Tis the Season…

The U.S. Postal Service, like many other companies, has a seasonal uptick in business.  During peak season, which runs from the beginning of November to the beginning of January, the Postal Service handles increased volumes across different categories and requires hiring of non-career employees to help. The seasonal hires assist in every part of USPS, from processing to transportation to delivery. Over the past three peak seasons, the Postal Service hired anywhere between 26,000 and 49,000 employees each season.


How Does USPS Rate as An Employer?

The pandemic has caused a lot of businesses to struggle with having enough employees available to get the job done, and the Postal Service is no exception. As more and more job vacancies go unfilled, people looking for jobs have more choices about where to work. Which raises the question, how does the Postal Service stack up as an employer?


Securing Security

When your priorities include maintaining the security of the mail, you need to ensure that not just your employees, but also your contractors can be trusted. After all, the Postal Service engages thousands of contractors to help its workforce move the mail in various ways. One of which is handling mail at its Surface Transfer Centers (STC).