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Rural Delivery Operations – Mail Count and Timekeeping Processes

Audit Report - DR-AR-14-001 - 12/13/2013

Strengthening Advertising Mail by Building a Digital Information Market

White Papers - RARC-WP-14-002 - 12/11/2013

Readiness for Package Growth - Delivery Operations

Audit Report - DR-MA-14-001 - 12/11/2013

Relationship Between Business Connect and Post Office Performance

Audit Report - MS-MA-14-001 - 12/09/2013

Monitoring of Government Travel Card Transactions in the Western Area

Audit Report - DP-MA-14-001 - 12/09/2013

The Removal and Disposal of Capital Property – Atlanta Network Distribution Center

Audit Report - NO-MA-14-002 - 12/05/2013

Fall 2013

Semiannual Report to Congress - 12/02/2013

The U.S. Postal Service has had an impressive track record of success in the face of competing technologies, such as the telegraph, telephone, and computers. Successive predictions of the Postal Service’s demise were greatly exaggerated, to borrow a phrase. But the digital revolution, with its smart devices, and social networking, has proven to be an especially challenging period. Creative destruction is weakening many of the nation’s business sectors and public infrastructures.

Spending Trends for Maintaining Postal Service Facilities

Audit Report - SM-AR-14-002 - 11/27/2013

Management of Equipment in Capitol Heights, MD

Audit Report - HR-MA-14-001 - 11/20/2013

Enhancing Mail for Digital Natives

White Papers - RARC-WP-14-001 - 11/18/2013