Human Resources and Support

The Human Resources and Support Directorate is comprised of the following audit areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Inspection Service/Security
  • Environmental/Sustainability
  • Government Relations

Human Resources

The U.S. Postal Service recognizes the strength inherent in its employee workforce. As a result, the Postal Service seeks to leverage this strength to create customer value and profits to invest in continued improvement. Postal Service management is committed to identifying and responding to the changing needs of the organization, as they seek solutions to workplace issues that support the Postal Service’s operating principles. The OIG will continue to support the Postal Service in its goal of engaging and motivating the workforce to create greater customer value. We assist the Postal Service in reducing human capital costs and enhancing a customer-driven, business-oriented culture. To accomplish this, we plan and direct audits and reviews focusing on employee development, compensation and benefits, health care, human resources, and labor relations within the Postal Service. These audits add value to the Postal Service by providing information to enhance management’s ability to maintain a healthy and safe organizational climate for employees; and improve operational economy, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Inspection Service/Security

The mission of the U.S. Postal Inspection Service is to protect the Postal Service, secure the nation’s mail system, and ensure public trust in the mail. In accordance with the amended Inspector General Act, the OIG provides oversight of all U.S. Postal Inspection Service activities, including any Postal Inspection Service investigations. It is essential we hold the Postal Inspection Service, as a law enforcement agency, to the highest standards of conduct to maintain the public’s trust and the Postal Service’s reputation of reliability. In accordance with the Act, the OIG provides objective information and assessments of the activities of the Postal Inspection Service to keep the Board of Governors, Congress, and Postal Service management fully informed of Postal Service law enforcement efforts and to detect and prevent fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement. Specifically, we plan and direct audits and reviews of the functions and operations of the Postal Inspection Service, including investigative processes, security, and emergency preparedness.


The U.S. Postal Service is dedicated to operating sustainable facilities and efficient fleets that support mail delivery with the greatest energy, water, and waste reduction at the lowest possible cost and with the least impact on the environment. The Postal Service is seeking to accomplish this by improving mail processing efficiencies, route management, and fuel efficiencies in the vehicle fleet through vehicle maintenance and the increased use of alternative fuels in its delivery vehicles. The Postal Service is also reducing the number of mail processing facilities and the amount of processing equipment, while working to make both more energy efficient. In this area, we conduct audits and reviews of the Postal Service’s management of environmental and sustainability aspects of Postal Service operations and certain aspects of new or redesigned Postal Service systems, programs, and operations.  

Government Relations

This area primarily covers Government Relations and Public Policy, Consumer and Industry Affairs, and Corporate Communications.

The U.S. Postal Service Government Relations and Public Policy area is the primary liaison to government leaders and policy makers. It manages public policy strategy and is responsible for the creation and nationwide production and fulfillment of postage stamps and philatelic products. The Postal Service Consumer and Industry Affairs area has responsibility for all Postal Service customer interaction and support, from small businesses or individual consumers, to large corporations and commercial mailers; including overseeing the office of the Consumer Advocate as a vital part of customer service. In this area, we plan and conduct audits to ensure transparency and operational efficiency and effectiveness, and to promote a healthy, productive public policy-making environment for Postal Service issues.