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On December 8, the U.S. Postal Service Board of Governors Chairman James Bilbray served his final day. The board is now without any independent governors for the first time since the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 created the governing body, which operates much like a corporate board providing strategic direction to the Postal Service.

While Postmaster General Megan Brennan and Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman serve on the Board of Governors, the board is also made up of nine independent governors appointed by the president and approved by the Senate.

The board has not always been fully staffed, but it has never fallen to zero governors. For the past year, Chairman Bilbray was the only independent governor. The Board of Governors can delegate many things to the Postmaster General, but, by law, only the presidentially appointed governors can conduct certain actions. These include:

  • Appointment, compensation, term of service, and removal of the Postmaster General.
  • Set compensation of the deputy postmaster general.
  • Authorization of rate and fee changes for market dominant postal products.
  • Establishment of rates and classes for competitive postal products.
  • Authorization of a request to the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) to add, remove, or reclassify products.
  • Authorization of a notice to the PRC of substantive changes to product descriptions in the Mail Classification Schedule.
  • Appointment and removal of the inspector general.
  • Transmission of the OIG's Semi-Annual Report to Congress.
  • Selection of a firm to conduct required USPS financial audits.

As our recent white paper on the governance of the Postal Service noted, the Board of Governors' statutory role is to provide independent strategic guidance to the Postal Service while ensuring that it fulfills its mission to the American people. In addition, the Constitution requires that executive branch entities, including the Postal Service, be run by presidential appointees. We believe that together, these factors demonstrate the need for a strong, independent board with a diversity of knowledge and experience.

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  • anon

    well i for one i can vouch for the terrible service the postal service giving in my area because i have been a victim of it for 2 years. it seems the mail man likes to lie and pretend to deliver packages leaving its customers to hang and deal with making unnecessary claims for reimbursment and investigations. the real thieves are your own employees and you continue to keep them employed while they have a hay day collecting consumer goods. its not fair because we have no choice but to use the postal service for our mailing and shipping needs (Fedex and UPS are no better). i have lost so much money in the loss of shipping in mailing than you can imagine. im sick of it and something definitely needs to be done. with online shopping on the rise.......its scary the kind of service USPS offers. i think im going back to old fashioned store shopping at this rate!!!

    Sep 06, 2017
  • anon

    On 02/25/2017, I walked into the Irvington, AL post office with three boxes. The postal clerk would not give me a receipt. Two of my boxes were scanned and one was not. I complained to the post office and even spoke to the postal inspector who told me that even if I complained above her, there was nothing anyone would do because the package was never scanned in. I spoke to another postal inspector, who made it CLEAR that if the post office does NOT scan in the mail, technically, it is NOT mail. But if you inform you customers that they have to "LEAVE THEIR PACKAGES ON THE COUNTER" and than REFUSE to give a receipt/ or proof that I left my package there, then you can get away with losing/stealing my package! I asked for the video footage to be pulled showing I entered with three boxes and left with none, and i was told that they only way this could happen is if there was a threat. I was also told that there are no camera, but there is a camera outside the building in the upper right corner, therefore, I know there is proof. Today, 04/13/2017, I walked into the post office on Springhill Ave, and the clerk again, refused to give me a receipt, and I have not yet received confirmation that my package was scanned in. I have no proof that I entered the post office with one package, and again, the post office is going to refuse to properly investigate, and will not pull footage of my package. So please explain to me how is this fair to the consumer? I lost my merchandise, my customer, my sale, and my rating and it was difficult to get the 5-star rating I had back! I take pride in what I do, but I did not expect to be cheated by the government. I am owed my $75 back from the post office. And I demand to see it in writing where you do NOT provide proof that your customers submitted packages through the post office.

    Apr 13, 2017

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