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    Im totally Brain Drained as in Brain Drained! How many Management do we need in a small office? Every small offices around us have a Postmaster, thats it. Thumbs up to them...we have 2, why? By all means, with the mail volume down and one regular clerk on the floor, isnt there any numbers used for an office to qualify for 2 Management positions? As is for Clerks? I feel like all they do is team up to downgrade employees with every little mistake made everyday causing anger, etc. Its Follow The Leader after 2 hours, all day.......what a waste! We, clerks and carriers, can put the 6 hrs to use for the operation to move that mail....could have another part-time back up for 30 hrs/wk to spare instead of running our butts off to meet commitment. *My thoughts*

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    This is one of the WORST post office in the city. They are rude and very GHETTO, they do not know any answers to questions that you ask and the only answer they do have is I DONT KNOW. What type of answer is that!!! they which the phone to other ppl without telling you who you are talking too. I would not like to see anyone lose their job but they need retraining or to LOSE THEIR JOB.JUST BECAUSE YOU WORK IN THE INNER-CITY AREA DOESN'T MEAN YOU HAVE TO ACT LIKE THE STEREOTYPE TRASH THEY CLAIM THE CITY PPL ARE. IT'S LIKE THEY HIRED THE WORST PPL IN ST.LOUIS TO WORK THERE!!!!!! AND I WILL BE CALLING HIGHER UP'S FOR SURE UNTIL I SEE A CHANGE.

    3415 N.Kingshighway st.louis mo 63115

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    How we trust the USP when they are stealing packages and then tell there nothing they can do? I thought it was a federal offense to tamper with the mail. I guess that doesn't apply to their own workers. I sent a package to Puerto Rico and it "lost" really! and they play this who on first routine just to get you to look somewhere else. this is unacceptable I serve my country in the navy for over 16 years and never would think low life behavior and tactical like taking other peoples mail and packagers still exist in these time, 21st century. United States Post Office please find my package I sent to my son for college, can you do that?

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    I have a question...

    As a rural Sub, in previous years after Thanksgiving until Christmas we were paid for actual amount of hours which was always more than the evaluated route time. However in 2013 we were only paid for the evaluated time of the route say for example the route was evaluated at 8.0 hrs that's all you were paid even though it might take 10 to 11 hours on some days.

    Was there a change this year or are we being shafted?

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    Study after study shows consumers shop online mainly because of low prices and free delivery. Consumers consistently rank “fast shipping” toward the bottom of their reasons for returning to an e-tailer’s website. And yet e-tailers, brick-and-mortar stores, startups, and even the U.S. Postal Service have embarked on the quest to provide same-day delivery service.

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    Who knows what will happen next with the Post Office...I'm confident that what ever happens the post will still always be around to deliver our mail.

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    A well thought out production assessment needs to be completed. If management is experienced mail carriers and understand the process completely, it should not be difficult to recognize what the existing problems are and how to fix it.
    First, hire enough regular employees and treat CCA with appreciation and respect. The turn over is huge and the amount spent on training a new employee is unnecessary and irresponsible.

    Second, schedule employees appropriately. If a route takes 6.5 hours, make sure that employee has enough time for breaks and travel time. Instead of pre-scheduling overtime, observe what CCAs or regulars have less mail to deliver and give them the excess workload.

    Third, instead of waiting around for mail to be delivered to the station, carriers should be allowed to start their route on time. The mail that comes in later, should be available for next day casing and delivery.

    The problem lies with the system and management styles. Carriers work hard every day and should be appreciated for their contribution to the U.S. Post Office. They should not be penalized for a system malfunction. Fix the underlying problems with the system and you will see an improvement. Find the root of the problem and work on a solution.

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    Another emphatic yes. Would help small business, and would be willing to pay a fee which might keep the USPS solvent. Go add it already!

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    I'm concerned that the consolidation of SDNs will be an even greater mistake. The real issue on delays at post offices is that USPS limited the amount of stamp stock post offices can order to where the community is affected and the office can no longer provide enough stamp stock and quality stamp stock. Ask a Window clerk about the limitations put on them. There is only 5 SDNs left after continuously being consolidated since 1995. The two SFCs the USPS plans to move SDN to one is in Kansas City sometimes called "the cave". They are short staffed now and they already handle many businesses, individual orders on line as well as mailed in, and the philatelic stamp orders. To throw on them all the post offices around the country will not be providing better service but delayed service. The costs to add to the two SFCs will be enourmous. Please stop this move and do more research.

