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What is most important to you when you visit a Post Office?

The Premier Post Office Program began in the spring of 2013 as part of an effort to make it easier for customers to use postal products and services and to improve customers’ experience in retail facilities. The program includes 3,100 post offices located across the country in highly populated areas. Selected facilities represent about 10 percent of the total number of post offices and generate 44 percent of all walk-in and self-service kiosk revenue.

Our audit aims to identify characteristics of high-performing post offices that can serve as models for other facilities.

What is most important to you when you visit a Post Office?

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What can the Postal Service do to ensure successful partnerships with mail service providers?

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A mail cover is an investigative tool used to record data appearing on the outside of a mailpiece. Law enforcement agencies use this information to protect national security; locate fugitives; obtain evidence; or help identify property, proceeds, or assets forfeitable under criminal law.

Code of Federal Regulations, Title 39 – Postal Service, section § 233.3 is the law that gives the Postal Service the authority to grant a mail cover. The regulation directs the chief postal inspector to maintain rigid control and supervision with respect to the use of mail covers. Only Postal Service personnel are authorized to record information relevant to mail covers and this information is disclosed at the direction of the Postal Inspection Service.

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Did you know the Postal Service is specifically named in the Bank Secrecy Act? The Act is actually a series of laws enacted by Congress to combat money laundering. The laws mostly apply to financial institutions and require them to track and report certain cash transactions to the U.S. Department of Treasury. The Postal Service must comply with all of the requirements of the Act when selling or accepting money orders. Our audit will evaluate compliance with one of the requirements: reporting suspicious transactions involving Postal Service financial instruments to Treasury.

•Are you familiar with the requirements of the Bank Secrecy Act?

•Do you feel you are adequately trained to identify suspicious transactions?

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Have you used the new Retail Systems Software (RSS)?

The Postal Service is in the early stages of deploying RSS as a way to improve customer service and stay competitive. When fully deployed, RSS will eliminate the need to maintain multiple point-of-sale software applications that are not integrated, including: Point-of-Service ONE, Automated Postal Center/Self-Service Kiosks, Contract Access Retail System, Integrated Retail Terminal, and electronic Money Order Voucher Entry System. RSS technology and system integration will allow the Postal Service to quickly adapt to customer needs and emerging technology.