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    Mr. Halley, Please file a complaint with our hotline at http://www.uspsoig.gov/form/new-complaint-form or 1-888-USPS-OIG so we can look into this matter further.

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    This is a great idea! when the post office types the unique po box your real address pops up. The customer cant see but the PO person knows where its going. the sender will only see the po box but the post office knows the po box is actually your street address!

    As far as people whining about lost jobs....look, jobs get lost and created all the time!! People are so dumb, you think when a job disappears ...a job is gone forever. It doesn't , it just pops up somewhere else. And what jobs are being lost by this??

    You know if this goes through, the post offices will need more servers, more I.T. people, more programmers, app developers, graphic designers, and on and on...

    in nature ...you adapt ...or die. Such is life! Instead of whining and wanting things the easy way, here's an idea: ADAPT---you loose you job, then learn another trade! one that's in demand...which anything tech is nowadays.

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    If consolidation is on hold, why?
    Is it like you found in delivery unit optimization that often the savings are not there?
    is it that someone realized that cutting plants and cutting service also means large customer dissatisfaction?
    is it that someone finally looked at the "workshare discounts" and realized that usps could make a profit by bringing that work back in house?

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    Such a dramatic cut in service standards to achieve savings that amount to less than 2% of expenses is not a reasonable trade off. Especially when expanding package volumes are going to require future network expansions.
    The USPS should be looking at ways to use or modify the existing processing network to save on local office processing costs by automating the processing of the ever expanding package volume to a finer level of sortation. Package sorting by hand at local post offices is a very inefficient way to handle these ever growing volumes.

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    Actually analysis has shown that productivity also increases after a consolidation. Decreasing workhours while mailpiece volume increases results in a productivity increase. Regarding the workhour savings, eliminating workhours and not refilling vacated positions either thru attrition or reassignment to an unfilled position does create a savings to the Postal Service both in year one and future years.

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    I understand your logic. But using attrition and not filling positions is not savings as a result of consolidation. It's a result of an aging workforce. The savings are also claimed starting in the FY that the consolation took place. You still have people in place doing no work. Productivity = 0. Plus plant is still occupied with related overhead costs. It's really just a three card monte type of accounting. You need to use Total Operating Expense to measure savings. If you want Congress to treat you like a real company you have to act like one.

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    Regarding the workhour savings....while it is true that the Posatl Service doesnt lay-off employees, the workhours are eliminated through attrition and filling vacant positions elsewhwere. So the savings are legitimate. The Postal Service OIG has conducted numerous reviews of facility consolidations and found them to be justified based on their cost savings

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    Mr. / Ms. Clerk,?
    I am not a homeowner, I rent! I have inquired about Delivery to Owner, USPS employees and No One seems to Know/Understand WHY my apt complex , STILL 9 years later, USPS will not deliver to my APT. address! Mail Box or Not!
    And the search goes On!?????? (Legal, more than 2 occupant/tenants at residential address, not off the mail route, etc..?

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    If First Class would mean 2-3 days then drop the price of postage down to what it is; Standard Mail and the saving claims are bogus given the fact of no lay off policy. The closed plants literally have employees hanging out in lunch rooms waiting for assignments. No assignment they continue to hang. The whole thing is a Network Operations shame.

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    I have had multiple issues with USPS not making an effort to deliver my items.Several times i checked online for status updates and was told notice was left at door because nobody was home.Both times i was home all day and nobody rang the doorbell or knocked.I ordered another item and it is stuck on Electronic Shipping Info Received for the last week.Never was scanned and i have no idea where it's at.I contacted them by e-mail yesterday and am still waiting for a reply.Could be days before i find out what happened to the item i ordered.I will never order anything by USPS again.I get the feeling that the post office is filled with lazy people that would rather sit and do nothing than put forth the effort to work.Maybe that is why my mail does not get delivered until 6:30 at night.The USPS needs to start firing people that are lazy.There are plenty of people out of work that care about doing a good job.

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    The postal service does not install mailboxes. It's the responsibility of the home owner. You do however need to discuss the "mailing address" to go with the box.

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    I like the idea of doing a survey and asking the consumer what THEY want from the Postal service. I know I would like 1) courteous service from my local post office instead of the rude and very unhelpful service I get even after going there day after day for a year. You'd think they would at least know my name by now. That's Delray PO on Military. 2) An explanation of why I can't ship parcel post ground service any longer since according to the postal employees at Delray PO it no longer exists and the post office no longer offers ground service???? but I'm still required by their own rules to ship Parcel Post ground service... 3) be able to print first class and ground service labels online so I no longer have to deal with the jerks at the post office. 4) Fine some nice, pleasant people who would appreciate having a good job and who actually have the skill level to work with consumers without being rude and nasty and replace the jerks at the Delray PO on Military with these new workers. The kind who smile when they talk to you, remember your name after coming in 364 times, don't talk down to you and call you sweetheart and tell you there's a whole line a people they have to get to and they don't care if you talk to their supervisor about them being rude.