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    I have a problem with the streamlining move. I believe that the USPS is not ready to consolidate the SDNs and there will be worse delays. The USPS has already consolidated these SDNs many times since 1995( down to 5 around the country) and we have had more delays in getting the stamp stock that post offices order. The issue is that the USPS has limited the ability for a small and medium sized post offices to order the stamps that their communities want both in quanity and quality. This is what has caused the real problems. Ask a Window clerk how they feel about the stamp stock limitations they have. To consolidate the SDNs to SFCs (we only have two) would in fact cause more problems not less. The SFC in Kansas is underground, they call it the "cave". I'm concerned that they will be heavily burdened to handle all the post offices across the country as well as what they handle now individual orders and the businesses that sell stamps as well as the philatelic orders. Please do what you can to stop this move, and do a better study. Thanks Debby Szeredy

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    As a disabled shut-in I rely on my postal carrier for purchasing stamps, postal supplies, delivering packages, sending letters and most importantly paying my bills. If I need anything special all I have to do is leave a note in my box and if ever I'm wrong on postage which very rarely happens the carriers have been kind enough to correct my error just so my mail will go through. I promptly repay them the next day. I appreciate their service by leaving small tokens which they sometimes find in my mailbox. :) Today however I am disgusted by the postal service. Not by my carrier but by the inspector who returned my letters accusing me of defacing postage and trying to send mail with used stamps? That's unheard of! It is evident by the outside of the envelopes that those were bills I was paying and those stamps were unused! If the inspector had any sense he would know people who pay bills [by mail] would not use defrauded stamps on their letters and risk getting them returned thus payments would not meet the due date and a late charge would apply! So to get this off my chest I needed to "stamp" on that inspector from Corpus Christ, Texas. and found this to be the perfect place. That's all. :)

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    Emphatically yes. In my twenties, I typically move an average of once per year. It would be great to not have to deal with changing the address on all of my accounts at such frequency. I'd rather have a permanent mailing address that I can take with me wherever I go, whenever I go. Updating my accounts is a real drag.

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    As a boy I had money in a postal saving account. I agree that the post office should engage in consumer banking, subject always to conduct any financial business on a strict basis that will insure reasonable profits. I am offended by the fees charged by payday loan companies, credit card companies, and others who prey on unsophisticated citizens - who, it seems, make up a large percentage of the US population. Having said that, my concern is that if the USPS gets into the financial business it not become a publicly funded service that loses money and then has to rely on taxpayer support.

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    I use the Post Office for everything I can when it comes to packages, letters, & supplies...I think that if congress got out of the postal business you all would be doing much better...Hell they can't even do their jobs very well, how do they expect to do yours to?

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    There are situations where same-day delivery is needed. For parts and supplies, a household/appliance repair or an automobile repair shouldn't be waiting on the supplier/shipper. Even now my garage door is broken and taken apart. The supplier said "Same Day Shipping" on the website but waited two days to mail my parts. The local hardware store cannot possibly carry all the specialized parts to fix things these days. DIY websites are making Youtube videos in an attempt to sell you the parts. It really works great, except for no delivery on Sundays.

    Why should I drive all around town getting parts with gas at $4/gal when I can get my parts same day delivered. I would pay $10-15 knowing that I could get the repair done tomorrow.

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    This would be an awesome way for a business like mine, which doesn't have a physical location, to keep my personal address private, but also save me the time of having to go to the Post Office to retrieve my mail. I love this idea, and I hope that this gets implemented.

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    I reason it is not important to me is because some stores websites offer same day pick up at the physical store.

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    I need delivery within a reasonable amount of time (2-5 days), and it needs to be reliable. Although same day delivery would be a nice option, most of my purchases are not that critical. Tracking my package is also important to me.

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    Turn over the postal system to private companies and cut loose all the employees to where they are all private. This way attitude and service will improve along with productions and this way it can show a profit not losses. The new postal system is really a joke no one is held accountable and the tail is waging the dog. This has to be stopped I certainly hope Fed Ex or UPS takes it over then maybe things will run efficiently and there will be employee accountability. The postal employees specially the ones doing customer service need to understand that their jobs are not a ten year that they can be there for ever and retire even if they do a bad job.

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    Comparing USPS with fedex and ups is an exercise in futility. The business models are completely different. USPS is a mandated bastard child of government which service a noble and useful purpose. Ups and fedex, on the other hand, are stock companies with access to capital markets thru bonds and issuing of stock plus lines of credit, etc. They can and do cast off unprofitable ventures at will. They do respond quickly with price and surcharge additions to protect and enhance their bottom lines. Compare ups and fedex to USPS in their unfunded healthcare and retirement liabilities. How would ups and fedex fair if they had USPS' funding mandates.

    Until Congress wakes up and decides that the postal service was manipulated to fail by prior legislation and will continue to be eroded, nothing will change.

