....

OIG has its preferences this post has already been removed once. USPS is in violation of the RICO act as payroll is handled across state lines in most cases, thus false information is also given across state lines (time Keeping). The problem with attendance record keeping is a nation wide issue, meaning every Post Office in every City. I have seen many employees get back from the street clock out go back out on the street to finish their routes and or, sometimes both, clean their daily mess off the clock. We refer to them as the brown nose bunch, but in reality they are so intimated by Postal management. The ones that don't follow the weaker craft employees habit are subject to a letter, failure to maintain. OIG knows what is going on, I love how OIG phrases, "We would like to hear from you", bull crap you don't want to hear from us at all. Congress right now is to busy to deal with this they have more important issues such as sending Roger Clemens to a 30 year jail term. Just like the old Pink Panther movie when Peter Sellers is informing someone of a traffic violation when another party, with-in his eye sight, is attacked, where is the priorities. Our ancestor's have to be turning in their graves at this point. Think about the reason for Colonization to America what were they trying to get away from? I just got one thing to say, MORONS!!!

The rural carriers are being told to backtrack and redeliver any mail piece that was cased incorrectly. We see customers bringing pieces back to the window every day, multiple times a day but the clerks are paid by the hour to fix their mistakes. We are not. Also I have been called out on my route and asked to come back to the PO to pick up a package that the clerk threw in the wrong hamper. I was not offered any extra pay to do it. We are also asked to check our scanners every day for total scans and yet we were not given time for any of this at mail count.

I have a standing Dr. appt. every week and would work 6 hrs. with no lunch break . My intention was not to create a big problem for the supervisor. This was taken advantage of and the supervisor would dock me for a lunch break even tho none was taken. When I realized what was happening I attempted to get a correction more than one time but nothing was ever done.

If you really want to investigate time just look at all the comp-time MDO's take that they claim they are entitled to. MDO's are salary so if they are needed 12 hours it goes with the job.

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Higher managers pressure lower aggressive supervisors into forcing craft to get off the clock. With that, craft workers who like to get their job done with no hassle are forced to work off the clock or skip lunches to get work done mainly for less stress on themselves. This practice is done through out the USPS. Upper managers don't see this on there reports. The numbers is all they see.... Horrible place to work when dealing with these supervisors. Would not recommend this job to anybody if they what a satisfied career.

Check Van Nuys California and North Hollywood California.

Oversight agencies are a tragic joke - PERIOD! Workers have no more faith in these agencies than they do their own government. We live in a plutocracy where big money (e.g., Corporations, etc.) run our governments. Just look at who our President's appoint into these offices - ex lobiests, who lobied for the very companies they are no in charge of overseeing. I've reported atrocious deeds to the OIG before. What I got back was a post card telling me that they'll look into it. Never ever heard back again. OIG - "Give me a break; you could care less!"

I have to agree with Zack. The OIG knows there are problems....why the "sounding board"? Why is this blog even needed? All you have to do is talk to any, ANY of the union branches across the country and they can point you to numerous problems they have been having for years with management changing the clock rings, etc.
This [blog] is a small forum that is dealing with a major problem. If the OIG really cares, please just fix the problem. Reading post after post of people with issues wont change anything.

Apr 24, 2008. OIG responded to my letter of TACS and lost earned wages, suggested to file eeo or grievance. The problem was my manager could care less about the UNION or EEO. To this day, it continues.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to post to the site.

This is an obvious waste of time. Just as an FYI, the OIG is likely aware of more than "a few instances" yet they address these federal crimes as an "issue" with a "blog comments section" and a "survey" rather than an official investigation into the complaints they have received. - RP

Why not put our clock rings on Liteblue in the ePayroll section, so “errors” can be discovered sooner?

We've had the same problems here in the Kingston and Wilkes-Barre ,Pa facilities. We went through an AMP consolidation last year into Lehigh Valley and Scranton, and I'm sure the tainted data was used. Not only was o/t being deleted,but it was discovered that management was also falsifying timekeeping records by going into TACS and putting employees on stand-by time while they were on their bid jobs in a productive work status,and also working casuals without a lunch, then going into TACS and deducting a lunch from their hours when they didn't take one. There were quite a few supervisors and 204b's doing this, and I don't think they all thought of this separately. Put that together with reports of this across the country, it is obvious to see there is no way these are isolated incidents. What is needed is a separate and independent investigative agency,such as an internal affairs division or something like Elliot Ness and the Untouchables not beholden financially or in any other way either to Postal Management, the Unions or employees. Being the Inspection Service and O.I.G are considered headquarters personnel,I have my doubts about the effectiveness of this blog.I would like to see someone who is in a position with integrity and knows where these orders came from come forward.I don't see where theft and fraud are going to help save the Postal Service, unless the intention is to "Enron" the Postal Service, which is the way it looks.

Why Doesn't the OIG simply Prosecute Time Fraud?

Why doesn't the OIG prosecute time fraud in accordance USC 18 1001? I've never heard of one manager being prosecuted or fired for stealing an employee's time, and the practice is rampant throughout the postal service.

