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    This would be perfect. For personal reasons, I have to live in a location 250 miles from where I do my primary business. This would solve that issue without exposing to potential clients that I am not immediately available.

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    "Unlike Priority Mail Flat Rate, One Rate has weight limits:" PM Flat Rate does have a weight limit, its 70 pounds. The author of this blog should know this.

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    The costs increase and the service deteriorates! You tout two day Priority Mail service for many areas and then it takes four to eight days o arrive without weather problems. First Class packages and flats are even worse, with some taking close to two weeks to reach their destination. You proclaim better scanning for tracking? Not so here in the Carlsbad/San Diego area. Our local Post Office fails to scan many packages on pickup and then fails to scan at the PO before the package goes out. 4 out of 5 packages picked up on January 27 were not scanned; one still remains totally unsxcanned over 21 hours after being picked up. Interim scanning is terrible and often we have no idea where a package is for four or five days ubtil it is delivered. Sometimes there is no delivery scan so we don't even know if the package was delivered at all without calling the recipient. On an incoming package, the local Post Office had it out for delivery for two days erroneously and if my spouse had not called, it would have remained on the same metrry-go-round and out for delivery on the wrong route again. The "supervisor" found it was in the "wrong bin" and told her to come in to get it or it would be put in the correct place for next day delivery. Interesting that the tracking was revised so the "out for delivery" disappeared as not to make the local PO look stupid. Nice covering someones backside? Why can FedEx and UPS do a better job on many packages and deliver on time than the USPS? And in many cases for less money? Sadly, we will have to move to their services if we can't rely on the Postal Service. Get rid of the dead wood and get moving. Just because you have warm bodies at the Post Office does NOT mean they are doing their job!

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    Yes! I just order and paid for something on eBay within overnight shipping rate and delivery date and now when I opened up tracking it says 2 days!! Just BS

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    This problem should have been addressed before facilities were shut down or hours were decreased while others in dire need of repair were left open. I live in near a community where this happened. One fully incorporated town, with the largest school in the county, a police force, many businesses and a post office in great condition was deemed to be only useful for 4 hrs per day simply because its residents were being served by "addresses" from three other towns, the closest 3 miles away--in a building that it is leased and falling down. Now must the residents be subjected to a 4 hr post office but the postal service must maintain the same level of maintenance on this building AND pay the lease on the building that is such a state of disrepair 3 miles away. And yes, a public forum was held. 100% in attendance wanted the reverse, move the carriers to a nice, warm building and shutter the other where there are no businesses, no schools, nothing but falling ceiling tiles. But the Postal Service manager in charge of the meeting said, and was quoted in the local newspaper, "The decision has already been made.", and further stated that the opinion cards that were mailed were only a "formality." He also assured those in attendance that a truck driver had been given a key to collect the outgoing mail so they could still deposit mail into the collection box at the same time. As a former employee with the knowledge, skills, and expertise I offered to realign the routes (for free) to leave the office they travel by several times per day anyway. It would have actually the Postal Service money. But instead they close a perfectly good office, disappoint customers, and continue to pay a lease on a building that is literally falling down. This is only one. E mail me. I know of more.

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    Get rid of the use it or loose it concept. 10 percent across the board cuts in building maintaince. Let facilities keep what they receive and combine funding with new fiscal year on big projects. If emergency funds are needed. Area managers should do the approval process.

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    Hi i have problem need to a just help me processing talk back thank

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    I take issue with the whole "train your urban employees" nonsense. The simple fact is that employees often get treated like crap by customers, when an air of calmness would resolve any situation. Postal workers are under a lot of stress. In any case, I favor traditional offices, but CPUs serve a purpose for quick, non-intensive trips

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    Great!!!It has pros and cons but the pros outweigh.

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    Being able to use a virtual mail box to forward mails to a physical address is a very basic need. Almost everyone living in an apartment would eventually move. Meaning the physical address is only temporary. Same applies for small businesses, students, vacationers, ... It would be great to be able to use an address that does not have to change with the physical address.

    I believe USPS can make this a very affordable service as compared to other companies that provide mail forwarding services. Other companies have to first get the mail to a central location and then forward it. This introduces additional cost that can be avoided by USPS as the mail forwarding can be done during mail sorting.

    This would eventually allow sending mail using only Address ID, like in:

    From Sender
    AID - 123456

    To Recipient
    AID - 456743

    This will guarantee permanent address for everybody. The ID can be tied with one current physical address on USPS side. Some companies, like banks for example, may still require physical address. For those, USPS can also provide a service that converts an Address ID to a physical address.

    Adding other functionalities like, filtering and scanning mails, notifying recipient, … are also very convenient and can be added as premium services.

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    There will certainly be a decrease in value of the postal properties. I bought a house for about 30K under the going rate in my neighborhood because the previous owner did not properly maintain it.

    The post office needs to utilize the staff it has to make immediate repairs when needed, not put it off because the lobby needs to be waxed. The prioritization needs to be more on safety & less on looks.

