The Supply Management & Human Resources program area consists of the Human Resources & Support Directorate and the Supply Management & Facilities Directorate.

Human Resources & Support 

The Human Resources & Support Directorate conducts reviews in a timely manner that deliver optimum value and smart solutions to our stakeholders in the areas of human resources, security, government relations, and environmental sustainability. To accomplish this mission, we will adhere to a leadership philosophy that embraces fairness, respect, objectivity, and a strong work ethic.



    Supply Management & Facilities

    The Supply Management and Facilities Directorate strives to work in partnership with Postal Service management and stakeholders to determine if supply chain and facilities costs are being effectively and efficiently controlled by current purchasing policies, initiatives, and practices. To that end, we issue audit and management advisory reports about purchasing, contracting, supply management, and facilities programs.



    Property Condition Reviews Team

    The Property Condition Reviews Team uses data analytics and risk modeling to identify facilities with potential risks related to building maintenance, safety and security, and employee working conditions at post offices and plants. The results of reviews provides Postal Service management with timely information related to facility conditions.

    Audit Directorates