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The U.S. Postal Service launched its first mobile application for the iPhone in October 2009. On several occasions, the app was listed as one of the top 10 free business applications for the iPhone. Using this application, customers can find post offices, look up zip codes, calculate postage prices, and track packages. Nearly 985,000 customers have downloaded this application and more than 50,400 use it at least once a week.

In January 2012, the Postal Service introduced mobile scanning, which is available on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPad 2. The app allows customers to use a device’s camera to scan barcodes on shipping labels for convenient tracking of their mail. The app also stores label numbers so customers can recheck the status of their shipments and can schedule a free next-day carrier pickup of packages.

What has been your experience with the applications? Do they help you in sending and receiving mail? What app should the Postal Service offer next?

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I'd love an app like this on Android.

I love the new bar code scanner. It really works, except that it needs to display all scans instead of only the last few. I had 2 parcels (supposedly) mailed by a business in Alabama in Oct and Nov. When I went to the full site on my computer I learned that they arrived at the Des Moines PO for initial processing on Feb 8! Both were destined for 55110, but one was missent to 55116, but the Missent scans did not display on the mobile ap. I was not expecting either of these parcels, and the collection letters arrived the same week as the parcels Good job finally implementing something to keep up with current technology.

The USPS app has gotten better over the years. One feature that I'd like to see is the ability to search for mailboxes or post offices by mail pickup-time.

I have a Windows smart phone. Would love to have app for this phone.

have a droid phone

I'm a Postmaster. I use it at work also. It's faster on my iphone than the LAN line to my computer at times. So I just use the app to answer whatever question is being asked. Say perhaps how much to mail a package from one zip to another.

I have an android phone is the app available ror this phone.

The ability to submit a Request to Hold Mail via the mobile app would be the best feature. Many times families go on vacation and forget to notify the local Post Office. Now, when they are riding the tea cups in Disney World, they can easily do it from a mobile phone or tablet and not worry about criminals seeing mail pile up in their mailbox.

Unfortunately the USPS seems to favor Apple iOS products over Google Android. Android phones is the dominant operating system, based on sales, over the last year. Add features to Android as the same time as iPhones, if not before.

The USPS app doesn't come up as a choice on my 'Market' search for apps... I would have to hunt for it and doing so on a small smart phone is a pain...

Also, I'm leary of identity safety, by using my card information to purchase things through the Internet...

the app is free

The app works if you have an iPhone, but not if you have an android