The Postal Service is a leader among federal agencies in sustainability efforts. In 2009, it joined with 20 international postal operators to commit to a 20 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2020, a goal it has made significant progress toward achieving. A major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is vehicle emissions. With the largest civilian fleet in the country – more than 213,000 vehicles – the Postal Service has both an enormous opportunity and an enormous challenge in reducing its fuel consumption. So far, the challenges have proved considerable. In its most recent sustainability report for fiscal year 2011, the Postal Service reported that while it met its sustainability goals in six categories, it did not reach its target for reducing petroleum fuel consumption in its own vehicles or in those used by contractors. A growing number of delivery points each year and an aging vehicle fleet have made it difficult for the Postal Service to reduce its petroleum use. Although the Postal Service has worked diligently towards its goal of using alternative fuels, real gains in energy efficiency will be limited until it can overhaul the fleet. Unless the Postal Service’s financial situation improves or it finds alternative methods for capital investment, it is not likely to replace its existing fleet of vehicles. This raises questions about the limitations on the Postal Service’s ability to reduce its petroleum fuel use and how it can best leverage alternative fuel options. How should the Postal Service achieve its fuel consumption goals when its financial situation is so dire? Should it suspend some of its sustainability efforts while tackling its larger financial and business model challenges? The Sustainability Report indicates that sustainability efforts make financial sense, with savings from reduced fuel use and new revenue from recycling products. Could the savings and revenues be used creatively to fund new energy-savings projects?

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  • anon

    I cross posted this to an related blog; And, it should be noted that HHS is currently evaluating a program expansion, for "free wireless services" for the "low income". And, PSE's {flexible workforce} as identified to congress in Vision 2013 and multiple other strategies since 2009 likely can be categorized under this classification? Actually Mr Day, your post stirs my provocation and thoughts. This, in consideration of the current.... ahem ........ fiscal follies; including the single most misunderstood event since the advent of DHS, a little thing called sequestration! I simply cannot help but re-iterate this again! What were you guys doing in the years following 2002? I'm assuming you worked at the Post Office in some functional area. I'm guessing engineering? Mmmhhhh? Further, there is no benefit to attempting to dissect the root causes of the PO's crisis. You've already spent countless millions of dollars, and innumerable postal hours doing so. I assuming every organization associated with postal affairs has, as well. I'm also speculating nearly every outside plant, contractor, or vendor representative has a personal communications device. If the post office, err, I mean the U.S communications company were to sub-lease XXXX amount of communications space from each of these employees, contractors, vendors devices, think of the possibilities? It's a small privacy price for the employee to pay, and certainly could serve as a symbiotic relationship for improving service, and saving time, and money? I dunno 10 min air time each pay period? From the sampling observations of employees/stakeholders in the postal network, I have deduced, most utilize a PCD (personal communications device). This asset, is free for the taking, or at least would cost very little to secure. And, you would not need to create an entire new management initiative, with associated team of managers or executive assistants to execute this program. These stakeholders probably wouldn't mind since it would assist in "sustaining their, including, their customer/employers, fiscal viability! Better communications, better bottom line! Currently, you have a "select" number of "employees who you furnish smart devices, or other supplemental communications tools to. So they can improve efficiency, execute their duties or duplicated duties, fro may observation. Anyway................... WITH THIS PLAN, EVERYONE IS CONNECTED TO THE POSTAL MATRIX, if you will... This way you can be leveraging the "communications assets" surrounding you, to create revenue, and reduce expenses. And,as with similar abstract initiative's similar to "crowd sourcing", there will be those who are unwilling to participate, or can't. They of course can continue to exist in the technical time warp they exist using pay phones, or go to their neighbors house to make a call; because we live in a democracy, and that's aok. This is not going to cost anything to try!!! You won't need to create a pilot program so "big brother" won't be giving the subject participants bad dreams... You may even find that you can shed a few more of the non useful managers and dregs, (I call them parasites) I see every day, wasting the postal services valuable time and money... Excerpt: Library of Congress 107th H.R. 5005 In accordance with title VIII, there shall be transferred to the Secretary the functions, personnel, assets, and liabilities of the following entities-- (1) the National Infrastructure Protection Center of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (other than the Computer Investigations and Operations Section), including the functions of the Attorney General relating thereto; (2) the National Communications System of the Department of Defense, including the functions of the Secretary of Defense relating thereto; (3) the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office of the Department of Commerce, including the functions of the Secretary of Commerce relating thereto; (4) the Computer Security Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, including the functions of the Secretary of Commerce relating thereto; (5) the National Infrastructure Simulation and Analysis Center of the Department of Energy, including the functions of the Secretary of Energy relating thereto; and (6) the Federal Computer Incident Response Center of the General Services Administration, including the functions of the Administrator of General Services relating thereto.

    Feb 28, 2013
  • anon

    Here-Here Nat Gas! Combined with Conservation will serve 30-38% of a solution. Other aspects of your future are related, cluster boxes, package class facilities, self serve/attendant monitored. Can't comment on processing yet, since labor has that seat, however it's complicated due to the age of the facilities. I had a video to include, but I know it won't pass the litmus test. It's a scene from "Unforgiven", whereby the character "Skinny" is lecturing about his deed to a whore. Lil' Bill, the town Sheriff retorts, "An investment of capital!" The Post Office was, and remains overlooked when DHS was created in 2003. The Post Office should have become DHS, with personnel and infrastructure already in place, they probably would have been a good choice. They could have at least been an option. I'm sure there are any number of other dreamy ideas out there, to "save the PO". One thing is for certain, it's pretty black and white!!!!! But, that's not how it went down in 2002 with H.R. 5005. Originally HB 1547, "Mac" William Thornberry, Tx..