    As to the other issues, probably, with Issa running his mouth and scaring people. We also need to look at the makeup of the Board of Governors. How many of them have worked as a wage earner, rather than an executive? Working conditions at the PO have never been stellar, and it sounds as though they are getting worse.

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    I'd really like to know what company did the marketing research for this boondoggle of a change. There was never any "brand name confusion" - express mail saw a drop in use because it was too expensive and the USPS couldn't provide the level of service that UPS and FedEx provide - real time tracking and ON TIME delivery! Priority mail is useful for those of us who don't want to go to the bother of shipping by the other carriers - i.e. Weighing packages, finding a drop box or pick-up point. I foresee waste as customers use the wrong packages and waste time at the windows changing to the cheaper option. And I as I currently have the "floor" - shipping "standard post" is practically impossible as the window attendant will almost always upgrade to priority unless the customer is vigilant in asking for the lower cost service.

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    It would be very helpful if you would make available a YouTube video that provides a detailed tutorial and how to use the self service kiosks. There is a You Tube video currently on the kiosks but it is not detailed enough. I think a good tutorial would help many feel comfortable in using the kiosks . This would help customers and the Post Office, thanks.

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    Instead of writing blogs and wasting tax payer money why don't the USPS do some work and handle complaints is it too much to ask. I have filed several complaints now and tried contact by phone but it seems USPS is too busy blogging instead of making sure they provide a service free of harassment. I do not appreciate this.

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    Sounds like after all these many years being called a 'corporation' we just MIGHT be trying to emulate one !

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    I manage the shipping for a small Mom & Pop sausage shop in Cleveland, Ohio. I shipped over 400 Priority Mail packages during the 2013 holiday season and had many delivery complaints. Delivery times were not 2 days as advertised, but many instances of 5-10 days. These delays threaten to completely destroy our entire shipping business. Since we are shipping a perishable product which can last 3-4 day without refrigeration these delays cause customers to ask for a refund. The USPS has total responsibility for these delays yet we end up paying the penalties. The "$50 Included Insurance" is a joke as it only take effect if a shipment is lost or destroyed. We end up paying for the shipping twice since we pay the Post Office for the original shipping then pay the customer a refund for the shipping. Many times we have to replace a shipment that arrives late. For every shipment that we have to replace or refund costs us the profit on 10 successful shipments. Financially this is a losing proposition for us. We have no control over the package when it leaves our hands but bear the entire burden for your delays.

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    On January 9,2014 I awaited the mail carrier because I waited for important documents.I waited throughout the day and no one delivered in the 1400,1500 nor the 1600 block of norwood.I waited till long after 5pm.They delivered to 1600 Oakwood,walked pass 1600 norwood to deliver to 1400,1500 and 1600 fernwood and palmwood.The usual mail carrier was off so the replacement decided to just skip us.

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    For who? That is my one scheduled day for working as a sub. Yes, I work at other offices to make more money during the week, but I can't always count on a regular carrier taking a day off during the week. Just how many subs do you think are going to stick around when their one day of work is taken away from them. Good luck getting a day off when no one will be there to work for you. In our area it is pretty hard to find subs for routes now, I sub in 5-6 different towns and up to 12 routes now because we are short.

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    I think all the advantages of the program are stellar, and I would benefit from many. I especially like the "vanity" address for businesses; not so much for vanity, but for anonymity. So many individuals operate successful, small businesses out of their homes these days, but do we really want our customers to know where we live?

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    Thanks for sharing your shipping experiences during the holidays with us. If you posted a complaint, we’ve forwarded that information to our Hotline. If you provided an email address in your user profile, the Hotline will be in contact with you. If your complaint was about a delivery problem, we forwarded your complaint to your local USPS Office of Consumer Affairs for follow-up.

    If you didn’t include an email address, we encourage you to contact your local USPS Consumer Affairs office. You can find your local office by doing a search here https://ribbs.usps.gov/locators/find-cam.cfm. If you believe your package was stolen, please file a complaint with our office at http://www.uspsoig.gov/hotline.

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    I need to know the name of the person ultimately responsible for the implementation of a new form that clearly confuses the carriers, during December, the month of Christmas. My daughter still hasn't received her package. They were supposed to LEAVE IT. I double checked with the USPS employees at my end to make sure I filled it out correctly. The manager/department head, etc. that thought the holiday season would be a good time to make a switch to a form that the carriers do not understand, needs to come forward. The new name of the service is not really that important if the service doesn't work.

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    You mention that Australia has community postal agencies and that's true as I live about 200 yards from one. Just a couple of points though: For the last week they haven't had any stamps for overseas postage. Also when I went into the main post office about 2 miles away and mentioned that my local community agency had advised me something on international post they contradicted that advice and said that "they're not a real post office".

    The community post office does have very good opening hours though and is suitable for what I need 9 times out of 10. On balance - I'm for them.

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    5 day delivery will work !

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    The price of a stamp is still low when you compare it to other countries. Also the service is reliable unlike places like Canada, which has suffered postal servie strikes amd Italy where if postal workers feel that the load is too much, they just burn it.