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    I'm sorry but this to me is a joke. The USPS didn't care about my knowledge or expertise after we got a new manager in 2000. He made it plain and clear that he didn't care what we thought, how things had been done in the past and should continue to be done to be more efficient and easier for the clerks or carriers at the stations. It was his way or his way, period. Morale went down the drain as we saw mail being intentionally delayed by this man and we could do nothing to stop him workout fear of losing our jobs. I was so grateful to hear and take part of the early out in January of 2013. But I still care about the future of the USPS And its' employee

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    There is a problem with Priority mail tracking -- the website is not updated in a timely manner and packages are not properly scanned in/out on a regular basis. Example: package scanned 2 times at input facility, once at sort facility, and none thereafter... resulting in 2 day Priority Mail package taken in on the 19th and still not delivered by the 24th. But here is the kicker: all contacts at the Post Office (originating and delivery) stated "you need to wait 5 days before it is missing and we can start tracing where it is".

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    Why are laws different for town the any other drunk driver who wipes out a mail box? If one places their mail box in according to rules of delivery if the town of Smithfield who sub contracts with Kincaid wipes it out and you mail goes flying that to me is hit and run and a federal offense for my mail being taken out of my box.Why is they feel they don't have to pay to fit the damage they done but other drivers have too.Why to sets of rules.Hear is the video of my mail box cut in half by the blade of the plow and if I put my mail box any more in the deep ditches they have the man mail would not deliver as they would be in the ditch.They already have their left side tires of the tar to deliver now. http://youtu.be/J91HzmMSzvk

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    Sunshine is good....Your blog on projects is good and it could become better. After reports are completed you should also seek comments on the final result....OIG and management put in their 2 cents in the report but readers of the report undoubtably could have inciteful comments to add and assist you and management. (ie Sandy afteraction report: there was a mandatory evacuation. Employees were instructed to work through the timeframe of the mandatory evacuation. This lunacy was brushed over in the report. People could have died. A remedy would be to mandate that those involved in this decision should be made to stand in the surf at ebb tide during the next nor'easter as the tide rises. They would soon reconsider their prior orders during Sandy.)

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    My brother just received a box that was mailed to me in Seattle on December 12th Priority mail returned to him crushed and "not claimed", although we never found a slip in our mailbox telling us to claim it. A relative who lives in a suburb near here just posted a photo of a crushed Priority mail Christmas present that she received this week. Coincidence? I don't think so...

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    SO FED up with postal service and the excuses, 2 times I had packages that I was expecting, I checked the tracking #'s mid day when my mail lady usually comes, both times packages were scanned as delivered. Come to find out she scanned them and never delivered them. After I frantically went thru the neighborhood checking to see if maybe she left them at the wrong address, I had to make a trip to the post office to retrieve them. The excuse was she scanned them at the start of the route but couldn't make it down your street, because of snow flurries, and I mean the roads were not even covered. My latest complaint is I shipped out a package that the receipt clearly states delivery on 3/20/2014 , 2 day priority mail. Well it wasn't delivered that day or the next. and according to tracking info. available it won't be today either. The post office doesn't update their tracking info. in a timely manner. According to the tracking info. my package was sitting in Springfield, MA. on the day it was suppose to be delivered. This is the LAST TIME I use the postal service for packages, I will pay extra money and use FedEx or UPS. At least I know my package will get to its destination on time. The whole postal service is a joke, and they keep raising rates for what, it certainly isn't to improve their services.

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    Priority mail express is a joke. Paid to get it to a major city on West coast in USA overnight. Was accepted at local east coast post office at 2:30 PM and according to the tracker on line, never even made it out of the state that day. Was supposed to be delivered by 10 AM on west coast and tracker doesn't even show the time it left local state, let alone an arrival on the west coast. What a joke. This is last time I will use Post office overnight service

    Had a similar problem about a month ago mailing simple Priority mail from West Coast to East Coast. Took 4 days!

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    Thank you for the short history on Sunshine Week. Sometimes in this industry, we hear complaints about the excessive oversight of the U.S. Postal Service and why it should be allowed to operate more freely. It, arguably, has more levels of oversight than other government agencies, but the Postal Service is a $65 billion entity, and while it is not funded by taxpayer dollars, it is still an institution "held in the public trust" and thus owned by the American people. We do have a right to know how it is carrying out its mission.

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    I have used and appreciated your service a long time. I am enjoying the internet service also. I do have a suggestion though, when I want to buy stamps online you charge for shipping?????? Wow not a good idea. Any costs associated with your shipping is a tax deduction and should not be passed on to the consumer, where in person it is not charged. Many people like myself are disabled and older who don't get out much. With all the wonderful new features and suggestions I have read about I think you could generate more income with good will, a dying breed .

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    I am looking to find a way to ship my products from the Etsy store.
    Any good way to ship un-framed paintings?


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    The idiots at the post office gave me the texas 713 2263555 number and after 45 minutes of hearing your call is very important to us ....... i found the way around it for all of the US call 877 487-2778 you will be able to get your appointment in 10 minutes after calling I was able to get mine for 4 days later!!!!!

