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    Stamps themes may be varied. American heritage is one of themes for stamps. Postal Service should be allowed to develop other themes and images. Like freedom of belief and diversity.

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    Thanks for your question. Twenty percent of focus group participants were over age 65. Twenty two out of 101 people were retired. Six people were over 70 and one was over 80. Two people self-identified as disabled, although we did not ask about disability directly.

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    Most of the of the points listed that Canada is implementing the USPS is attempting already.

    However, I believe the USPS often makes decisions that are over generalized. One mold does not match the diversity of the retail needs of its customers. What is good in a metro area, urban or rural location is different from each other. It does not embrace the diversity of its customers fully.

    Along that same thinking. Understandably the USPS works under numerous employment restraints with the numerous unions and management organizations, yet it generalizes so much it does not take in advantage of the diversity of its present workforce.
    Why would a company that has spent numerous time and training into existing employees attempt to hire from the street to run small post offices? Why not utilize your present workforce that they insist needs to be reduced anyway.

    The Part Time Postmaster position has a salary that can only attract unskilled labor. It can only be attractive to a Postmaster that is close to retirement and would not mind the cut in pay. However, if the position is not filled it goes to career employees and it again is still with the requirement of the employee in taking a severe cut in pay to accept the position. So basically the job will be filled with unskilled off the street individuals.

    On the flip side, how many rural Post offices do we have? How many are Level 18 offices? Why does USPS staff these offices with a Postmaster at all. Why don't they utilize Level 7 clerks and utilize Postmasters in larger offices to oversee.

    The USPS takes to severe of a cut with its positions and by passes the already established knowledgeable staff it has on the books already.

    Retail standardization? How many of the USPS offices can actually display the retail products it is expected to sell?
    If you want to sell product, you have to put it where the customer can see it.

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    Postal Reform legislation is needed to deal with both negative and positive technological change, and to overcome the crushing burden to pre-fund future retiree health benefits. The pre-funding mandate, which was imposed by the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act, was directly responsible for more than 80 percent of deficits reported between 2007 and 2013.

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    I have had packages and mail delivered to my neighbors. I even had one package shown as delivered on the USPS website, but it wasn't delivered until the next afternoon. I have had another package where the website showed out for delivery when it wasn't delivered that day. The next day the status was unable to deliver as addressed, it was delivered the same day. Not a week goes by that I will not get someone else's mail. I have even received mail that should have been delivered to my doctor's office which is no where near my home. But, today was the kicker. I sent a letter certified mail on 2/14/14. My receipt shows an estimated delivery date of 2/18, but the letter didn't arrive until 2/18/14. Two weeks to deliver a letter that I could have delivered myself in less than 2 hours. Yes, 2 hours. I live in Waldorf, MD and the letter was only going to Baltimore, MD which is less than 2 hrs away. When I saw the tracking, I was amazed. The letter went from Waldorf to 2 other cities before it got to Baltimore. Then from Baltimore back through another city before coming back Waldorf. It then went back through the 2 other cities before getting back to Baltimore to be delivered 2 weeks after I mailed it. That's crazy.

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    I called 1-888-USPS-OIG!An Automated "DEAD END"! Just as Expected! I filled, yet another complaint form! Talk about "Beating a Dead Horse"!
    Got any other "Suggestions"? By the way, I'm 59 years old! I am running short on Time, so, could you help, quickly?

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    To what degree were elderly, disabled and otherwise homeboud included in these focus groups?

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    No Mail service Feb 18? Did u drive anywhere that day or did the local Police and the Mayor say stay off the road unless it was an emergency? Sounds like you followed the instructions but did not want the Post office carriers to do the same. The Postal person may not have been able to get to work because of the Ice and hills in zip code 30066. I live in this zip code and know there were no traffic on our street. Just want to thank the Postal Service for the fine job they are doing. Do not throw rocks when you live in a glass house.

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    "Out for Delivery" tracking scan is not tied to any particular pc of mail. Once all items in an office are scanned the equipment used for scanning is downloaded and the "out for delivery" tracking shows up. A carrier for one route might leave at 8:00 am and all items in the office be slated "out for delivery" and another not until 11:00 am but both would be "out for delivery". The same can be said for items that are manifested through UPS or FEDEX for Postal Service delivery. These items sometimes show they are "at the delivery partner" (USPS) when they are not. The "delivery" scan isn't any better. It only shows delivery, not to whom it was delivered. The Postal Service has a LOT of work to do with tracking and scanning. Once again they have gotten the cart before the horse. It is a false sense of security to rely on these scans. As far as First Class International Mail, it is simply an issue of weight, size and contents of the item, nothing more. If anyone has explained it any other way they are incorrect.