    Feb 22, 2013
  • anon

    Let me correct an inaccuracy in your blog that was taken from outdated material - the Postal Service does not have the largest civilian fleet in the United States. In fact, it is not even close. Enterprise Holdings has over 1 million vehicles in its fleet compared to our fleet of just over 200,000. The current version of Postal Facts reflects the correct information. Perhaps more troubling is the statement/question: "Should it suspend some of its sustainability efforts while tackling its larger financial and business model challenges?" The total budget for USPS Sustainability efforts is approximately $15 million per year. Even when you add in some of the associated cost of workhours used by Lean Green Teams, it is under $20 million. On just Waste Reduction and Recyling efforts alone these efforts saved over $50 million from the botton-line. Simple math says that nets $30 million to the bottom-line on a $20 million dollar investment. If every program in the Postal Service ran like this we wouldn't have a problem. Your blog has created a false juxtaposition; "Suspending" Sustainability efforts has nothing to do with our ability to replace an aging fleet of delivery vehicles. Cut out the entire and you might save $20 million, while giving up $50 million in savings. A negative impact to the bottom-line of $30 million. All of which pales into comparison of a Capital Purchase that is approximately $5 billion. Your blog certainly may stir conversation, but it appears to have little understanding of the actual facts of the situation we must confront. Thomas Day Chief Sustainabilty Officer United States Postal Service

    Feb 21, 2013
  • anon

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Feb 21, 2013
  • anon

    I was looking at the financing problems of the USPS and I came up with a wonderful idea to help the postal service survive! 1. I think that with the green energy push by this administration that the USPS could pair with NREL for a unique money making service. 2. I am a big fan of Hydrogen fuel cell technology and the big bar to it becoming a reality is lack of infrastructure. 3. The best start to the use of H2 fuel cell technology is in fleet vehicles. Public transportation...and delivery companies who have many vehicles. 4. The USPS has thousands of vehicles throughout the United States. 5. My BIG IDEA, is that Hydrogen fueling stations be set up at post offices throughout the United State so that an "instant" infrastructure could be provided. Not only to fuel the fleet vehicles, but to provide the public with access to hydrogen fill ups. 6. Honda has a stand alone fuel station which people can put at the end of their driveway and it uses natural gas as the converter for H2 vehicles. I think similar structures can be put in post office compounds. 7. I bet Honda Corp would love to work with the US government to make this a reality, not only could their cute cars, the Clarity, gain some traction, the CO2 footprint of the US could be lots less. So far, California is the only state which provided some H2 stations around the state and Honda can only lease their Clarity, but they want to come to the East Coast. Really, the USPS, with nearly universal compounds throughout the US could be the ideal space to broaden its reach.

    Feb 17, 2013
  • anon

    If the P.O. wasn't wasting money on RIDICULOUS things, such as theses FSS machines, that was a big waste of millions of dollars! And now there is talk of new scanners AGAIN! Here are some easy ways the P.O. can make ALOT of money 1. Raise the price of the stamp to a $1.00, (no one is going to have a problem with that I guarantee it) 2. Take away one of our 11 paid holidays, (I'm sure employees wouldn't have a problem with that, we don't need that many holidays a year!) 3. These patents that we could be receiving 18 MILLION a year for, well why aren't we??????????? That's just plain DUMB!!

    Feb 13, 2013
  • anon

    The USPS Holocaust is the precursor to the American Holocaust (premediated and orchestrated population control through law enforcement collusion / terrorism). The Corporation (United States Government) its collusive subsidiaries (VA, DHS, HHS, USSC (99-565), SEC, FDIC, IRS, DOJ, FBI, DOL, SSA, DHHS, USPS, OPM, EEOC, MSPB, NLRB, OWCP, etc.). To achieve the National Goal in Executive Order 12871 (reduce government (we the people) and reduce government spending (benefits - compensation, pension, medical, military awards, etc.) death fix it / deficit. Terrorism - Murderbyproxy / Terminal Injustice using coercion / corruption/ collusion / subversion / sabatoge / subterfuge / cointelpro tactics etc. This message sent by proxy by the National Whistleblower Allen Carlton (USSC 99-565 & supplement). His sent mail at his email address goes his trash for some strange reason. If the USPS and the Government investigates Lance Armstrong they will be investigating themselves. The USPS continues to use Collusion / Terrorism in the American Holocaust (Population Control). To understand how things don't work or work at the USPS read USSC 99-565 & supplement. The Deficit (death fix it) does not allow for justice it cost to much so instead the decision makers, lie, delay and deny until you die (Murderbyproxy) Some other sites that may give you an understanding of the Postal Holocaust. I AM YHVH DEITY THE FARTHER CIPHER 888 YHVH suspends mercy in response to god (government of deceivers) suspension of inalienable rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in the American Holocaust (moral corruption - fraud - terminal injustice - economic oppression - murderbyproxy - population control - death fix it>deficit<). National goal accomplished reduce government (we the people) reduce government spending (no justice, no liabilities). This shall serve as yet another tribute to members of my postal/military /government congressional, federal, state and local family and their family members; those who lost love ones or will soon lose love ones and those who may survive the American Holocaust. I write this in persecution with YHVH; your remembrance and your strength Thank YHVH FARTHER “TO ACHIEVE VICTORY WE MUST MASS OUR FORCES AT THE HUB OF ALL POWER AND MOVEMENT. ‘THE ENEMY’S CENTER OF GRAVITY” –Von Clausewitz

    Feb 12, 2013

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