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    USPS told me Any Mailbox has to be installed by USPS, and by their Codes! They Will Not Deliver My Mail, regardless of what "I Do" with installing a Mailbox!
    I do not understand your comment about Me, "FREELOADING" off USPS! I have never considered Not Purchasing a Stamp, and Utilizing USPS's (SERVICES) to have this,
    a Necessary Requirement for Legal Transport of Government Business "To and From US Citizens!"
    Please DEFINE; "FREELOAD", in a ("Proper Sentence"), with regards to "My" Plight with USPS, and "Their" Mail System! You just sound Angry with NO Legitimate Reason, and Lashing Out at Anyone you Please! Who Are YOU? Use Your REAL Name! DTEE is not something you can Hide Behind! Gather your Facts FIRST, before making Socially Unacceptable Comments, about people, and their experiences, of which you don't Know "NOTHING" about! The days of putting a Box on a Stick with a name on it, and receiving ANY "Mail", are Long Gone, at least by USPS Rules, Regulations and Standards! So, make your reply A Legitimate, Intelligent Response! Or, keep your unsolicited, Uneducated, Uninformed Comments to YOURSELF! OK, DTEE?

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    That's on you; if you want mail YOU have to put up the mail box instead of trying to freeload off the Postal Service;

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    I don't understand why your complaining! I have not received Mail for 9 Years now! USPS Refuses to Install a mail Box @ my address! All my close neighbors, & Businesses have Mail Boxes, and All receive Their Daily Deliveries! I might as well live in a Third World Country! Then Maybe I'll get USPS Service there! My Mail is 9 Years Late! So Stop Complaining!

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    And small towns and surround cities with in 20-40 minutes from my P&DC, had their P&DC consolidated, now have their mail sent to another facility down south (4 hours away), up the mountains to get processed and back up the mountains to get back to these towns. And the freeway going up these mountain frequently get closed due to snow during the winter months. I guess they have to keep their mail with in their district. Makes no sense.

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    They need to better redraw lines where mail get sent for processing. They closed a processing plant which used to handle mail for my city. Instead of mail going to the next nearest town, which is 40 minutes away, my mail now goes to a city 3 hours away to get processed then sent back for delivery. Efficiency right?

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    The headlong rush into commercial and juvenile topics is the latest sign that the USPS is in its death spiral. This once was a great country that did great things. And we used to commemorate great men and women, great accomplishments and the like on stamps. Now we commemorate cartoons and movies with the occasional bone thrown to history. And now, we commemorate a group of mostly British actors/actresses from the Harry Potter movies. They were great movies, but they belong in the theater, not on stamps. PM Donahoe and his marketing crew need to go. They belong at Target, not at the USPS.

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    It's all a scam to get Congress to pass the legislation it wants, hello!!!

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    I will no longer use the Postal Service if they're going to lower the service standards and go to 5 day delivery.. My mail is late to begin with. Besides, It is a service and not a business! The public should not have to suffer!

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    post office should host focus group or create surveys and questionnaires to determine what their customers want. the lack of technology could be the reason why customers keep using their service. it maintains simplicity in this sometimes confusing and overloaded digital age.

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    Competition -FedEx, UPS and DHL. poor customer service. usps lost customers. despite the economic challenges some have the extra 20 or 30 cents to pay the other provider. its not putting a dent in their pocket plus cservice is better. perhaps early retirement for some. few businesses-agencies-bureaus can withstand the economic abuses caused by the rich and the poor. i say cut to 5 day delivery!! i usually get 2 days worth of junk mail and sales circulars in my box.

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    I am running into the same problem. I have called and gone to the post office several times and getting nothing resolved. I finally sat down tonight and wrote a letter to the Inspector General. I am so sick of not getting my mail, or getting letters from my mortgage company saying that my mail was returned to them with a stamp saying undeliverable.....I sure would like to get my tax information but I am just going to hope I get it before I have to figure out what I need and request it again.

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    Thank you very much for useful information.

    King Regards.

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    I doubt you will have much advantage from using the postal workers who currently "serve" us. Those folks in the bulk mail department are a constant torment to my secretary when we send in our bulk mailing.. Imagine having someone drop your bundled mail on the floor to see if the rubber bands break! Or threatening to fine us because a rubber band crosses over an address! Just yesterday, the head postal clerk questioned whether or not a super bowl watching party at one of the pastor's houses was acceptable for us to promote in our mail or on our website. Yes, he questioned us for having a web address on our document that lead to information for one of our outreach services. The arrogance of the man was to say that this wasn't a part of our articles of incorporation! He was judging what we did to deem it worthy of going in a bulk mailing!!! The gall!

    So these are the people you want to self promote the post office?? For a company that is loosing money, if there was another way or another server, we would be so done with this attempt to control religious expression!