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    I like using the self-service kiosk, but often find the one at my local post office isn't working. It's conveniently located in an outer lobby near PO boxes, so it is available even when the retail counter is closed. It's just not in service too frequently. Of course, it could be down just occasionally, but after a few visits and no kiosk in service, I'm inclined to buy my postage at Safeway and ship another way.

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    What if every Post Office ran a Ripple server? Bills and payments are all automated, junk mail and spam is controlled through fees, money orders are now free and USPS can re-implement Postal Savings Accounts to serve the under banked as the OIG explored in their recent study http://tinyurl.com/uspsbank With all the computers they have in all their branches they could use excess computing power and donate to World Computing Grid while building a reserve of XRP or simply purchase in bulk from Ripple Labs

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    Anything FREE, PO Box or whatever it is, is Worthless if You Cannot Access/Drive/Get to this FREE PO Box! taxi's are $20.+ each way, Public Transport is Unavailable for their location! What Would YOU DO?
    My Apt owner Has Been trying to work with USPS, to NO Avail! Where in the USPS Bi Laws or any LAWs say "Harassment by Refusal of Advertised/Guaranteed Services is LEGAL/Ethical/Warranted?" When Will This End?

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    Yes, but the Apt owner has been trying to have boxes installed but has been thwarted by USPS! My local postal employees do not understand what is The real problem is.
    Apparently some individual in another state has jurisdiction over who, does or does Not get Delivery Service, Offered buy USPS! There are 20+ tenants in my complex are
    wondering this same thing. I am the only individual suffering enough to pursue this Insane Objective! Complacency seems to be AMOK every where! Don't get me started with our Health Care System! I am doing the best I can Just to get Mail Delivered to My Legal Residence! You would think this would be a 24hr. event! But NO!!! 9 YEARS, and going Strong! What is Wrong with This PICTURE?

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    Wow, just took the interview for a PSE position and when I was told it paid only 14.95 plus it was not even a "career" position I was surprised to say the least. Now that I have done a little more research I can see that the job sucks on top of being low paid.

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    It's great to see the USPS thinking this way. Home delivery of mail is nice, but is terribly inefficient compared to other options. Other similar old-school things like newspapers are dying because the internet is a much more efficient way to disseminate information. They haven't been around forever (since ~1600), and probably would never have become popular had more efficient technology been available. The same applies to the post office. Just because it has existed for all our lifetimes doesn't make it right/best. The USPS must evolve or it will die. This proposal is a great way to take one small step toward a better future.

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    Postal regulations state you must either receive delivery or a free post office box but they are not required to install boxes. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think another one of your posts stated you lived in an apartment complex. Maybe the apartment owner is the one holding out on the correct type of mail receptacles that is hindering your delivery.

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    Consolidation will work perfectly fine IF service standards are lowered. The one and ONLY problem are the remote offices that lie too far from the newly assigned mail processing facilities that are receiving mail too late to get carriers onto and back from the street safely. The ideal cost saving approach that would utilize transportation and equipment would be to transport available outgoing mail in the afternoon to the mail processing centers to the SAME plants while dropping off the next days mail for delivery while the truck is already at the delivery office, then repeat the process the next afternoon. This would eliminate the need for multiple trucks each morning, idle machines during the day at the processing facilities, and double trips by the transportation networks. After the first day, I promise you, no one would notice the relaxed service standards. The cost savings would be enormous. The public has no idea how much is spent on transportation to try to get a false sense of "service standards". I have documented as much as $120 for one cable bill to be transported and delivered, and this doesn't include the cost of the auditors to check to see if this was delivered. Personally I wouldn't mind getting my cable bill the next day if costs were controlled.

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    You hit part of the answer.....result of reduced hours.....
    the second part.......Long lines created by reduction in clerks available to customers....

    "the postal service needs to be where people find it most convenient..." Closing long established po's and replacing them with new offices away from customers......Closing post offices during lunch hours ( when people would go to the post office)...These are not signs of a postal service giving good service.

    How many people actually like self-service vs a friendly helpful human being.....Just look in stores with self-checkout aisles and see which people prefer to use...

    While talking about profitability of individual post offices...Please explain what income is counted and what expenses are charged? After showing them in an audit project mode, you would receive good feedback. You might even discover that many po's classifies as unprofitable actually are not.

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    My students read the article in NEWS FOR YOU and they say that the stamps should be about history and culture and representative of the U.S.A. It should not be about money! It should be about proud.

