Reporting Time!

Twice a year, as required by the IG Act, we publish a Semiannual Report to Congress — or SARC, as we call it — that chronicles our activities for the preceding six months.

Our Fall 2021 SARC covers the period April 1 through September 30, 2021, and it contains a wealth of details about our work in that time. You can see some of the reports and white papers we highlighted in this SARC in the infographic. For example, the pandemic continues to impact the Postal Service, thus our look at its administration of COVID-related leave. And with service performance also a concern, we devoted significant attention to postal operations.

During this period, we issued 96 reports with 287 recommendations providing a combined monetary impact of almost $3 billion. We also completed more than 1,500 investigations, leading to 520 arrests and more than $70 million in recoveries, fines, and restitution, $17 million of which went to USPS.



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