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    Most DEFINITELY it would appeal to me. I was JUST looking for a service like this. Im a small business owner and I don't want to list my home address on my business materials and a PO Box that would reach me no matter what my address is would be great. I could login and change my forwarding address without having to go to the post office to do it, and then setup forwarding each time. PLEASE implement this. Thank you! I've wanted this for some years now so thank you.

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    If you want to help the USPS and the country read the New Patent US 8643511 B1 for remote mail delivery notification. The time is right to provide a much needed service and to make money. This will help the USPS compete in the digital age.

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    I would like to suggest the USPS stop printing words on the inside of priority mailing boxes. This could save you millions on printers ink, just like the airlines found they could save millions by leaving one olive off the salads they served on their planes.

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    i m working in the post office as CCA and we work 7 days a week and 12 hours every day even that still regular make more money then CCA's and second thing when we deliver the amazon on sunday they send us other town to pickup the parcels come back in your town deliver the parcels and then go back and thats what we do mostly three time in a day and if we lucky then twice

    even on sunday amazon we work more then 8 hours

    i dont know how long i can keep this job because its getting worst

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    OIG has recently proposed a postal bank for those without banking or savings accounts to offer inexpensive services
    to cover check cashing and loans as well as other none traditional bank services.This service would yield about 9 billion dollars a year.This postal bank would be seen as a populist contribution to the millions of Americans who need this kind of banking service .

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    I believe that the postal service or some other government branch should offer some sort of identity theft protection program, because you have the means to investigate and ensure the masses that these products do work and are safe. I did a recent search and was appalled by what was considered public information. In this, that means that your identity is that much more inexclusive and we are at an increased risk of having our lives destroyed. I believe that all employers should eventually make their employees aware that there is an option but it is up to the government to lead the way. I just don't know how to do it myself but I would not want the same thing to happen to others that has happened to me and so many others already.

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    what is you job position on USPS ? or USPS OIG? or USPIS? shame on you

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    you are perfectly right. they refuse deliberately to solve the problems, for the services you pay it for. this is call STILING your money.

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    Regarding your comment, sound you don`t are a USPS costumer. You sound more that you work for USPS, and a " good image" help USPS to keep the crap behind. Start from 31jan 2014, I still don`t have the money back guaranty for priority-mail and money order missing/disappear/stolen by USPS employee(s) and several complaints, around 10,until now, with all the evidences necessary(copy, receipts of everything mailed in this particular matter, inclusive and the envelope), to several USPS department, witch claim that solve the crap(inclusive OIG+ USPIS) The USPS still the money deliberately from costumer and cover all the illegalities for they "good image" and money. The true, they are a big layer, stilling with out any shame peoples money.

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    The LLV is the best delivery truck the PO invested in. The right hand drive and entry is the safest thing for carriers in big cities and rural routes. Trying to get in and out with traffic or opening doors in tight areas. The tray works as a desk to help divide needed mailings as you go. The enclosed cargo area keep packages and pay checks unseen by passer byers.
    Installing the shelving gives more room and easier access, making less time on deliveries.
    The Chevy vans are terrible. Transmissions, door locks and body are pitiful. Chevy Uplanders are the worst. only thing good about them is the air conditioner.

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    Post Person & post office in O Fallon, MO 63366 refuses to deliver my certified or registered mail. They leave sorry we missed you card - I have signed the back of the card and put it back in my mail box, the next day they just tossed the junk mail on top of the card. I requested several times for redelivery, I get a new date and still I don not receive it. I have complained to the post office carrier supervisor. She stated that the post person said that I answer my door in my underwear (this is not true- I answered the door one time when they knocked & I had just got out of the shower - I HAD A BATH WRAP ON!- the other times I had swim trunks on! I was informed that they did not need to deliver my mail because I did not have a shirt on. (I guess they go blind during the summer) I informed them that I am disabled and that there is no way for me to get to the post office to pick up my mail ( SO MUCH FOR MY RIGHT OF ACCESSIBILITY.) I was to have a re-delivery of my mail today 03/07/2014 & I got dressed up in shirt & pants and waited- the post person did not deliver my mail!

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    I Really, Really would love to have a Virtual post office box. I have considered a real post office box, but it would be inconvenient to have to pick up the mail in person when it can be delivered. In todays world of heightened privacy concerns, a virtual post office box could be a very popular product, and as long as the prices are kept in check, I would have one for sure.

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    Why is it impossible to speak to someone at an ISC (specifically NY)?

    A package for my son's birthday arrived 20 days ago at the NY ISC and I've spent hour, many hours, trying to track where it is now. My local post office suggested calling (800) 222-1811 -that number simply confirms what I already know (that the package arrived 2/14) and refers me to:


    That Webpage tells me to call (800) 222-1811 so I'm stuck in a loop.

    I found a telephone number on the Web and have left multiple messages but no one ever calls me back.

    As I type this I've been on hold for 35 minutes trying to talk to someone, anyone, at the USPS Customer Service department - (800) 275-8777. I have no idea how long I will have to wait, the message doesn't provide this info but does recycle sales messages.

    I know my son's 9th birthday isn't important to the USPS but it is to me, more importantly it is to him hence my persistence in trying to get this resolved.

    I appreciate anything you can do/suggest to solve this.

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    Stamps themes may be varied. American heritage is one of themes for stamps. Postal Service should be allowed to develop other themes and images. Like freedom of belief and diversity.