You don't need to publically advertise an audit. I'm sure you know that most employees are so intimidated that they're afraid that you're going to fnd out who they are through their IP addreess. If you're serious, all you need to do is do a complete audit of the unit and district when time fraud is discovered, then start firing and prosecuting people as the law prescribes. That will immediately bring an end to the practice.

One employee at Bicentennial Station in Los Angeles reported that time had been stolen from her, and even provided the documentation with her manager's employee I.D. What she got in return is demoted after YOUR agent reported the matter to her manager.

That was back in March, and at this writing the manager is still in place victimizing other employees, and the area manager who was a party to the crime has been promoted.

So if you're truly sincere in this effort, revisit that case and make those managers accountable for their actions. After all, if a craft employee is found guilty of pulling a coupon out of the trash, they're fired on the spot.

Eric L. Wattree

i can say that OIG came and met with me personally, and they conducted an audit going back several years as requested by a Congressman. our union contacted upper management and the OIG before we filed our grievance. we as a union filed a massive grievance [which we won]. however, when the OIG reported its findings to the USPS for action they deemed appropriate, the USPS either did nothing or a slap on the wrist, even though in our grievance we documented thousands of violations going back at least six years, and EACH WAS A CRIME, AND THE USPS DID NOT CHALLENGE A SINGLE ONE OF OUR ASSERTIONS IN ARBITRATION. then, other offices in our district were uncovered, and for all i know, there could be more. the union continues to win grievances, but if this was craft employees swiping each other in and out fraudulently, they would be fired and charged with crimes. why are the rules for managers different, especially when they have priveleged access to this info. and are supposed to be held to and EVEN HIGHER STANDARD? as far as asking employees about the problem, we don't have access to our clock rings, so what is the point?

sorry for being so wordy, but it should also be noted that in the TACS training manual for managers, around pg. 28-30, it states that fasifying TACS records is a criminal act. that would include deletions, as well as false time disallowances AND not "allowing" time when it is knpwn that someone did not take a lunch.no manager can say they "didn't know". if you at the OIG really want to investigate this, then start with grievances and lawsuits. there have been many. do this in conjunction with the major unions AND management groups[because not all managers do this]

Let's not forget to all of use that r leaving messages here the OIG works for management and any one who thinks different r fooling themselves. If u ever noticed when an craft employee makes a complaint with them they never show up but if management calls them they r there, so don't be fooled.

I think time scalping has been going on for years and the OIG is very much aware of it. I'm not so sure an outside service is the complete answer.

Why not put our clock rings on Liteblue in the ePayroll section, so “errors” can be discovered sooner?

Thank you for the many comments you sent on our blog, “Having Problems With Your Time and Attendance Records? The OIG Wants to Hear From You”. We had more than 5,000 views during the first week it was posted on our external website. In fact, the volume and content of the comments helped the OIG auditors as they examined the issue.

In their comments, respondents expressed a great deal of frustration with supervisors because of this issue. Below, we summarized some of the more interesting comments we received.

A Postal Service manager deleted overtime hours.

The Postal Service should consider putting employee clock rings on Liteblue in the ePayroll section, so ‘errors’ could be discovered sooner. A clock ring is the compilation of recorded times spent on various work transactions from the beginning of an employee’s tour to the end of that tour; for example, time in, out to lunch, return from lunch,time out, and so forth.

A manager did not understand how to use the Time and Attendance Collection System (TACS) and subsequently enter supervisor hours incorrectly in the TACS.

At a Pennsylvania Postal Service facility, the manager deleted overtime and placed employees on stand-by time while they worked on their bid jobs in a productive work status. In addition, casual employees worked without taking a lunch, but lunch hours were deducted in TACS.

The OIG will provide the blog results to Postal Service management in an upcoming audit report.


Funny how I keep hearing that this is an issue. It has just recently happened to me and I feel it is stealing! If a supervisor enters your time in the system which enables you to get paid and the OIC goes behind him and deletes it he is obviously taking you money from you. This is theft and these so called issues should be treated as such!

It is about time something is done about this theft of peoples wages. It is hard enough to make ends meet without missing out on your correct wage.

IT IS obvious that the OIG is Management and Management is OIG. You Take care of me and I take care of you. Internally it is corrupt at the CORE. Starting from the PMG. Of-Course the OIG will turn a blind eye to Management FRAUD.

You should try facing this as a Casual/PSE/NFTE employee!! It's like working in the cotton fields, or the picklin shed.. I have seen that first hand, as I worked in the deep south and central Florida in the early 70's
"What do you mean you worked 47 hours last week and only got paid 41.67 hours?"

The supervisor are going into the computer changing employees time for when they work for 8 hours and they really work for 10. They are also giving people time who don't work and have them on the clock saying they work that day. Another problem they have is that the supervisor are going around telling coworker (PSE's) they will be regular if they are willing to sleep with them. Something has to be done, I ain't never been on no job were supervisor and management are falsifying employees time and sexual harrasing employees and getting away with it. This really needs to stop.