The Right Strategy on Intellectual Property Rights

The number of Postal Service patents has grown significantly in the past few decades, as have the patents for rival carriers FedEx and UPS. When compared to other industries, such as information technology and wireless communications, the Postal Service has not significantly leveraged its intellectual property or fully recognized the potential financial and strategic value of these assets. If the Postal Service considered the commercial significance of each of its patents and licensed its intellectual property, it might find a valuable source of significant revenue.



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  • 9 hours 58 min ago sound just like me. My mom and I both shipped our packages the same day, Dec 11th, to my daughter who is in Guam. My moms package got there about 8-10 days later, which I initially was...
  • 10 hours 38 min ago
    I am in the same boat as Jib lee. My packages were to be delivered today by 8pm. I waited around this evening for them to show up and apparently there was an "attempted delivery" at 7:35PM...

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