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    Well, I'm not quite certain that's entirely accurate. My mailbox got run over on my suburban neighborhood street RR.
    I didn't fix it because I was away. Further, the ROW property that my box occupied was under dispute by the property owner.
    The PO held my mail. They told me I had to put the mail box back up. I wanted to put up one of those GIANT Billy BASS mailboxes that sing when you open the door.
    This is because part of my life's work is to annoy my a-HOLE neighbor. Evidently a singing mail box is not official, so I couldn't put it up.
    The PM told me to move it up the ROW away from my Psycho neighbor's mailbox. I asked him if I could simply not put one back up?, and he explained it would complicate things if I didn't. So, I complied, and put a standard MB on a standard pole, moved up the ROW, away from Mr. Psycho.
    The point is, there appears no reason to actually have a mailbox if you don't need one.
    Further, because the usefulness of a single mailbox has dramatically diminished, it appears logical to implement the deployment of cluster boxes nationwide.
    The post office is the nations primary communications network, however, it's still utilizing smoke signals to execute this task.
    Be advised, the millennial generation will not use your service. If I, an old man, could end your service I would do so. Quite simply, it's outlived it's technological life.
    I'm very sorry. I just do things electronically, and am very much aware that some people either choose not to, or can't, by virtue of their capabilities.
    Your business model is kaput!

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    When I first became a contract instructor at the University of Oklahoma in 2005, there were more than 700 Mail Processing facilities. A student told me in 2010, I believe that the Postal Service was going to go from 700 MP facilities to around 250 by 2013. I was a bit shocked to say the least. At that time mail volume had started to drop. However, delivery points continue to grow. Last year they added over 700, 000 new deliver points meaning the carriers were going to have a difficult time delivering to 153 million delivery points each day. The PO office hired more than 30, 000 City Carrier Assistants (CSA) last year to help with this nightmare situation. Also, the PO had more than 28,000 Postal Support Employees (PSEs) to assist the plants. Once the consolidation started service took a hit. In the past all local mail was supposed to be at our Plant by 19:50 PM and the rest in by 20:50 PM. Which meant we could hit out target to be done with outgoing mail by 2300. With Consolidation you have mail hitting the acceptance docks at 10 PM or later as some mail is trucked in over 100 miles away. Another issue is the PO began to hold most management type training on-line replacing classroom instructions. This lead to Managers/Supervisors being promoted without any formal training on mail flow and other techniques.

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    I am assuming from your comments that your mailbox is blocked by snow. I am NOT a Postal employee but I do know that it is YOUR responsibility to keep access to your mailbox clear so that your mail carrier may serve it from the vehicle. If he were to take the time to safely secure his truck to climb over the snow to walk to your (and all the other mail boxes blocked by snow) there would be no time to serve the boxes that customers have cleared a path. Instead of driving a mile for five days to retrieve mail, why not just move the snow from the access to your box? And you are certainly right, there are many people who would be happy to work for the postal service but even if it were you, you would have to follow the regulations, you could not break them.

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    It's just another reason the postal service is going broke. Whoever it is that comes up with these dumb ideas is not only out of touch, but making an obvious ploy to be deceptive by jumbling up old and new names in hopes that no one will notice when they charge more for less service. It's an alarming and disgusting trend that seems to be pervasive in every aspect of our government. A great example of bureaucratic bean counters sitting in a board room thinking "shiny ideas" that have no substance and do nothing to address the serious issues facing the postal service. Unethical morons.

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    Update: Mosinee wisconsin residents alert:
    This site is a pro-postal forum and is run and therefore moderated by the united states post office a federal government entity . please stick with this non-bias site -----> http://www.uspspostoffices.com/wi/mosinee/mosinee blog which is moderated for virus and bad language with a non-opinionated ethical approach which constitutes america's first ammendment rights of freedom of speach.

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    Are you a public relations contractor working for the USPS? I have had to file more than a dozen complaints with the USPS in the past year for non-delivery and delayed delivery of mail. I have had to wait for more than 3 weeks for the USPS to delivery a package that had been "out for delivery" (as stated by the USPS Tracking). Today I had to submit a complaint to the Inspector General of the USPS because another one of my packages has been "out for delivery" since January 18, 2014. It still hasn't been delivered. I have kept records and documentation of all the times I have filed cases with the USPS for sub-standard service.
    I have gone to two three different post offices and have been told three different stories about First Class International mail. I even has a representative call and out right LIE to me about the reason I was told a package could not be sent by International First Class. When I told her the facts of my experience (which I had not included in my initial complaint to the USPS), she could not talk around the sloppy service and empty excuse that she had given me. Employees of the USPS do as employees of most companies do. They will lie to cover the incompetent and sometimes out-right, mean spirited, inferior service that some of the employees of the USPS render.
    I was in my local post office about 2 weeks ago and whitnessed another woman who had not received a package sent to her. A package was delivered to my address. I then e-mailed the USPS of the mis-delivered package. I never received a reply from anyone with the USPS. After about 2 weeks of waiting, I mailed a letter to the person whom the package was addressed to, explaining the fact that it had been delivered to my address. That was apparently the only way this woman would have gotten her package. Mr. Andrews, have you ever read the disclaimer that the Inspector General of the USPS send to people who files a complaint for missing mail?