The Sales and Marketing Directorate is responsible for reviewing the U.S. Postal Service’s sales and marketing functions, along with revenue generation, protection, product costing/rate making, and international functions, as well as the services it provides postal customers and the country. The mission of the Sales and Marketing Directorate is to support the Postal Service by performing quality and objective audits and reviews of programs, products, and services that:

  •  Help improve Postal Service marketing and customer service.
  •  Report potential fraud, waste, mismanagement, and misconduct.
  •  Identify opportunities for the Postal Service to enhance economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of its operations and  programs.
  • Keep stakeholders, including the Board of Governors, Congress, and Postal Service management, informed of problems, deficiencies, and corresponding corrective actions.

Our reports will provide valuable and timely feedback to improve the financial condition of the Postal Service and ensure universal service to postal customers.