• Project Title:
  • Oversight of Contracting Officers' Representatives
  • Start Date:
  • Tuesday, January 31, 2017
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • July 2017

The U.S. Postal Service’s Supply Management function is composed of five purchasing portfolios: Commercial Products & Services, Facilities, Mail & Operational Equipment, Technology Infrastructure, and Transportation. In Fiscal Year 2016, Supply Management managed a total contract spend of about $13.2 billion.

Contracting Officers (CO) have the authority to make contract purchases and are responsible for overall contract administration. To assist them with this responsibility, COs can appoint Contracting Officers Representatives (COR) to conduct administrative tasks, such as overseeing the receipt and return of products and services, acting as liaison between the CO and the selected supplier, and evaluating a supplier’s progress and performance.

To appoint a COR, COs must issue a Letter of Appointment to the COR that contains the COR's roles and responsibilities and delegated contract management duties. In addition, CORs are selected based on their background and must have the proper training and certifications.

We are assessing whether Postal Service CORs were appointed properly and complied with Postal Service policies and procedures when managing contracts.  

  • How are contracting officer representatives selected at your organization? What role do they play in contract administration?
  • What best practices should the Postal Service use to improve COR appointment and ensure that CORs are following policies and procedures to adequately manage contracts?
  • As a supplier, what has been your experience in dealing with Postal Service CORs in managing your contracts?

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  • anon

    I would like the phone # to the postal bidders phone # for the northeast. For transportation of postal facilities and routes. I believe it is ct

    Mar 04, 2017

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