• Project Title:
  • U.S. Postal Service Processing Network Operational Efficiency
  • Start Date:
  • Monday, August 5, 2019
  • Estimated Report Release Date:
  • March 2020

While package volume has increased over the past few years for the Postal Service, overall mail volume has been declining. To address these declines, the Postal Service launched several strategic initiatives to improve its processing network including: 

    - A revision of First-Class Mail standards;

    - Consolidation of operations to address declining mail volume;

    - A model to calculate mail processing productivity;

    - A staffing model to determine optimal complement mix and schedules for craft employees; and

    - Software to optimize machine usage by projecting plans to maximize processing efficiency. 

We are conducting this audit to determine if the mail processing network is optimized to meet operational needs and achieve efficiency.

  • What other mail processing initiatives could the Postal Service undertake to counter the decline in mail volume? 
  • Are there best practices the Postal Service could use to standardize mail processing operations?

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  • anon

    The report should consider the adverse effects of plant consolidation on first class mail standards, increased transportation costs and environmental impact. On a personal note, I find that cards & letters between the SF Bay Area and rural areas near Green Bay WI now take a week. Before the plant consolidation it was three days, sometimes 2nd day delivery.

    Aug 15, 2019

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