    Are the National Parks required to be profitable? Does the National Cancer Institute need to create revenue streams? The Bureau of Land Management can definitely increase the license fees to extractors of ore and timber from public lands. Just how much income did the Department of Defense bring in last year?

    And a footnote: The recent fancy in government in "deregulating" doesn't have too good a track record. The banking industry's big fat self imposed destruction of the economy, the dereugulated energy industry's Enron affair, the airlines industry's lack of affordable routes to non-large metropolis areas. You can add to the list. USPS is infrastructure. Congress has done little to upkeep our nation's infrastructure.

    So my thoughts on Cash Position??? USPS is the child of her creators, ask them for help for the problems which they created.

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    A Brain Drain? Give me a break! We have supervisors who can't spell and never use spell check, they need workers to read to them and interpete their letters and e-mail. Workers who abuse the system are never removed from service because managment doesn't know how to do the paper work. When a manager milks the system it sets a bad example for the workers. The post office needs to start by hiring managers that are smart, then train them well. The union isn't much help either. The same repeat offenders take advantage of poor management over and over again. Management and the union have to sit down and work out a code of conduct and expectations, with under performing workers being retrainned once, maybe twice. If the worker still can not or will not do their job, that worker needs to be let go.

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    I think Coley, above, has a good point. What works in other organizations may not work well in the managerial atmosphere here in the Postal Service, and the idea of a Knowldege Tsar doesn't sound useful. Our management is already so out of touch with the realities of actually collecting, processing and delivering mail, I can't imagine that a Kowledge Tsar would even understand the information I have to pass on as I leave.

    Similarly, the exit-interview idea, while perhaps effective in an organization with good communications between and among managers and employees, might not work well in our situation. My experience with the Postal Service prompts me to imagine that if I were to give a nice, long exit-interview, the information I carefully imparted would sink quickly and silently to a peaceful, airless death. Who would be brave enough to risk the ire and scorn of their superiors by suggesting that things could be done differently? Not many managers that I'm aware of.

    Mentoring sounds like a much more useful and applicable tool. As a Postmaster Trainer, I have a group of new Postmasters and PMRs who know to call me when they don't know how to do something, and our bosses are too busy to answer the phone or email. In the old days PM trainers used to come to our offices to train new PMRs, and that was a great opportunity for me to pick their brains for new or clarifying information. Now we do training in a centralized location, in a conference room. I think a mentoring system that allows Postmasters to visit other Postmasters in their offices would be an effective way to transmit knowldedge.

    I would also like to see more opportunities for departing Postmasters to work part-time; though not as a PMR at a fraction of their pay, and with no benefits. Retiring Postmasters could be paid as contractors to spend time mentoring in smaller post offices, helping the new-hires to organize their offices, and to learn how to get the supplies and support needed to get their jobs done.

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    A bad manager can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose all motivation. Retired after 27 years. I could not take it anymore. I was a good and honest hard worker. I wanted to stay a little while longer but, management got so incompetent that it made my job and others so difficult.

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    my letter was received in the united states on 28th Feb & was in the sort mail post office on March 1st. But still has not been issued for delivery. I had received a phone all from my main post office today stating that it has to be released from customs?. Please explain to me why a general letter is being held up by customs? for almost a Month to be delivered. when extra cost was charged for it to be sent & confirmation for it to be signed as this is an important letter. Thank you.

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    Sent an urgent letter using USPS "Priority Express". It was "accepted" at local post office (Novato, CA) at 12:23pm, March 20. I was told it definitely would arrive - Passaic, NJ, the "next day" (March 21).

    It did not arrive anytime on March 21. I then checked the tracking system on March 21. The system knew only that the item had arrived for sorting in Petaluma (Petaluma, CA) by 2:19pm on March 20, and that it had departed there SOMETIME (time not logged) on March 20. This was late afternoon on the 21st, and the system tracking ended with an entry for March 20th with NO time stamp; and nothing else.

    The item did not in fact arrive at the recipient's address until March 22nd, and there was no logging of the item (NJ sorting facility???) until a 7:25am, March 22nd arrival at the Passaic, NJ post office.

    Aklso, when the item did not arrive on the 21st, I used the online tracking system and after seeing the limited tracking record, I requested an Email alert confirming the delivery once that had taken place. The delivery was a day late for a "next day" delivery, and worse was that the Email alert confirming the delivery (March 22nd) did not arrive in my Email until THREE DAYS AFTER THE DELIVERY - March 25th.

    It's a joke if USPS is thinking it is going to, is ready to "competitively" enter the "next day" package delivery business. Its systems, its IT systems and its personnel are NOT ready or positioned at this time to be ready for that business. Learn to walk before telling people to run with you.