The OIG makes recommendations to the United States Postal Service to correct deficiencies and encourage improvements in the safety, economy, efficiency, and management of the Department’s programs and operation.

Our report findings and conclusions explain the basis for the specific corrective actions we recommend. This Recommendation Dashboard provides more information than ever before about the current status of OIG recommendations, which we plan to update on a weekly basis.

*The Open Recommendations Financial Value does not include amounts that were not publicly released due to concerns about information protected under the Freedom of Information Act.*

Fiscal Year Report Title Issue Date Report Number Financial Value Status Recommendationsort descending Management Response
2023 Efficiency of Operations at the Atlanta, GA Processing and Distribution Center 11/01/2022 22-179-R23 $0 Open R - 5-- Recommend the Southeast Division Director, Processing Operations, and the Southeast Division Director, Logistics Operations, implement strategies to ensure mail from other facilities arrive at the Atlanta Processing and Distribution Center in time to meet scheduled trips to the delivery units. Agree
2022 Management of Suppliers' Contractual Performance 08/17/2022 21-261-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Reinforce to contracting officers the requirement to provide administrative oversight of contracting files to ensure they include all pertinent documentation, such as contract modifications — including supporting documents with justifications and higher-level reviews and approvals — and correct labeling of documents in the Contract Authoring Management System. Agree
2022 Efficiency of Surface Transfer Center in the Southern Region 03/16/2022 21-212-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Reiterate through formal communication to Surface Transfer Center personnel the requirement for accurately recording driver information in Surface Visibility and using the irregularity reporting process to notify Administrative Officials when Highway Contract Route drivers do not have Postal Service issued identification or badges. Agree
2022 Procurement and Management of Cybersecurity Tools 08/25/2022 21-129-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Some or all of the recommendation is not publicly available due to concerns with information protected under the Freedom of Information Act. Agree
2022 Wireless Assessment 08/18/2022 21-221-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Some or all of the recommendation is not publicly available due to concerns with information protected under the Freedom of Information Act. Agree
2020 U.S. Postal Service: First-Line Supervisors Resources 03/18/2020 19SMG010HR000-R20 $0 Open R - 5-- Update current first-line supervisor job responsibilities and qualifications and develop a review process to include frequencies for conducting periodic reviews and updates. Agree
2022 Mail Transport Equipment 04/14/2022 21-229-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Update Handbook PO-502, Mail Transport Equipment, to establish a comprehensive audit policy addressing the audit frequency and threshold for Postal Service facilities and mailers subject to audits and documenting audit results. Agree
2021 Noncompetitive Contracts 09/09/2021 21-019-R21 $0 Open R - 5-- Update Management Instruction SPS2-2015,1, Noncompetitive Purchases, to provide more specific guidance to assist internal business partners in completing and fully supporting documentation submitted to the contracting officer Agree
2022 State of Cybersecurity 08/15/2022 21-205-R22 $0 Open R - 5-- Update policies and other guidance to reflect procedures implemented to enforce cybersecurity compliance, including consequences for noncompliance. Agree
2023 Mail Delivery, Customer Service, and Property Condition Reviews - Select Units, Milwaukee, WI Region 10/17/2022 22-147-R23 $0 Open R - 5-- We recommend the Manager, Wisconsin District, address all building safety, security, and maintenance issues identified at the North Milwaukee Station, Waukesha Main Post Office, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Station, and Bradley Carrier Annex. Agree


This Recommendation Dashboard provides information on recommendations that the Postal Service can address without external party action. To view closed recommendations, click here. Also, click here to see recommendations that may require additional action by external parties.

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